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peehs tnelis


peehs tnelis
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  • what happened we used to have a traffic up the whazoo wheres all the peeps gone? on the plus side really like the new format and options added
  • WE NEEDTO REJECT THEIR REFLECTION BY NOT SUPPORTING THE PROPAGANDA THEY SPREAD. very true but it so theoretical i mean i understand you completely but we still have a problem of practicality it’s a case of easier said than done, the problem with the…
  • choose to live purposefully. yea thats exactly the point i think its sinful the way we just go through life not living at all just going through the motion at the end of the day what do we actually achieve if at the end of your life the only thing u…
  • thanks guys i really do appreciate the encouragement :D
  • kind of poetry that truely raises the bar up high and inspires me to try harder tight. keep blessin us with ur flow...
  • Ghostic ur crazy man beautiful piece i fell in love with it before i read it lol no sersiouly i love the idea love the imagry. i loved it u know its easy to quote the whole thing each line is beautifuly unique in its punch nevertheless i highlighte…
  • vnorm first let me thank u for ur inspiration of the title i like the idea for the show i even incorporated it in the poem so tahnks for that secondly yea i completely agree with u i mean time essentially isnt a factor in life except for the fact th…
  • i think its really intresting how you explored this phenomenon of (sorry to but it so crudely) 'cyberlove' where the use of technology and machines which we normally and traditionally believe there is a sense of alienation and lack of humanity in it…
  • Overlooked and understated,misunderstood and underrated well not in here bro/sis im keepin an eye out for u keep inkin...
  • taht is just crazy im not a regular and dont log in quite often so unfortunately i didnt get to read any of your previous posts but im definetly revisting all of them i love everything about this piece. its beautfully dark and vivid imagination bro.…
  • vnorm ur too kind bro barstool tahnks for taking the time to read it and couzifer im lookin forward for ur feedback it would mean alot... peace
  • Hey thanks evry1, 41trippa liquid firekarasoul kast1 beesting im truly overwhelmed by all ur comments POTW is more than ive expected :lol: :lol: :lol:
  • enigma, quetelon thanks for ur feedbak and ur warm welcome means alot comin from u both :D