Infinite Cypha!

no feeds here but i offer tha last one of my feed/

leave u startvin till your last breed/

MCs sleepin on this nowonder they talkin pillow/..

..on Hiphop forums, i bet u head's must b hollow/

aint biblical but i give more than i take /

inhalin wisdom to exhale(excell) for Hiphop sake/

kapuka gets me wonderin if this Mcs high on sambuka/

their flow so floppy,i blow em' wit rhymes like bazooka/

leavin' bitters toothless../coz my rhymes curses like halbadiri/

n' reign' over this space like tha solar system/i follow tha orbit/

coz my fall means mass destruction like a meteorite/......

reason i keep my rhymes upright/ firm like a vertebrate/

i measure De_Infinite wit lines that stretch beyond measure/



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    edited January 2008
    Ok -- i moved a copy of this to Freestyles & Cyphers forum n' put it under "crazy freestylez" , i'm hopin to get some feeds there. This forum is so dead..damn!!


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    we jus ned to keep workin on it Couz... it's still new. if i could rap I would.
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    edited January 2008
    [quote name="ms.Rain"]we jus ned to keep workin on it Couz... it's still new. if i could rap I would.[/quote]

    I know thats right Rain, we still got a long way to go wit this one --but i am lookin forward to seein' this forum much active.

    Thanks for the feedback.

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    edited April 2008
    Yea mayb its time we kald a cipher a cipher/expose lyrical fangs and see whos the infinite viper/get ths forum rollin beyond what the eye can trace/make it the sixth dimension, yea something greater than time and space/so that our children's children can at least save face/so that they can say "in the year 2008" my daddy was an ill MC/No we didnt hear of him up on capital fm or KBC/he didnt have much use for the national broadcaster/just a turntable and a mic made Flash da Grandmaster/so i will rhyme to da beatbox with all da strength i can muster/make the kicks and snares my long lost brother n sista/in the beginin there was sound, right?/coz how else would God have said "let there be light"?/wot you listen to should make you know wrong from right/they make us run up to the streets to fight for they rights/but when bullets come live they are nowhere in sight/better to use yourself than get used/so lets join the forum and light up the fuse/drop your lines from any angle, acute or obtuse/its more about the skill in you than the weapon you choose. . . .
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    edited April 2008
    Sup Kenya...Xcapee in dis ishh

    Like this Yo!!..

    Let me show luv to kenya cus i got ma holmes called Couzifer

    rap in the veins like blood bringin' hell to emcees like Lucifer

    brah i'm off d chain holdin this shit underground

    break enter any town cus i know i sound profound

    The master of rhymes,criminal flipp from the Gut

    drug cells with Dope like your thoughts were Coke

    hit hard like a sledgehammer,grind emcees like millet

    i'm the illest,need pills to help out but i aint done yet

    so don't hesitate to respect the anticipated felony

    i immaculately loose ur existence if u battle with me

    my spirit is unbelievable,people call me nitro (nitrogen)

    cus my pen ignite when i'm dropping the theory of toxic flows

    can't catch my shine even if u were the Night in my mind

    i blind ya wen i spit,even Stevie wonder will deny to get u signed

    get outta the line,emcees get holes like i was talking with a nine

    i blessed this time and fuck if u think kenya won't get a Big shine

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    edited April 2008
    Yea, big shine down on the underground tunnel/ama tek it from the end of Xcapees double barrel/poking lyrical holes thru your mental funnel/thea aint no filterin me , am so soluble/no hatin on me nigga so sellable/ all rolled up and lit up up in ths joint/smoked and vapourized yea i am the joint/raise your conscious level one bar higher/am nirvana 9 rounds wit me and ul have walk thru fire/with bare feet so yea i ges that meks you dead meat/or used lyk a p*ssy with a sawn of clit/get your priorities rite mr misfit/coz i could swear my fist fits wear your mouths is/conect the dots and thas you lookin lyk a gumless doofus/but ama still foot your bills/get you some custom made grills/so that wen you smile it dont look like some fish with missin gills/breath in breathe out and hold dat shit/coz ama tek you under the undground where hip hop lives/mental ressurection up on a f*ckin mic stand/welkam to the black mans fastest sellin/here you are the hustle and am the flow/when i say ready that when you go/ready, ready, ready like EM's dick up u ass like a machete. . . ./go,go,go dont let go of this flow
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    edited April 2008
    sUp XCAPEE, am feelin' u' on this man, Sup will, damn man that some sick ish there, keep blessin tha thread gawds.

