Infinite Cypha!



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    Justice?! say that word again and I'ma rip off ya vocal cords

    who said the Arturs where brothers, ma'fakas where drug lords

    Cocaine worth millions destroyed? kiss tha' sun tryna make me believe that!

    becoz even Moi torched Ivory worth billions?! fuck that

    how you hunt for a fugitive whom u've been directed not to arrest?

    Kabunga enjoys more freedom here than our freedom fighters!

    bringing with him ghosts of people he killed to haunt us

    while Bush busy masterminding how to suck more crude from darfur

    Fazul is been cruisin' from city to city with tipp offs from the police

    to run away from a public thirst for his blood

    talk about mob justice n' I'ma definitely give u' an applaud

    whats the use of law courts with all this inquiry commissions?!

    inquiring other inquiry commissions, to speak tha truth I need no permission

    once its ready in ma' mind? like Biz Markie I go off I go off

    dropping syllables while emceez been sleepin' on their lullabies

    I kick bars straight to their balls as I aim at higher goals

    raising tha' bar to a level beyond their par, fuck your posche cars

    I'ma hang u' on ma bars usin' u' own bling inflictin' permanent scars

    make u' see ma' face before u' die so ma' image be forever stuck in u' eyes

    ...tha' cypha jus' began!!!...sup gawds.
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    their tongues ran faster than keino's legs

    exposing their decayed thoughts in their castrated brains

    on platforms lk our mother's daughters on a stripping pole

    they lure us skillfull and seductively

    blinded and persuaded by their fake beauty and visions

    we join them to darken our sun

    sarowiwa is gone jm the same

    my turn remains when

    useless,hopeless and lonely lk a bob in hunger times

    conned and lied to like tsvangirai in bob's towns

    courage and determination married to the heart

    am out looking for ma lost bros

    and my lost freedom ofcourse

    guard and protect my mama africa's beauty

    take selfish hyenas away frm her thats ma duty

    streets turn red with blood at amention of elections

    we need more than an inquiry to save this nation

    justice and his brother peace before next elections

    brootherhood and love in every nation.
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    [quote name="Couzifer"]Kabunga enjoys more freedom here than our freedom fighters!

    bringing with him ghosts of people he killed to haunt us[/quote]

    mzee inauma sana

    they shud know we aint too blind to see
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    I don't want to run no more, but I know that if I stop/

    I'll be another person headed to heaven, /

    there are only two places we are headed for,/

    either dead or in jail, the system is made to frustrate the youth,/

    to make you give up, it doesn’t want anyone to visualize,/

    to analyze any thing that will keep you on a pay role,/

    I’m never writing bout love for all my life its been a hustle./

    The police look at me like I'm a slanger,/

    I feel like they are making threats to my family its like am in danger,/

    the security is a laps, and all I think is to have a gun,/

    you wonder who can you run to when the gangs are on your back./

    Mothers and fathers separated from there sons, /

    either to death by sick gang wars hitting the streets or to sentence to jail term without trial. /

    The system we are to count on and trust in,/

    is taking us out with every struggle. Nothing comes straight all at an angle,/

    you got to keep you head up to make it to the other end,/

    am not even certain about heaven,/

    so I cant even tell how being dead feels./

    Life expectancy has fallen its 45 of life or even minimal,/

    communities are being treated as criminals./

    We have gangs that we identify with from mungiki to Taliban then to the other crazy names,/

    we live in fear yet we claim sovereignty,/

    I ask where the fucking justice is,/

    I see judges and the law makers messing up with our heads./

    There are no clear facts just bloated stories,/

    we ain’t kids why do we have to be lied to? I have toiled so hard in this land and,/

    why should all I worked for just get of my sight,/

    or is it that there are person of better degree than I am? /

    I’d be seen on the streets and not talk to the police,/

    the system in the country, the state is all, is guilty until proven innocent,/

    this is the only country that you can serve a jail term before being heard in courts.....

    to read more log on to

    for music log on to
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    msee inauma sana sijalala siku nane fikra zimenijaa /

    sioni maana ya bed nikijua kuna mtoi mahali amelala njaa /

    tena bila paa juu yake / babake alimadwa kwa violence /

    ya after elections mathake akamlenga akapokonywa uinnocence /

    ndani ya IDP camp / untreated gava ikaamua kila mtu arudi kwao /

    hii story sio movie script najaribu kugawa mafikra nisitupe mbao /

    nakaa awake till wierd hours naskia whisphers from tha streets /

    ghost whisphers za ma soul zilidepart missions unaccomplished /

    zimerudi ku haunt zile zilibakia after missions ku - accomplish /

    nacheki life thru eyes za mtoi unborn hopes zangu zina - diminish /

    future iko uncertain blood stained images zina-reflect in ma' eyes /

    na battle demons za insecurity, poverty, H.I.V na pia lies...

