Infinite Cypha!



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    ....back to de-cypha dis...

    nuff said gawds, now lay back but keep u eyes open /

    coz aint playin games wen i kick balls outa the abdomen /

    chokin' them Niggaz wit' they own semen /

    I'm a model of my own roles / makin ma own rules /

    most of these MCs play no roles yet they claim they rule/

    I ignore em' like an erection wen' ma' bitch's leaking /

    I got my brains talking so this's ma thoughts speaking /

    so Nigga if u cant stand it you better start walking /

    coz I slay a dozen MCs wit' one flip of ma' tongue /

    twist survivor's minds so they thots be forever abused /

    join us on this live cypha get u rhymes forever aroused /

    we keepin' it live wit' rhymes beyond stage perfomance /
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    ...we keepin' it live wit' rhymes beyond stage perfomance /

    Theaz no use hatin coz u make it off mere chance/

    Seaming thoughts together, it seems hard to get huh/

    I'm Will Pressin niggaz, mentally stretch ya'll haterz/

    Couzifer got balls, I was ready for a hiatus/

    Almost signin off like, "See ya'll laterz alligators"/

    But dude got the cypha runnin like a Kenyan tap/

    Now we on that mental shit witta thinkin cap/

    Fuck wit that deep shit n I ain't talkin about anal/

    For example, am honest like President Continental/

    I go with the beat like an on-point instrumental/

    Thrust my dick up yo ear really fuck up yo mental/

    I do all of yo orifices eventually, call it an orgy/

    U read and hear my verses plus u spit em orally/

    See, am of yo enemy tribe. The most problematic/

    I cause riots & fights with a mic & ya'll cant hack it/

    Even if u had a machete, a saw or a Panga/

    Cheque my thots, note I tell like a banker/

    Make you wait in line to get served, youze dumb/

    I'm a pocket the rest of em metaphors for next turn/

    Cz I only ever do battle raps, come test me man/

    Fuck a writtin pad, I'll pee it out on the sand///
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    There is no plague in land like whackness

    Its brings so much wrong I call it sadness

    It’s more of like a sickness, oh such distress

    Cause to murder emcees is plan simple

    I will make them hold there nipples

    They will in turn burst like a pimple

    I will kick a verse and be more that verse

    It will be like Jin against verse

    Who failed to kick some tight verse.

    I will do battle with anyone who comes

    I have reached a level of battling myself

    EM against GEE cause am the first

    And never to be the last

    Cause I cant see what it means to be the worst

    Some claim this game but can’t be the first

    We who kick free on cypha are the first

    Well I was on a holiday but am here again

    To educate and in another way to eliminate

    I see like the eagle I see the rhymes are going steady

    Will this topic fall of the block?

    I don’t see it falling the block with dope rhymes

    I think it will only fall if the site falls

    Am back with effect and trust am here to stay,

    Never scared, never afraid cause this …

    Was done ever since I did exist….

    Nilikua mnoma tangu nianze kuvaa patapata za Bata

    Lengo nikujinufaisha, kutokula kwenye taka kama paka….
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    At least Em had slippers on his feet/most of us have jiggers up in that shit/walkin lyk a we advertisin skippy/skippy yea skippy the freakin kangaroo/tryna loose our culture bt its stuck lyk a tattoo/conflict diamonds funding food for oil/meanwhile its our blood thats stainin the soil/seeping so deep that the food we eat taste bloody/try to take it down with water but it taste funny/loosin your appetite you think back/at all those brains you ran over with tanks/our money you got stashed in em swiss banks/sharpend em pangas bekem a baby raper, a true motherfucker/the way we use that word in jest/but thats exactly what be tattod on ur chest/motherfucker of the 1st degree/ask Satan i think even he agrees/theas fear in you right down to your pubic hair/coz you know one day you and death gon' have a steamy affair. . .
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    Daamn!!..some real ish up in this bitch, keep it goin' homz...I be joinin' again sooner...
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    Am like give me a beat I distress the fake/