    [quote name="willpress"]go,go,go dont let go of this flow[/quote]

    or Ima freeze u' blood flow n' place u' soul six feet below/

    en' if u' make me feel that these words jus' too solid to flow!!/....

    then Ima PRESS u' brain at tha' edge of WILL's double blade machete/

    and swing these words like they where lyrical swords instead/

    possin threats like I run(Iran) nulcear plants in ma homestead/

    fuck wit US en go crumblin down like tha fall of a SUPERPOWER/

    am tryna maintain ma balance while hangin' on tha edge of INFINITE/

    so nigga plz dont PUSH me or Ima take u' life and keep u' spirit/

    place it btwn' heaven n' hell/n' watch as god n' satan gamble for u' soul/

    ONCE I toss tha' dice u' lose TWICE, coz either way u' gon' pay tha' price/

    I stay aHEAD of this shit constantly like the scar on tha' tip of ma dick/

    PLAY ard wit me n' Ima SPIT it right on u' face after am done fuckin u' chick/

    coz I neva let go of tha' flow, I keep it cumin' till tha' last sperm of tha' rhyme/
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    edited June 2008
    couz.... i see you need to do practice family planning,/ you got so much rhyming,/you have so much going which is educating,/ and i like the focus for its really eliminating,/ for the whack MC needs some castrating,/ i know they will never feel us for this is over rating,/ but we have to be eradicating./ never feel left out cause i will always be here to read and do my free styles,/ as i said before I’m infinite like zero over zero,/ and better than sub Zero, /am not trying to be a hero/no cant be that but I will keep the struggle on wait till I can have some bitches around, to dance to my sound,/ as hard as it will sound /for am more than being spell bound, I cast a spell regenerate cells of real MCs,/ we share the same struggle,/ and never be scared of to handle./ so its to us to support each other!!!
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    edited June 2008
    Yo!. . .WeePee back, burstin like the breath of life/jus when your lifeline was about to take a hike/uhuh yea like that miracle turning water into wine/bless y'all am churnin syllable to rhyme/watch y'all tryna mark they time/miss a beat when the bassline hits you/flips you/chops you/into meat cleaver slices/evil meets justice/wackness meets practice/eunuchs meet Isis/this is the end of the crisis/ coz is what you put at the end of the equal sign/yup the final answer/the sexiest rapture/the most copied culture/u jus do me and ama do u/nah that aint shit i put on my pay per view/i forsee the forecast/somewhere bèfore half past the hour/you gon realise you dead wen they dustin your coffin/like a mixture of Purple Haze and Blue Magic/ i made your TV go all static/now you know why your radios stuck on Gods Son and illmatic/struggle of a wetback jus watch em climb the fences/to the land of the free place they call America/but there aint shit for free, maybe just an avatar/of you and other like looking persons/saying MOST WANTED for theft and arson/but lets be Democratic this summer/and give it up to my boy Obama/make a race once classified in animal relations/bring forth a son to lead the most powerful nation. . .peace
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    edited June 2008
    we play no games / step in tha arena proof u lame/

    fuck u dames / I jus blew of tha spot, screwed tha fame /

    now tell me whoz to blame / they say Hiphop's dead?

    on a hospital bed wit a pipe into tha' bucket??/

    Fuck that, I still keep reducin' Mceez so they casket /

    be lighter than a mil light years in tha' abyss/

    we rule this game without crowns / no thrones but u get thrown/

    off track like a stylus on a scratched 12" vinyl /

    up in this biatch we never slumber alwayz on vigil/

    make a stupid move...we gon' puff u' like cigar smoke/

    disappear in thick air, yeah we gon make u choke /

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    edited June 2008
    Yup they choking on they own vocal cords/trying to take back the fact that they wackand they know it/no matter how hard they try to squeeze it and hold it/every time you record over this you gona hear this/Kaboom/theres an elephant in the room/and we got you left eye set on our sight/watching every second you blink and spew out butterflies/we knnw you wish you could hang yoself with your intestines. . .
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    edited June 2008
    I am a lyricist by profession/ I take over what we call pos-session/ its not an abomination / its more like a concentration / to bring about arbitration / if the rap game is falling we blame on the whack mcs of the possession/ please look at my position/am rhyme spiting with no obligation / and the radios are playing discrimination / man I f eel like it’s a fucking abortion/ the whack mcs cant go beat jerking and claim possession / this is the true restoration/ if you don’t feel me I will make you feel like after an ejaculation/ wasted like working for no compensation / genge ain’t fitting its like an apology from a condom production/ hip hop is here like a resurrection/ and we taking it over with no obligation/this is a winning com-bi-nation/ and who feels other wise please tell me am always here…..
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    edited June 2008
    Yeah, they can roar like thunder /

    and come frontin' in large numbers /

    but they still gona face murder /

    becoz they skillz we alwayz out number /

    no matter how big they claim they larger /

    these rhymes gon' turn em' to vapor /

    watch as they future clouds darker /

    as I punish em like I was they maker /

    i whip minds wit' thots' till brains get numb /

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    edited June 2008
    [quote name="Couzifer"]

