Infinite Cypha!



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    edited May 2010
    Been a while now but I'm back again like an election

    It's too easy a rhyme when I point out ya'll erection

    But it's evident to see got you hotter than perspiration

    So I give you what you want like the Draft Constitution

    Spitting it hill billy, giving ya'll a silly honky flow

    I'm going crazier than Shady spittin on Despicable yaw!

    Look at me go off hard like I aint been here before

    This rhyme's a turning point in hip hop from the 2-5-4

    Like Genge but I'm nicer, zip it up ki Velcro

    I cut hard, switch it up, fuck Harder than Pac's flow

    Then I light it up, puff pass, watch it burn slow

    Youth na ma-degrees bila jobs we gosta BLOW!

    Now I take the floor back kama Kenneth Marende

    Have you talking bout me so much msahau Makmende

    Freestyle kawaida to keep the Cypha like my name

    And a word to em wannabe's: suck my sugarcane!
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    edited May 2010
    It been long feels like a century,

    I see Emcee still keep this like a sanctuary.

    I have gone silent like the cemetery,

    But can’t throw what taught me be extra ordinary

    A lot has changed –kids are born some are lost

    And we are still dwelling in the past ghost

    The referendum is a podium to that ghost

    Reminding us of the past we have lost

    They can’t see this is running at high costs

    It doesn’t matter if we vote yes or not

    The lines a drawn and the sick political world

    Have already created the some sick word

    Making persons to hate each other just for words

    This thing makes me damn so mad

    What choice do I have I will just sit and hope for the best

    I don’t want us to get for the worst

    We need a revelation so that we can décor the sky with Fire works

    All this we do will always come right back with works

    Listen my good fellas and stop the bullshit, think right.
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    edited May 2010
    Na-take hii cipher higher utadhani naandika onboard atlantis/

    but hii mission sio ya last/hii cipher forever ita-last/

    na come hard with em' rhymes/ka msee ako obsessed with lust/

    MC's wakizidi ku-rape hii game/eti wana-rap?!/ nawa-burst...

    ka pimple/ndio wa-feel unappreciated ka rasa/

    yeah they deserve it/sina beef but ka yao imeiva they can as well serve it/

    MC toothless na bado rhymes zangu unajaribu ku-bite/

    but niko down-to-earth so chunga mseiya utahata uta-bite dust/

    mi sio m-Biggie but nakupa warning nita ku-crash get ready to die/

    you still don' get it?!/forget it may be you suffer from memory loss/

    yes boss/ on this levels you can't hang/the only time I saw you hang...

    u was dangling on the hang-man's noose/definitely you lose/
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    edited July 2010
    I am sick of Emcees with lines with two packs

    Walking around bare chest feeling they’re Tupac

    Branding there bellies with cheep tattoo imitating Tupac

    They need to know they can’t be him or even close to him

    I am legend in this I can educate and maybe draw you close

    I don’t even understand why I am employed as a slave

    I can be a king by my own standards, just do rhymes to standards

    Even at the moment, I am way above standards

    I am the only one with a shadow in the dark.

    Smoke a soaking wet cigarette, make fire in the rain.

    Shows you how ill I am and I don’t even need a doctor to second that

    Note this is not a blasphemy but shows you I lite up the mic

    These wannabe Emcees from the west way down here in town

    You need some life lessons how to spit rhymes good.

    I am like the rainbow I color the hip hop culture

    I bring hope of at least there is someone who can educate

    This is not some history class, but current affairs class

    Great for your health just like milk from a glass

    I am brand new even tho’ I have been here for long

    Newer than the referendum talk in the town.
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    edited October 2010
    guyz what happened to this flow? its like dead or almost there, i only read from the high preist alone from this front....we need to keep the the flow alive.
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    edited November 2010
    [quote name="Emigee"]guyz what happened to this flow? its like dead or almost there, i only read from the high preist alone from this front....we need to keep the the flow alive.[/quote]

    i still insist this place is going stale, where are ppl
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    edited November 2010
    eyo niko calm nila story/

    lakini wack mcz nawaletea ngori/

    nikishika mic nawa terrorise/

    vile phoney styles na vaporise/

    style ni sare/

    cipher imeakishwa nare/

    niki recite one page/

    mcs wana lost ka mirage/

    na ido from the heart/

    coz na love hi art/

    kwa tracks za full scalps/

    rhyme zangu zinahepa relay/

    one dimensional hawaezani na pace ya hi word play/
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    edited February 2011
    They say breath easy, its not that easy