    this is not a session of give and take/

    its just one to break or make/

    I am forming a colony of the ones to shake/

    I see I really disturb the peace /

    am neat in every way I compose my rhyme/

    muthafackas will be crawling looking for a way to hit with mime/

    i don’t do anything in a low level/

    am like common I will walking in and take over/

    for the whole shit played on radio will be seen over/

    am speaking on behalf of a culture /

    firm and rich good a with a niche/

    nilianza kufunza tangu Somali ianzekuwika amani./

    Tangu vita vikali sishike Somali/

    natangu nianze kuva champali/

    kudunga hema kwenye fani bila hali/

    mtu wa makamo mwenye hali na mali mbali mabali/

    cause even whemn the sun goes away am still hear/

    from January to December am still hear/

    I will educate the rhyme deprived/

    the ones with rhyme inability and insufficiency/

    cause for me am suffering rhyme obesity/

    form the LPs to the tapes and now to CD and DVD/

    am still going strong in deed /

    so to the so many wrong awards going to the wrong people/

    am here with my boys and we are Grammy nominated materials./

    Press, Couz, The High Priest and all the other brothers in the struggle/ l

    ets light the candle and let it burn till the last drop………..
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    word up!, homz been rollin' this ish too far ahead time /

    I see Emi been switchin tounges like Babel builders /

    will PRESSin' it raw right on em' ma'fakas mentals /

    ma' man Infinite goin' orgy fuckin' ears wit' metaphor es /

    High priest spittin acid like a punctured electrolysis /

    now watch me as I roll it militia style this time round /

    using verses as ammunition coz i got enuff rounds /

    I spray wack mcees wit' live rhymes on sight /

    I'm invisible / too camouflaged for their sight /

    deeply rooted to this jungle they call Hiphop, yeah I'm tight /

    tighter than a virgin their weak rhymes cant penetrate /

    i'm a rebel wen' it comes to commercial music /

    invadin' FM stations and holding airwaves hostage /

    until TV stations STAND OFF and pay homage /

    I'ma fuck with ya' brains n' leave ya thoughts swollen/

    with rhymes that can ignite knowledge even in a barren mind /

    I'm yet to get deep wit' this, I recommend oxygen masks /

    or I'ma suffocate you wit' truth that surpasses depth /

    re-arrange ya' brain cells n' get ya' thinkin' straight /

    coz goin' against tha' truth is like rhymin' against tha' flow /
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    I see its on the revelation/

    its coming clean just like the creation/

    the whack Emcees this is a salvation/

    own up you whackness and see the revelation/

    it is never a big deal nor abomination/

    you can still have the salvation/

    I know this is hot like a kitten in hell/

    if you your damaged by our rhyme get well/

    but still read what the techa says or pronounce/

    I won the battle against me and winner pronounced/

    am ill in this cause I exist with no blurry in my words/

    the Emcees who choking with words please get loose/

    Kapuka sounds like morning sickness /

    I know cause I know gals in that state/

    even it was to a bitch we would still not mate/

    I know I rip cause that’s my goal that’s my dream/

    am jeepers creeper , I silence your dreams /

    if you show me your ish I will smoke it like dope/

    am dope just like my brothers in the struggle/

    we represent and keep the rhymes flow liquid/

    like Victoria the lake I bring life and hope /

    give the good news defend the thing I love /

    I was deliberated and free more that free way/

    am steady rhyming steady writing/

    on a level I cant even interpret or any intercept/

    I give force than both Mr. Kenya’s arms/

    cause this place I will set a blaze, seen with a glaze/

    and will make headlines be read at a gaze/

    soon we will be taking over like Arabs on the shores /

    cause I know I will be kicking like my last name is lee/

    hip hop ain’t Dead its all alive /

    like busy like bees right in a bee hive/

    am all considering signing up with jive /

    change the theme of the situation it is and paste the voice up/

    am insane suffering a disease called hip hop - and the main syndrome is rhyming/

    I need a leash to restrain me /

    I was thinking of rhyme planning but instead I’m writing a book for my fun base/

    for the base sake couz, Press, high Priest, Infinitepyro and all the heads will make there words/

    the hairdos please give us the stage………………..
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    edited July 2008
    seems Emi's mentals have broken loose from his dome /