    i whip minds wit' thots' till brains get numb /


    ...Bow down mafakaz, the God has Come/

    N am squirtin spunk all over em b!tchez tongue/

    Hear my raps and come like an ear-gasm/

    Don't wipe it down clown this here jazz em/

    Infinite's swingin into action like dear Tarzan/

    Infinites here like the end of time's arrived/

    So every knee touch the ground before we fight/

    The emcee blown away like I C4'd his mic/

    I hit cats so hard b!tches turn to dykes/

    Freestyle my shit and stil yoz I write/

    Steal mine when I type, still wanna bite/

    Drop jawz with metaphors, my shit is tight/

    I'll Holy Ghost em broads, burn em in spite/

    Freestyle, No lookin back like Genocide/

    Writin the first thing that pops into mind/

    My flowz blessed, Messiah like, seek u will find/

    I don listen to u spit cheap, pay u no mind/

    I don read what u typed b!tch, act like am blind/

    So I don spit that weak shit, am one of a kind///

    Too kind a brother to kill u in a cypha.....
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    edited June 2008
    Hehehehe karibu pyro. .jus lyk you to drop heat in post number 1!

    Yup no murder in tha cypha, we jus teachin the masses/if you cant spell hip hop then youve come to the rite classes/we bring it rite to ya in any format you want it/choppin beef in special cuts, serve it jus how you like it/yes am the butcher man so take care of your wifey/coz in a minute she gon have my meats down her fanny/am so fresh, fuck wit me and all restore your virginity/make you so green, confirm your infertility/am jus like them black holes/yea infinitely feeding on dumb hoes/who come up with wack rhyme schemes/al blend em up into whipped cream/pile they rotting bodies in a pyramid/and feed they eggs to giant squids/erase they names from history, no 1 will know they ever exsisted/if they survive that shit they brains gon be so damn twisted/theyll be walkin on they hands, shittn with they mouth/literally reversed to think with they balls and speak in limp dick lingo/all those who value they safety wont challenge us to a game of bingo/the rest stay broke, they be pole dancing in a club full of homos/enuf of that whats left is to give respect to Hood/the place that raised me, taught me most niggas be up to no good/for jus the rite amount of greens/your head could fit in a post office box, homes/and the nigga wit the bloody hand be your best friend/so much for friends, the only shit to trust be the greys in your head. . .
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    edited June 2008
    Thanx Press

    As the nigga sed, believe only in the greys on yo head/

    A testament to my benovelence, all yo family is dead/

    U watch from the outskirts shook, surfin as anonymous/

    Best stay out there dude, cant mess wit the worst of us/

    I beat a biter down with words like a dictionary/

    Am a Peter piper clown ass nigga witta vocabulary/

    Thats a switch in flow if u dint know, am visionary/

    Am raping this thread and the whole forum missionary/

    Thats old skool. Style versatile like ambidextrous/

    Only time ya'll use both of yo hands is with Geisha's/

    The game is mine, ya'll cant take away my Preciousss/

    And if ur blind to that fact, I'll just see ya'll laterzzz///
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    edited June 2008
    Fuck that, lemme pick up where I left of/

    No am not selfish, this is just how I get off/

    Its a Sunday and am home alone bored, no one to play with/

    N I jus killed our dog cz she dint listen when I said "stay b!tch"/

    Who's this?! Call me an African with MPD/

    Am not white, just wanted 2 c how it'd work for me/

    Am so bored right now I could try swallow my tongue/

    Then take these laxatives, and just wait on the john/

    Shit that shit out, spit on it and put it back in my mouth/

    Am not foul! Ya'll eat foetuses everytime ya'll eat out/

    Is it that apparent that I seriously need Jesus?/

    I pray to the devil, masturbate n slit my wrist to pieces/

    Plus I listen to Eminem like twice everyday, believe it/

    Am wearin a shirt written "Am Gay" in front,

    and behind: "I LOVE shit!"///

    hahaha okay ya'l am sorry, am just feelin a bit cuckoo ryt now.
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    edited June 2008

    That doesn't mean this nigga's amused /

    I can tune laughter into scary screams in a second /

    n' rise em' to a notch notes can't contemplate /

    ma' rhymes out-burnt hell till tha' demons fled /

    then in tha' darkest privacy Lucifer sucked ma' dick /

    soon I be gettin' married on tha' sun's surface /

    ma' gal moon says I'm too hot wit' ma' flows /

    that I might melt down tha' whole solar system /

    I slapped her face till earth experienced an eclipse /

    shakin' tha' universe till stars loose grip n fell off /

    I mate wit' sick beats producin' disseased rhymes /

    slappin' wack mceez back to their ghost writers /

    I aint tha' best but u' cant fuck wit' me n' get lucky /

    instead I'ma impregnate u' wit' a thorny foetus /

    think I'm a bad omen, turnin' smooth roads rocky /

    I race wit' planes try ma' style and loose a wing /

    fuck ua' attitude, u' can rise but u' cannot reach!!! /
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    edited June 2008
    [quote name="Couzifer"]LMFAO

    f*ck ua' attitude, u' can rise but u' cannot reach!!! /[/quote]