    zile HIStory imekuwa ikitell rest of the world kuhusu Africa /

    we are black not only the skin but our minds too /

    with thoughts so deep our ideas uncovering untold myths /

    ...and as tha' world watches as Martin Luthers' greatest dream comes true...tha' cypha continues..
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    edited September 2008
    where are the free stylers? dont fall off keep the cypha alive keep the words falling on day by day second by second
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    ufisadi ka kivuli kinawaandama waendapo

    tatizo si chama si wote kwa kanu walikuwepo

    ngumu kuziacha njia zao ila rahisi kutudanganya kwa viapo

    tuwalipe wasiomwaga jasho kisa ni wake wa viongozi waliopo

    sanamu ya kimathi kwa street inafaida gani ka family yake haijui alipo

    we ni ndugu yangu sio mkamba wala mjaluo

    mbona ukiskia nanyongwa kamba tairi na petrol mkononi pia unakuja mbio

    wanaoua uchumi ndio wanaopakaza wanauimarisha

    wenye talanta wanakimbilia wizi kujiimarisha

    unafikiria chokora hapendi kukumbatia familia angaa siku moja kwa maisha?

    msosi wenyewe lawama kivuli hakuna pia hisia zinamuangaisha

    anaishia kukuibia na kukunajisia mke

    ka inakuchoma jaribu bongo igutuke

    uamke walafi walewale vyama vinawapaka rangi

    2012 ndoa zikivunjika hawa wanoko watarudi na visions nyingi

    halafu ka vipofu vikura mnawabwagia sijui kwa debe au mitungi.
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    ................why do we have to worry so much bout tomorrow, and get afraid to borrow, we don’t trust no body for I was raised by the street code, don’t trust the judicial system I was born with the G code and it was embedded in my blood, I was born guilty and I don’t need to suffer for that, I’d shoot guns if I had one and fight battles in the hood to keep safe, there are leaks in the system and its sinking the security of this country, we got mob stars calling themselves gangsters in national TV, the police is doing worse by advertising them as wanted on the dailies, and life is becoming to tight to survive, its like living in a small place as the hives. It’s a battle of the haves and the have not, the one who can be safe and the ones who are out to burn, we’re in the struggle like a light from a candle in a stormy windy day, our race is in extinct, that is the ones who can speak the truth and set the nation free, and make it a free will. Am not trying to be a hero or something of the kind, for I may end up in jail or detained or even worse that what one can imagine. Life’s so fucked up, gals gone clear heals boys gone puffing drugs. It’s a hustle but who’ll save us from this, I have worked so hard to make a difference but when you step in, your seen as the worst and jail is knocking at the door, so why the struggle, keep running……

    this is real upgrade the look is......................
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    Please sit back and put some sugar in your ice tea. /

    Listen, I'm more like a virus, they’re more like a sneeze./

    Cancerous Rhymes bringin' the so called beasts to their knees,/

    I'm more than boat, I am a ship and music is my sea./

    I will make you a carcass and gather some flees,/

    if you feel you cant take me no more please just flee,/

    I kick so hard like my name is Bruce Lee,/

    Am colder than ice and the so called hot - I’ll make you freeze,/

    Man look at the sequence this drops fresh just like breeze./

    I can hook you up with some rhymes just as freebees,/

    I more like the contraceptives, always in seasons/

    You don’t need to be told for I think you know the reason/

    If you think you will conquer with half ass-flow, /

    Then you will drown right in my tight ass-flow/

    This flow is dope as crack, so hard to crack/

    This is educative but more of indicative/

    It’s like its creating a boundary between the rhyme heads and the rhyme-less/

    The word deprived people who can’t even think of there own/

    I own the industry if you doubt that come and face me/

    Believe me am more than what you ever thot of, you can’t see me/
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    edited October 2008
    This is the definition of the life I live, /

    It’s all smoke and all I hear is people coughing louder,

    /it seems to be competition of who can be loudest,

    /then again its not fun but its suffering we go through in the nation./

    The rich are becoming richer by the day buying weapons of war /

    We are at peace, you wonder is someone making business/

    Out of war in another country or it’s just because we are scared/

    That is why we protect ourselves,

    We are not in peace that we claim we are in.

    All we need a day free from hospitals,

    Free from police stations for there will be no criminals.