    from wat I see the Nigga suffers from rhymin' syndrome /

    n' he's been attackin wack mceez wit' this deadly dissease /

    when we say we kick bars its not that we locked in a cage /

    it means we tryna break loose murkin' mics on stage /

    we already in control and we gon' burst speakers wit' mad range /

    always armed and dangerous we aimin clips straight to ya dome /

    fuck around and watch me turn this cypha physical /

    wit' puches that feels so real dropin' jaws to tha' canvas /

    leavin' biters toothless, spittin' blood stained rhymes /

    this time I took it to tha' ring flipin' ma' flow like a boxer's fist /

    n leave mceez sprawlin on tha' floor next to their rhyme books /

    sometimes I say "fuck if ma lines dont rhyme!" I'ma still get u hooked /

    to tha' truth wit' facts that u was never taught in a history class /

    I'm way too far ahead of all ya fake mceez /

    erasin' ya' future so fast that ya' past catches up wit' ya' present
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    edited July 2008
    Someone got talk this we’re like shopping malls/

    and not the dirty stickers stuck on walls/

    here, we’re like one stop shop for rhymes/

    but if anyone jerks this rhymes, I’ll burn like some STD/

    or maybe some sex disease /

    consider this place like a VCT /

    we cleanse we counsel and change from the very bad disease/

    if you feel displeased then stop the reading /

    I will twist anything call me a twister/

    not so fast like the man behind kamikaze/

    but close to make headlines like news you see/

    you sick emcees feel like Bob the sick man from Zim /

    listen to what we say maybe you can be a real celebrity overnight/

    I’d appreciate if give us something small like peace/

    not just having the bling called Jesus piece /

    but the real deal which would be regarded as a meal/

    couzifer told you am ill I got rhyme syndrome/

    and I am free so free, broken loose from my dome /

    consider this the return of the murderer/

    and the big thing is that its beginning of Baghdad /

    a lot of emcees out there will call me dad/

    this is the declaration of war/

    the safe way out is to join board or quit what you call music/

    after the war the kapuka thing will be chalked/

    a crime scene indicated and investigations carrying on/

    and from then on kapuka shall long be gone/

    we are more that these other rap dudes /

    we’re real niggaz we wont hesitate to clap fools /

    try to send them off with any of available tools/

    I was bred born and raised in this true shit/

    am not a pop nigga and fuck the radio with there shit/

    they feel we can't be and fall in place as in fit/

    shit I hate the whole system I wish I could turn it off/

    fuck what the video do, they ain’t real pure fiction/

    its stressing on points just like an addiction /

    all I need is a cool prediction /

    to tell me one day we will be free from this bondage /

    Fuck the rap game we’re the realest niggaz who does the real thing, PERIOD

    lets keep this flowing..........................

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    edited July 2008
    this is how we do, we flip pages n' leave ya sights torn /

    fuck tha rhyme book, my brains' content makes it burn /

    wit flow so hot that a lick of ma' tongue gon' leave u' a blistered /

    they say I stem characteristics that suggests am sinister /

    wit rhymes so evil that Lucifer feels threatened on his throne /

    I tell em' to read ma' name right before they get thrown /

    into eternal cyphers where we spit venom like pit vipers /

    here we spare no one even tha' devil himself gets scorched /

    wit rhymes that aims more truth than a cross stabbed on ya' chest /

    feel tha' realness thru ya eardrum into ya mind, in rhymes we invest /

    rip (reap) off heads disconnectin' necks from their chests /
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    edited July 2008
    My metaphors so complex u get 'em 3 posts away/

