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hey, long time no hear from. had been out of the modern tech as i was in the boondocks 4 a while but once everynow and the kept abreast with what was happening. just didnt have the time for postings. its nice to see that the Zed family growning bigger now here. got a few tracks i wrote while away, hope to post some. need some advice as well on recording some tracks, i need to know which studios are good with them hiphop beats? i dwell in Libala so preferably somewhere near but not exceptionally. glad to be back and hopefully to be here as often as i can.shout out to all y'all hiphop heads. soon we gon be there!


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    welcome back....missed you man! whats been cutting? Been writing...as for recording time line studio in Findeco house 10th floor is good, also Francis Drex studio in villa is good output wise...as for beats you have a wide range of producers in lsk,for that commercial sound holla at Jrox in avondale,Etalik from Lusaka west,Thugchuld of two-one!and for that hard sound holla at The Holstar in olympia,Aplus,Purple Haze and Pope, are you willing to buy beats? Send me a Pm!
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    Yep! True... But E-talik is the best wen it comes to affordable commercial sounds - the dude's hard to get hold of though.. INF - hard sounds dude, how can u 4get him??? N yep, MEEEEEEEEE!!!! LOL Just kidding, i'm no longer living in Zambia - miss home tho! @ Michael, watzup man!!!! Sorry i'v been on the low- but hop ^^^^that explains sh*t
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    Twenty whats up man, been a minute...yeah I mentioned INF in the name of Time Line studio, dope quality output, and produces the best in Zambian Music. I'm yet to hear a solid hip hop project from there, apart from a few switcha tracks,Buloman and Takondwa's album, I have not heard any,unless otherwise? Most of the guys I mentioned have consistenly put out projects whether,commercial or underground,mixtapes and street albums. I am one person who believes in complete projects,which is what we need more in Zed...I'm yet to hear a project from you, ill be waiting, just heard a mixtape from some guys in chilanga including john woo...some nice stuff and the album of the moment is pitch black's c.o.d.e, fire!
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    Yep... Diplomat said the album was tight - but i didnt get to sample before I left. Chilanga? The first name that comes to mind is El-Salim - was he part of it? I'm workin on sumin-sumin down here - will b sure to let u hear it first. PM ur email ad...One!
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    sup nucca,hey y'all hip hop heads,you can now doanload caesar cognac's music at www.reverbnation.com/caesarcognac. so holla and leave a comment will ya.
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    http://www.reverbnation.com/caesarcognac pay my site a visit y'all.

    wordplay ivy like am a grad from harvard *2

    greedy bastard/

    its all about the dollar so am out for greener pasture/

    with this toxic beat the lights is on hazard/

    architects of beat yea we building classics/

    shit is massive./

    n i got it/locked its/easy for a nigga/

    made the beat for this shit the swizzy of a nigga/

    i'm the illest ever/yak get the cheddar/

    pups say they better,but thats a no brainer/

    slow learners,yaks a go getter/

    am in the amazon lookin for more paper/

    dont hate on a nigga just get ur weight up/

    n i insist dont chase the baker/

    get your own dough dog build that cake up/

    bake ur own bread,motherfucka get paid/

    that'll draw em in motherfucka get laid/

    cream whipped nigga like a runaway slave/

    feeling like moses when i part those waves/

    rippin on her knickers when i part those legs/

    the way she eating on a nigga thats what i call head/

    game strong they wanna make a documentary/

    same song 'hey yak wont u enter me'/

    am the centerpiece/

    the main attraction young un no similes/

    it elementary/

    compliments of the chef i eat/

    niggas cant even check the cheque i get/

    listen mafucka i demand some respect/

    if not ama get it with a knife to your neck/

    slice that adams apple/

    definition of cut throat/

    serve it on plate theres your food for thought ho/

    while y'all waitin on a nigga am on my charlie hustle/

    no time for child play am doing it my way /
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    niceness man! where do you do your recording from/how long did it take you to do your mixtape? peace
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    thanks man,it took me quite a while to come up with one mainly bcos i wasnt really interested in the whole thing to that level.i produced most of the tracks myself and it is only available virally.am tranna work on an album though due to the favourable response i am receiving on my reverbnation site.i'm thinking of selling it virally too.you can download the tracks on the mixtape for free.i recommend "leader at last" which features maverick aka offisah boogie and has vocal samples of nas and jay-z.this track was produced by me.you can also check out caesar 1.0,chip off the ol' block,doggy day,goodfellaz, and whoshotcha."oh b'have is a track that samples the blueprint 2 beat.its basically a freestyle that me n my nigga maverick laced.spread the word bro,comments are very much welcome on my reverbnation site.

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    yo Caeser, wats poppin holmes, bin a mighty long while.checked out ur site, dope.ya workin on ya thang, happy 4 u.and just kno ya nigga gon b available anytime ya want me on any track. sad tho, right now my voice kinda fucked up, 4 close to a month now. its sorta hoarse, not in a good way. bet it's the change of the weather.good lookin out tho.anyone checked out Bryo's P.O.C album?wat r y'all thoughts?
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    P.O.C - Good hustle with the marketing! I found that alot of tracks on the album where old/outdated i.e get money, but good effort all in all!I find his flow generic, most of the beats weak, though how we ballaz do by knox is a top notch production! good looking out for his launch this saturday at smugglers in, though i heard the first attempted laucnch a jesmondine bakery didn't end too well...

    Rating: 4/10
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