    A society where every one is open of what they feel,

    And cares for the good of mankind.

    Then again we are in slumber and he sleep is good and so deep,

    So we wake up and find this world,

    Where we can’t survive without the police system

    We want the police to live beside us,

    The systems in the county can’t work with no governments,

    We are still far from what we call hope and who is to take us there?

    Who is to make us walk and see the other end?

    That’s the question I have in mind

    So please give me chance to air my views

    Like that I feel my problem with our leaders is half solved

    For I have offered educating to one who dint know.
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    edited October 2008
    Sup Emigee, I see u still tearin' ish up...its been a while aint cyphered some', but I'ma get back to it in a while...keep tha' thread goin'..
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    edited October 2008
    [quote name="Couzifer"]Sup Emigee, I see u still tearin' ish up...its been a while aint cyphered some', but I'ma get back to it in a while...keep tha' thread goin'..[/quote]

    sup Couzifer

    am good just keep this ish alive, never let it feel like a deserted hive, i mean this is home and we got to keep the home stable and able..... keep this alive bro..
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    edited October 2008
    [quote name="Emigee"]sup Couzifer

    am good just keep this ish alive, never let it feel like a deserted hive, i mean this is home and we got to keep the home stable and able..... keep this alive bro..

    [/quote]Aight, I hear u' man, thanks fa' tha' call...yeah, lets get this ish back on this:

    I walk these streets and move blocks /

    I'm ahead of ma' time like ancient city clocks /

    U dread my style coz its always on lock?

    yeah but still that doesnt make me a rastaman /

    so serve beef if u wanna /

    and get sliced to u' mental frame /

    how u tryna front when u rhymes so crippled ??!!/

    u wouldn't stepUP to R.Kelly if u rapped a version "step in the name of hiphop" /

    I twist ma' flows n' corode u' mental walls /

    till u' thoughts get rusty like metals in tha' dead sea /

    try to figure that out n' bruise ya' weak IQ /

    now u' scared to death like a housefly on its 7th day??!! :lol: :lol: :lol:
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    edited October 2008
    eyo we suerly livin in the last days

    false messiahs n broken promises

    so called liberators aint nothin but blood suckers

    jus give em the coat of arms n range rovers

    see how quick they pledge allegiance to the unholy alliance

    zero taxation and a hiked up allowance

    masses sufferin in angry silence

    kimunya sacrificial lamb burned at the altar

    but this greedy trait is wat we need to alter

    remove the blindfolds and see the naked truth

    in the name of community we ready to start blood sheddin

    but the truth is aint nothin we protectin

    its only the phoney politicians who be gainin

    with wicked tounges fannin flames of tribalism

    gat us slayin each other,behind the scenes

    they winin n dinin,

    we gatta open our eyes n ears n uplift the mental

    thats the only way to cut the strings

    so you aint gon be a marionette no mo

    power to the people

    let us use this hip hop to inspire n eleavte

    peace to the mic kings couzifer ,emigee

    word ,lets keep this flame burnin

    the infinite cipher yo ,eradicate the wackness
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    edited October 2008
    Knock! Knock! This is my melody you can stretch,/

    and still will not even get close to my reach /

    for am not to sound the same just like peter moss/

    am big, running around just like Ricky Ross /

    man am a player in this game, am the boss /

    and there is no way I will ever count a loss /

    I glitter right thru’ the dark just like gloss /

    to some gal I’d be more precious than the lip gloss /

    am doing my rhymes so effortless on high speed like am on Nos /

    that is nitrous Oxide on the dem cars, I can floss /

    you cant compete, I’ll make you feel like breed with some moss/

    Niggaz gone stale counting the losses for me I keep it real with the flows/

    the boy with a girl face, (Elvis) rocked the world but to me he was just a man/

    leaving in like any other ordinary man/

    to me and my opinion stands Mr. Brown was just the man/

    ok I will change from dissing if some call it so/

    I have been in existence ever since war hit Somali /

    to me I feel God is just like me for he created me in his own image/

    I feel am inspired by him and always being guided by him/

    am leaning on the lords side each day/

    and I feel like a farmer who was quick and made his hay/

    its like sometimes in a day in may /

    special to someone I know and will call it her day/

    well this is my melody……………….
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    edited November 2008
    In every way i can’t trade for my past days,/