    Sittin' there awestruck like "What did he say?!"/

    N I ain't raped ya'll mental yet, this shit foreplay/

    Strummin' my keyboard right now, killin' u softly/

    So now mceez turn coz my balls on the table/ like,

    The way am turning heads cz they gay and am Mr Right/

    Spittin' lines with more punch than a regular prom night/

    You can call my shit spectacular, yo raps can be aight/

    My rap shit b so intense, fuck Tropical use incense/

    Switch flows mid sentence, call it my Common Sense/

    Cuttin' the crap rap ryt here takin' it up a notch/

    I wanna knit yo brows like clothes, call it Lacoste/

    Doin' it ever fast or slow make hard niggaz soft/

    Rippin' it raw, you fake n am takin' yo top off/

    I'm bout 2 make it official like a referee with a whistle/

    I hit you lower than the current barrel price of diesel/

    Why is yo face colourin' harder than an artists easel?/

    I'm just sayin' what you is n nigga youze a asshole///
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    Aw gosh who talkd bout butt cracks and ass holes?/ i need some fresh air so am smokin crack, flyin high with the sparrows/in my own zone with a three piece bt barefeet/actin lyk mahatma gandhi, dishin out wisdom lyk little sweets/to little kids, weeding out the liars, makin em jump from they seats/caught on camera, i mean u dnt expect wankers to have clean sheets/an so in that respect i stick to ma guns/ask myself why sum people keep flappin they gums/and yet they toothlesnes gives out a sound lyk they gon cum/wham bam look at the Grand Regen' scam/dont play wit the libyans they cousins with sadam/say no and we gon hav a hotel bombed to the ground/so whats done is dones/lets take the 2 billion and run/and quit playn chess with the devil/coz sooner or later we may hav to put our souls on the table/haha some PMed me and askd me whats wrong wit your freestyles/some how during every take u hav to mention satan in your key lines/whats with the devilish disposition beaneath your dope rhymes/and just as he said those words/the sun dimmed/the clock chimed/and the goddamn mic spoked/or so he said, a nigga was scared cold/yea thats the mystery of me, am that bold. . . .
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    I speak from my heart like it’s a mouth thro’ my chest/

    so pure so clear to level it can help one to invest/

    it can bring so much to ones life with gain we call interest/

    I see the Emcees making a name spiting a rhyme, man am impressed/

    this game is real and so alive it kicks and not depressed/

    the fake are flooding the airwaves tryin to make this disgraced/

    to those who feel are hip hop rugged, news flash your smooth as baby’s bum/

    I’ll zip your lip and make you permanently dumb/

    I’ll urinate on your so called career, ruin it light it smoke it blow it in the air/

    consider me as one among the and only few hip hop heir/

    I’ll render you useless in what you claim you do/

    it will be more like am legendary in this thing called voodoo /

    but in this case is specially made for the fake and idea deprived/

    if I was in the melody world I’d be Kelly the piper/

    instead I’d be smoking what you consider success thru’ a pipe huh! /

    I was born to write it’s like I was born with a pen on my hand/

    I thot that there were many who were born with the gift in there hand/

    but I was wrong and it came to be they are few niggaz/

    some of them have given in to commercial am like fuck commercials/

    half of them is shared equal to jail and six feet under/

    the remaining are contemplating on if to go on or to fall off the game/

    leaving this game to be frustrated by fake emcees/

    the rap game is compromised to fit in places it was never meant to be/

    it was out to educate the young give direction that’s where to be/

    I spend most of this time trying to win souls and not make the record skip/

    but am reminded of the battle I fight, with the sounds of sickness in radio /

    there is no love in the so called radios , they talk of ego/

    what the fuck is that! it in us we spit the truth/

    politics is messed up day by day/

    misleading the the nations on the lies the cook up/

    we’re left to press on to hold on, the problem there’s nothing really to hold on to./

    so still the struggle continues ……………………..
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    ...Alluta continua