    In a sick molested society its not easy

    The voice I had in me is reaching out

    Guys gone under kept silent it’s a blackout

    I raise my hand write my rhymes and not be out

    This place was home and warm, now its cold

    Its off the flow, few Emcees represent but that’s it

    No life no light, no hope no words to read

    I have blogged for years now speaking the same shit

    Giving hope to a society that has given up

    Its like preaching to the dead in a grave yard

    I still remain a rhyme dispenser open 24/7

    I don’t close shop I keep the rhymes hot

    For the late customers to feed and be free

    I said it before I educate and eliminate ignorance

    Still harder than an early morning erection

    Lets keep the candle burn and never let it die
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    edited February 2011
    I hear you my brother

    I hear you loud and clear

    this corner used to be hot and ablaze

    I guess it burned down to ashes

    I can see helpless souls slither in the dust

    writhing in pain, their screams carries me way back to the past

    when niggaz used to drop cyphers from dawn to dusk

    so now I try to recollect and arise from the ashes

    bone by bone joint by joint my rhymes I join

    as I emerge out of the biblical valley of bones

    with words made of skin to feed my next of kins

    I might be mortally wounded and still blood stained

    but I'm back to claim my place in this "Infinite Cypha"
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    edited July 2011
    i have read them words and felt the flames

    for sure there is alot we are on the right lanes

    this place for sure was burning up in flames

    it was way sweeter than what we call cane

    i have been thru each phase as it went to ashes

    they say from dust to dust - ashes to ashes

    thats where we all came from so i will not burn to ash

    but i will keep this up like flames from an oil well

    i am growing old with time but with time i get better

    just like wine getting finner with the years that pass

    it for sure feels nice to write rhymes

    i thank God for the zeal and skill

    when i write i feel like naked in garden of eden

    no worry just feeling free with words and knowlegde

    as long as i live i will keep this close to my heart

    it will never disapoint me but give me hope

    it is the only truth i know so i'll keep it

    will not go on insane stages like Lebron did

    but keep calm like Dirk and let the world know you great

    i am here to stay......
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    edited December 2011
    its December 6th i feel like this place is out

    not even candles are burning they are out

    damn it for sure feels like in kampala, the city with black outs

    we were air supply to this cypha we chilled and its died out

    i see some brother trying to make it reign, help from dieing out

    i did visualize this but never thot it would come to pass

    as they say from dust to dust, dusk to dawn

    it has gone to the place it came from, non existence

    we natured a kid now its grown maybe its time to let be

    peace out!!!
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    edited December 2011
    whats the meaning of infinite…if ur limited to time

    its almost militant the way that im diligent wit a rhyme…

    stretch thru seasonal shifts /to make seconds seize to exist/

    till the word infinite's defined…expressed thru meaningful wits

    i've met grandfather time //and im describing him honestly

    when i say flava flav //wit a unshaven face//never aged a day// wit a cardboard that reads "times a commodity"

    ish son u know that i got ill rhyme policies..

    i stay infinite thru cyphers… and as expected as it might/ ill manifest it in my life/ //

    u plan 2 exit from the mic / but i've attempted it twice//so trust when i say that im exempted from the strife//

    based on the lessons of my life

    its been ten days from the last post//while my pen game surpass most//

    so my words remain infinite …and thats may being rational even if rent takes my cash flow

    and thats my meaning of infinite 4u a**holes

    And BREATHE!!!!!!

    here's the audio: ... estyle.mp3

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    i paid a visit, damn this place is lonely/
    so deserted a no mans land so lonely/
    the rhymes put on this posting was so heavenly/
    all i see is dust blowing and i hear and echo
    the silence is damn so loud/
    well things come and go, i cant believe this came to a stop.

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