    Lemme take you back, i remember my past days,

    they were good days i reminisce my past days,

    life was way easy in the back days./

    I remember being young and naive,

    any thing i was asked for, I’d give./

    walking bare feet, playing in the mud, when the rains pours/

    when there was no play stations to pass time with like the kids of this times/

    all we knew was to make cars outa mud and call it a toy/

    i did indeed enjoy my days as a kid/

    and i dint regret even every second i was there/

    life was easy all we cared is food to eat and a place to sleep/

    be good and respectful to out folks and be good/

    growing up in the hood, teaching me every way to be hardworking/

    we never puffed drugs for we saw what wrong it did/

    in did today’s kids got no manners, but that’s what they call life/

    i cant get any reason from it/

    if i had the chance I’d go back and be in those times/

    when music was music when Pac was running the streets/

    when boys to men were still boys and doing there shuffle/

    but now its more like a scuffle/ i reminisce on my past days...
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    edited November 2008
    where are ppl???? the cypha needs rhymes and steady rhymes. lets keep this alive :?
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    edited December 2008
    yo cats wea ya at

    lets get bac in session throwin tha lethal dart

    skoolin mcs on the form of this art

    i pac venom in every verse

    constrictin yo weak reheasre

    the freestyle is amplified

    phoneys get crucified

    infitin cyphin leave ma lyrival sword sharpened

    any moment yall phoneys get guillotined

    step in the cipher divine

    get mutilated by verbal landmines
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    edited December 2008
    Yeah its been a mintue but am Rhyme Infinite/

    I dint rape this bitch yet but my DNA in it/

    I done had haters sweatin like fat bitch aerobics/

    My skill UberSick, ancient like hieroglyphics/

    Its Infinite Pyro/

    spittin off the top like a pissed python/

    that line was shit but am warmin up this micphone/

    Spit Icon/

    bite down wackness like Mike Tyson/

    I stroke yo chic's clit like the screen of an iPhone/

    I play wit a nigga b4 I eat him, church heathen/

    I'm on some Real Warrior shit, dnt say nathan/

    I had Euterpe weepin, yeah am like Satan/

    I bring disease to these mcees, keep hatin/

    Stoking up the fire back into the cypher/

    Callin out to WP, Emigee, Couzifer/

    I'm back, we can do it again 4 old times sake/

    This rap'd open up a chic's legs like a mixtape///
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    edited December 2008
    yo off the top of the dome /

    spit lyrics to bless tha chrome/

    semi auto verbals/

    vacinatin tha wack like traditional herbals/

    stuck in freestyle basements/

    draftin fatal testaments/

    venom darts concealed in vinylz/

    tha rotaion chokes weak mcee stylez/

    aint on frequency modulations/

    catch me in gomba sessions/

    inspirin deep meditation/

    in battle swing swords thats double edged/

    leacve mic violators beheaded/

    yo peps were ya at the cypha needs lyrics to flow thru its veins
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    edited January 2009
    i feel refreshed, man i am new

    i am colder than grass with the dew/

    i do rhyming but i get to be read by few/

    i feel i need some track from Dj clue/

    its a new era, new begining a new day/

    i will do my rhymes high or not/

    for am damn ass hotter than the nigga MIMs/

    to me this a new dawn and for sure hip hop is alive....

    lets keep this flowing
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    edited January 2009
    yo irrigate thoughts with wisdom/

    escape ignorance thats mental freedom/

    hip hop ma sanctuary bless ciphers with live poems/

    wack writers scorched by acid rhymes/

    this constellation of dope poets sparks like a nova/

    so basically to wack mcees its game over/

    with strokes of ma nib i emit punchlines/

    relegatin phoneys to tha sidelines/

    its war so ma verbal blade stay sharp/

    a random verse is all i need to suffocate this phoney ass bling mcees
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    edited January 2009
    Call me the procurement, for I do pro - cure - a - ment/

    I do this so harder all day just like dry cement/

    I can do this all day for its what feel/

    I flow liquid make the bitches take of heels/

    I will fullfill your rhyme needs, please/

    give me this like you mean it for I never disapoint/

    am always and everyday on point/

    Obtrice gave second on him, count this the third is on me/

    am feeling bushy that my nigga Freeway/

    call me when your rhyme inability is exceeding/

    for I will try so hard to make it not/

    I said before I give rhymes for free like freebies/

    you see me, call the marketing manager I am taking over this market/

    call it anything you feel even a harvest/

    am big and I promise this year in my voice I will invest//////
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    edited January 2009
    wanajiona wagumu ila wako feki ka kufuli,