    Like declaring a Fatwa, I call on Allah/

    Sheitan's in our midst, call him Lucifer/

    Or call him a well paid MP, drivin a 4x4 tax free/

    Shindwe! Pepo mbaya, I swear like wallahi/

    Howz these dudes hike they pay one day secretly/

    Then come heckle the Finance Minister the next day?/

    Politricks at its best hey/

    Make hay when the sun shines says our Prime Minister/

    Taking part in the Grand Regency and other deals sinister/

    He's tired of "fightin for people" says he, fillin his pockets/

    They wanted Kimunya for a fall guy, he told them to stop it/

    Else he'd squeal on em too, Orengo and Wako too/

    And The President cant say shit, he aint stupid he knew/

    Saw Amos playin golf with The First Lady and his daughter/

    Ofcos Judy is runnin the Treasury Department like tap water/

    Behind every successful guy is a b*tch and a half/

    Lucy is the bitch so her kid's the half, do the math/

    But now the situations coolin down like Deep Heat: Freeze/

    Distracted Kenyans from the Amnesty fiasco n IPO shit/

    Hell yeah am pissed,/

    Its like democracy doesn't exist/

    Being Kenyan is like being the illegitimate kid of a b*tch/

    Plus theaz somethin wrong with us, living off fads/

    We the only ppl in the world who laugh at ppl's shrubs/

    Am I gettin thru to anyone here is anyone listenin?/

    What am I sayin? I mean, sorry, is anyone readin?/

    But anyone can point out mistakes and shit criticize/

    Takes a real man to shut up, keep his head n realise/

    That to get to the top u gotta take some1 else's spot/

    And am taking yoz like Omo nigga like it or not/

    Am tired of b*tchin bout shit like the rich gettin richer/

    I wanna make profit of it, like America did off Hitler/

    Its been fun taggin ya'l along, time for a crash landin/

    Back into the cypha, sincerely urz Infinitepyro, ur Captain/
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    Cyph the cypha kipp the syke up ...
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    i can agree with willpress, this cypha let them fall like leaves in the aurtum.

    been busy but i will be back with effect..... keep the cyphas flowing...
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    Watsup watsup...Got stuck on traffic jam but like they say better late than am here to stay...kudos people theas some serious ish up in here...keep sparking it up...l8terz :D
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    Sup ma' people, ev'body jus' stay onboard!...
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    Niggaz trying to change the regime, I won't have that

    Step in the club in giving fake rhymes I wont fall for that,

    And it feel like sat down, Emigee the flow is so compact,

    Niggaz even got the nerve trying to clone the name,

    It's the kid wit a thousand words, defining the game,

    you may be drunk or asleep to face me in this game,

    I rise to the to the top and I lay it down quite flat

    You can battle me up and get your money right back

    cause am dope as crack as you pop in your nose,

    The newspaper shit, Known for cracking Niggaz jaws

    And I don't go to court, I talk right on the mics,

    When I’ll be done with you what you call a career,

    I’ll have a forensics specialist outline your corps,

    Oh my God I will tear you off your scared call the cops,

    This a well defined regime it will fall by never quit,

    I will defend what I believe in, that’s how I role.

    I never fuck with women, who want me for money,

    Nigga don’t plat with a fire you don’t know how hot it is,

    I will burn right thru to the core of your soul,

    Even on FB there is a society for those who don’t feel me,

    Am like I don’t give a fuck about what they feel

    I was born to hate and you don’t like get your heels

    Nigga what!!!!
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    the game is on and the flow is like cold ice...........
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    eyo i illuminate domes with flashes of inspiration/

    ma flows beyond one dimensional level of comprehension/

    secluded in ciphers thats beneath pavements/

    blastin at mcees with ballistic testaments/

    peace to the couzifer keepin the cipher liver/

    incapacitatin phoneys wih venomous saliva /

    copy cats be bitin till they styles is constipated/

    dats why from tha microfone u gets relegated/

    with soft ass lines tryna play hero/

    yo verse gets frozen by tha lyrical sub zero/

    its tha micfone high priest annointin hedz with jewelz/

    step into rap duelz n burn up cats like fossil fuels/

    word to emigee n infinite sparkin tha cipher with verbal flames/

    with lyrical full clips we flatten all crews that be lame/

    hedz pay homage to tha hip hop messiahs/

    peace to the freestyle kings......keep tha cipher burnin
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    edited July 2008
    am in this as the viewer a thousand and three/ and making posting fifty three/ rhymes fall off like leaves from the tree/ we can stop this please let it be free/ its waht i feel and waht i love. and whoever feels other wise/ then piss off/ cause i dont give a fuck what you say/ i will do this more regular than hay/ and trust Emigee is here to stay/ keep the cypha falling by the day/ am not dreaming am visuallizing /am staing true to this for am analysizing /on how and when we can go public and declare total war on the fake emcees/ they are like some disease, am displeased/ but my niggaz in this ish we keep it real for that what it is/...........
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    edited August 2008
    eyo it's tha verbal jungle/

