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MC Qham


MC Qham
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  • @eizzy.k they around. Jus been busy doin a thing or two. On another note, i miss this site too. Wonder how we can get all the veteran heads back, esp from the addiction of facebook. lol
  • the emotion called LOVE.
  • [quote name="fikrah"] As the strapped clock tick-talks The innocent souls to waste, My word is worth the ink as i celebrate Passing the tradition, generation to generation.[/quote] i love this closure!! mad props to the piece bro!
  • [quote name="brooks"] [quote name="MC Qham"] [quote name="cornelius"]gloomy, how we fading in this site. :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:[/quote[/quote][/quote][/quote] sup brooks \..long time no bro.
  • [quote name="cornelius"]gloomy, how we fading in this site. :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:[/quote] am rising..from the dead.lets do this once n 4 all!
  • [quote name="brooks"]poets that av checked on this wld av to all indicate. been watching this thread for a while now n peeps av nt yet sed nething. couz,n mc qham, shldnt we get the first battle on the way? i trust vnorm to be always ready.....[/qu…
  • [quote name="SKEPTIKSTYLEZ"]yo,fams forgive the wretched piece of shit. i mean the kids name says it all...he's a WRECK! an ugly b***h who get's no attention in life and so resorts for the sort over the web. and listen up u filthy,scabious,riverside…
  • y'all been told to set up threads,wtf dnt y'all understand? :lol:
  • [quote name="100bars"]my brother broke his leg [/quote] am sorry for you dawg :( [quote name="100bars"]i've been with him all this while.[/quote] its good bro,u gotta b there for him,esp. at a time like this [quote name="100bars"]holla at you s…
  • good to see you in here couz :D lets kill this... [quote name="Couzifer"]cipher inazidi ku-flow wisdom bado tunawashow na msilete show eti juu tunabonga "sauti ya chini"[/quote] magharibi kusini, mashariki tupo sisi, firimbi ya mgambo keshalia,…
  • [quote name="tha high priest"]peace to the fam mizani,couzifer,fikrah, eyo qham ongeza mistari cipher iwake[/quote] eyo mzuka mtu wangu,mistari timam wacha tuiep vimajor,,narudi kudrop feed cipher iwake.
  • what say you poets,a tag team battle nd couz against brooks nd vnorm,,wat say you?...the topic is ready..darkness
  • [quote name="Rikambura"] i have lost like a real man,unlike u who loose then disappear for a century...[/quote] true Rik,uz a real emcee,niggaz got tu accept defeat nd move on!n get better n better!!
  • [quote name="bolaji"]yall need to understand the mentality of the immediate operating environment which is nigeria, most people dont even understand english talkless of hiphop, my opinion , whether we make noise from today till next year, some medio…
  • [quote name="talktimi"]People get shot for shit like this .[/quote] :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  • facecrook :roll: ,facebook :( and bacefook :evil:
  • [quote name="brooks"] [quote name="vnorm"]i promise I'll do anything you ask.[/quote] ok...[/quote] the topic is darkness!
  • [quote name="Rikambura"]watcha cats waiting 4 do it![/quote] cosign!..but i suspect they busy tho..,its understandable! :wink: Lookin 4ward to this battle,Peace.
  • naskia waki-take aim/ wanarushia mascape goat hawawezi take blame/ mwafrika na-absorb pain/ politic,mziki wanabonga lame/ hii ni war baridi,war psyhcolological ikizidi/ nakumbuka reverse psychology referendum ya 2005/ walijidai wanataka Yes,Ra…
  • [quote name="Couzifer"]...its sad u kno'?!...really sad![/quote] :( :( n :evil: :evil:
  • pips shud peep other new pieces n atleast drop a feed man,sometimes it sucks writin shit n u never get to know how the piece is,generally speaking..lets give out opinions on how the piece is fairin critically,peace.
  • [quote name="Couzifer"]This is an overall nice write...would like to see more like this...lets keep growing poetically. [/quote] thank bro,gotta say;as we keep on gettin challenged we keep on developin new ideas,new styles of writin,new insights..…
  • [quote name="tha high priest"]I hope 2030 is a real vision and not some sort of hallucination I hope we can unite as a nation and not just a bunch of tribal kingdoms[/quote] lets hope man,hopin it is,nothin is EVER absolute!! :evil: [quote nam…
  • [quote name="d2"] how do i get sex/ situations lyk arbortion/tommorrow is a threat/[/quote] very familiar, i dig this piece right thurr[quote name="d2"]they cheat the masses in this jet age/[/quote] :idea: [quote name="d2"]there no tomorrow t…
    in AnarCHy Comment by MC Qham May 2010
  • [quote name="vnorm"]i promise I'll do anything you ask.[/quote] darkness :idea:
  • good to see you back Brooks! :wink:
  • [quote name="tha high priest"]thanx mc qham,al check out the preview.[/quote] gotta share it once u pump into it! :wink:
  • whoa..!this is some real ish!!: [quote name="Emigee"]I make a promise to hold on to her to the very end I will keep her alive and make her grow draw the significance of her in our society [/quote] cosign!! Piece is def aight!! ...but.... [qu…
    in hip hop Comment by MC Qham April 2010
  • [quote name="fikrah"]You stay in the ark of stillness, Long after the floods dried out In tiny compartments, your generation suffers Scared to come out Scared to peep out Souls starving, minds starving, bodies starving[/quote] THIS OPENER got …
  • [quote name="tha high priest"]guess its up to us to have the will to control it.[/quote] true dat!
    in Envy 2 Comment by MC Qham April 2010