    nyota haziwaongozi ka mama jusi,

    wanataka kenya kuwa kama watutsi

    mdomo kutamka matusi/mkono kubeba mikuki

    coalition kuitengeneza kijina tu/kinara wa chungwa

    kufanya mtumwa/wananchi kubaki wafungwa 2

    koti kurukisha kesi/jaji kubatiza kuiita Laico Regency

    wanjiku kubaki kwa state ya bumbuazi bila wasi

    ki ndoto ka Luther/hautasikika ndugu

    ki Ghandi kinyume kwao/violence kwao ni ngao

    December 30 sufuri saba sii ulishuhudia

    Amani na upendo/ulitoroshwa na ndugu

    mda huu nataka/AMANI/arudi na upendo

    achana na mamluki/kumanga plate moja na michuki

    plate moja kwa milioni/ndio uebuke Raisi ki-urahisi

    ECK kukuongezea sufuri mbili uebuke mshindi

    nishachoswa na zao/najisikia kuwa pandilia ka ****
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    edited January 2009
    fungua macho witness wakipata zero

    maisha ya kinyoga wanabees wa papa zero

    wanavoipenda nero waburn hii nakuspit morrow

    bila mabawa na wishes za kustay on air

    kupagawa kishenzi na unafiki wa wambea

    washazoea kudanganywa ka citizen wa taifa ninalotokea

    city kwa oven ya ukabila wanyanyasaji wanafurahia

    wasiojua ndo wajuzi hiphoppers kuangamia

    misingi ikianguka paa ujue haliezi vumilia

    maskwota wakiongezeka ka hila za wanasiasa

    huku mwenyeji ni mgeni mzalendo hajulikani hasa

    sijakataa ushrika na qatar

    ila naona giza matokea mauti over kandahar
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    edited February 2009
    Every morning, I wake up am all on black,

    Wait I wake up and am putting on black.

    Am like this is what life is all black,

    Thing never go they keep coming back,

    We think we solve them, but nope it’s still black,

    Am mourning the death of a country gone so black,

    Please let’s just sit and look right back,

    It was never ever this dark black,

    it was a little lighter in color I call it light black,

    I think we are deep in sin making us vulnerable

    To all the wrong things happing to us at this point.

    They said we can get a man from the hood but we can’t get the hood in a man.

    We still screw up everything, even the hood we love,

    a messed up system what more can I say or even call of?

    I am damn confused by the greed our political world is in.

    They fail to think at all times…I am deeply so saddened

    That’s why each morning I will rise up and put on my black clothes,

    From my shirt to my shoes on my feet. We need to change our ways…
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    edited February 2009
    sup sup ya'll...aint no way this is forgotten...I be takin' it from here soon, but fa' now...let warm it up...

    i kno' lotta of u' ni99az been askin...

    "why tha' couz been lurkin'..??

    over this thread this ma'faka been sleepin'??!!"

    I say fuck tha infinite my rhymes got no limits

    u doubt me?? i suggest u re-check tha topic...

    train u verbs, learn how to push bars...

    coz wen i spit wack mceez get caged in verbal confusion

    i swallow they mentals verbally call it lyrical fusion

    coz i play wit words n leave poets speechless

    yeah i drain all they carreer n' dissappear into the heavens...

    n' if u' still doubt my poetic skillz,

    I welcome u'all to the "CHAMBA OF POETRY"...

    mess around n' get u' comprehension badly bruised!!!

    sheyt mayne this engine almost dried up...that some oil there jus' to keep it runnin'...I be back to fuel this ma'faka!!!
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    edited February 2009
    NICE Couz!! that was aight, let them know you flow liquid like the Mississippi,

    and for those who can’t match should just zip it,

    I was strolling and all over sudden I saw the rhymes falling.

    For sure we rule this place, not ruin this place,

    we need to parade our rhymes to be seen all day.

    This is the most viewed topic in this link.

    For the words are prophetic, not any synthetic,

    for those who come with synthetic rhymes

    I will pose a heavy tax on you like the crazy nigga Kimunya,

    call me the inspector I will inspect and call off the rhyming inability in you. I know I have been away for a while but a nigga got work his game.

    So this is just a sample of what is yet to come..
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    edited March 2009
    yo couz n emigee gud to see ya bac in this man,

    its tha microfone excorcist/

    banish the phoney rap spirit/

    from all yall weak lyricist/

    ma verbal assault/

    leaves mcees scarred/

    the mics burned/

    beyond 3rd degree/

    am tha genuine pedigree/

    wen ma cds in rotation/

    its style elevation/

    i play with deadly words/

    choppin like samurai swordz/

    strait from tha freestyle basements/

    press play to detonate explosive statements/
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    edited March 2009
    hey cats wea ya at,lets keep the cipher flowin,yo drop em lines
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