    weak mcee styles i strangle/

    wack rappaz beware dont stray into this cipher/

    wen we bust raps u get scorched by the sulphur/

    media hype gat masses under optical illusion/

    but i reveal truth with ma style conception/

    i use brain cells like a canvas to paint a picture/

    with strokes of verbal elevation/

    lets face it this is true hiphp/

    n all yall Tv cats aint really that dope/

    while u be rydin n flossin/

    we be mceein n elevatin/

    with strokes of the keypad i create scripts/

    that'll tear ya phoney verses into little bits/

    with yo hit songs u can shine for a moment/

    but id rather spit a historical monument/

    forever blessin wigs in tha hiphop basements/

    rhythm n poery thats ma weaponry/

    testin this styles yo name be in the obituary/
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    edited August 2008
    You say am a dead cat and im spittin for the tenth time/william shakespeare has nothn on this organized rhyme/still beat boxin and b-boy dancin/waxin they pseudo MC balls/ready for war /deadly on tour/dilatin they pupils/showin haters more love than cupid/we grow together even tho sum of us act so stupid/replacin solid kicks and liquid snares/with gold bars and gucci wear/we here do thngs a bit difrent/rhyme over riches/bros over bitches/dont get me wrng i aint anti-feminist/gays and she males top my friends list/but the gist of ths shit is/get a fuckin lyf befor clippin ya head/aha, sum of us niggas were pronouncd new born dead./look lost lyk a Mc Cain campaign/then they go on poppin shots and champagne/and they ask why Abel kild Cain/turnin shit around in the art of Pain/bt on TV screens they kal it price of fame. . .
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    I've kept burstin eardrums in dead silence/

    fuckin' wack mcees brains outta their senses/

    this words means more than jus' ma' presence/

    fuck around and it gon' cost u' ya' absence/

    I keep ma' flow solid like mercury thru' your veins/

    severely felt down your spine like labor pains/

    exposin' u' to dissease like unprotected sex/

    coz I got to protect this game like a vaccine/

    by injectin' realness into minds rhyme wise/

    eradicatin wackness i rub brains against this rhymes/

    ma' mind feels rusty I can tell from the way this sick flows/

    been penetratin' all ya' TV rappers weak domes/

    I can easily battle you straight from ma' office desk/

    and u' still gon' feel tha' slugs thru' u' chest/

    as ma rhymes paints the street in me on u' computer screen/

    that am emotionless and passionless like I got no spleen/

    ma spit sample suggests that am hotter than lava/

    and like tha' high priest said " I'ma keep this cypher liver/

    scorchin' wack mceez wit' ma' venomous saliva"/

    if u' think u' can handle step in tha' arena for decipher/

    n' I'ma make u' shiver till the doc gon' test u' for fever/

    ...sup gawds, back into tha' cypher...
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    edited August 2008
    eyo as the clock keeps tickin/

    ma lyrical glock keeps spittin/

    rounds of rhymes that be fatal/

    invadin yo systems like a viral/

    with each bar phoney veres i erase/

    forcin yall wack mcees to rephrase/

    now u back for the second round/

    beware u treadin on deadly ground/

    ma cipher be bobby trapped/

    u facin cats thats fully strapped/

    with muderous liquid veres/

    that'll dissolve yo weak rehearses/

    every time we cyph it's hiphop elevation/

    while fakes is put on lyrical probation/
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    edited August 2008
    in this level, i feel like hulk the incredible,/ am never predictable, but i do hate on the terible/ am able to compose a rhyme starting with all the words of the alphabet,/ please lets keep the cypha on, burning and flaming hotter than a kitten in hell.............................
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    Please don’t call me a rapper/ for me I don’t stick to this like a rubber/ don’t compare me with other rappers/ I embrace a culture/ and it’s more than a structure/ I don’t do this to sell/ but to teach and educate the non educate/ I understood all I learnt from the best/ and am here to defend/ you wonder how someone has choices for food/ yet there is some else who got no food/ we talk about the justice/ where is it?/ to me it’s a luxury I cant afford/someone who stole a piece of bread will be jailed/ but the corrupt will walk free with just a bail/and we say we are in a free world,/what free world?/I have so much words I can spit on this song but the content remains the same./the modernity, has become more of insanity/ records produced with no norms/I wont mention names/ but for a Nigga like MIMs needs some music lessons/ this game is frustrated/ all am doing is more of regenerated/ to create what was left of before/ we need to get serious and stop cheating the whole public/ 80 percent of emcees tell lies in there rhymes and for me I will tell the truth in mine./so as I said its my heat like mouth thro’ my chest/ I will help all so as to try invest/
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    [quote name="Emigee"] we talk about the justice/ where is it?/ to me it’s a luxury I cant afford/someone who stole a piece of bread will be jailed/ but the corrupt will walk free with just a bail/and we say we are in a free world,/what free world?/[/quote]

    hapo ni kweli.
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