    The game isn’t breeched, we still in it we can teach/

    You whack emcees always act like some leach/

    We can do this anywhere at a new high pitch/

    And always get some dope ass nitch /

    I can’t figure out why hip hop is disregarded. /

    It’s like committing crime, bills being passed in parliament to sensor what we say, /

    Come on we changed and embrace the goodness of mankind, /

    I will be sited doing some auditions/

    Cause this game needs some dope ass niggaz /

    If the game is falling I will be one among the few/

    Who will stand by it am always give it the support it needs/

    am always real so be it………
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    edited June 2008
    [quote name="Emigee"]

    am always real so be it………[/quote]n' I'ma die for Hiphop aint no fakin' it /

    in ma' life after death I still gon' rep' it /

    reincarnate n' still be on tha' real wit it /

    so fuck u' if u' thot' I'ma run scared /

    I give less fucks than a eunuch can dread / .....

    .whether they recognize wats real or not /

    I keep squeezin' wackness outta they balls /

    chop off they scrotums feed em' to tha' dogs /

    fuck!! now that sounds gay like suckin' ma own dick /

    shit aint even educative, am not in the right moods /

    so I guess I be back to getchu outta those woods /
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    edited June 2008
    eyo freestylin ma hobby even though i jus kick it once in a while/

    i gat a cordless but i still strangle any phoney style/

    catch me in the rap basements where the frequency of meditation/

    is beyond the level of yo average radio station/

    so the constant diet is phoney rappaz rocin ice/

    but step in a real cipher u get tossed like dice/

    eyo i feel the rhyme breakin up the flow/

    but wac mcees time be runnin low/

    wen i step into yo zone/

    i leave u imbalanced like a hormone/

    lyrical full clips leave crews flat like tyres/

    heds pay homage to tha hip hop messiahs/

    yo word up cats lets keep the cyphah blazin.
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    edited June 2008
    sheeeyt!! this cypha neva' ceases /

    I can tell from tha' way wack mceez be ceasin' /

    we drop real shit while they be dropin' feaces /

    like anus, dare ask me tha' difference??!! /

    n' I'ma tell u' to smell that stinkin' hole /

    on u' face right below that nose !!!/

    fuck it! have dissed n' still dont fell like Hiphop!!! /

    so if u' thot' a diss track gon' make u' Hiphop? /

    I suggest u' give it a second thot or even a third /

    becoz here we care less about fame n' titles /

    we dont give a fuck if u' talk abt' booties n' tities /

    but we gon' fuck u' up for messin' wit' real G's /
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    edited June 2008
    [quote name="Couzifer"]
    [quote name="Emigee"]

    so I guess I be back to getchu outta those woods /[/quote][/quote]

    Am kick it right for the high places in the hoods/

    This is really right and necessary for the ageless /

    The sick ass MCs who claim to be real are always rhyme less/

    I can kick this and it will be seen to be endless /

    So am writing a book to the fun base who are endless/

    I got no reason to back down cause am fearless/

    I got brothers in this who makes me rhyme endless/

    I can’t be hard as one and only KSR/

    But I will be one among the few who will caress /

    This game within the and beyond the limits /

    Cause I am rhyme spiting, am beat jerking, /

    Sound kicking, am writing on a high level, /

    I will lit asses like cigarette, and smoke em out, /

    While your bitch will be cock sucking reminiscing on the ish you never gave her, /

    The distance between the whack and I/

    Is like the difference between the USD and the ZD/

    Even with time you’ll never get the glimpse/

    Am like this is that will bring distress/

    And make you my bitch, my mistress/

    To sugar coat it just to stay impressed/

    I will give free styles just like freebies/

    Am own my own level I can even hook up young geez/

    Couzifer, Press please lets educate, so as to eradicate/

    Niggaz need some basic education before the record a track …………….
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    edited June 2008
    I drop a cypha wack mceez rush for they daipers /

    am bringin' terror wit' ma' spits like a pit viper /

    all ya' unreal mceez lose sight wen' I rhyme /

    aint no Tyson but I flip killer punches eve'time /

    rippin' cords off Mics no doubt am goin' too far /

    Niggaz still don't get it!? I mean they all below par /

    I can flip this cypha a mil' pages wit a single verse /

    wit' flow so flawless transmittin' knowledge like a comp' bus /

    but shit will be like a bible abandoned in a mosque /

    ya' rhymes be out-dated n' un-payin' like a bouchin' cheque /

    so I'ma keep eradicatin' wackness like a deadly plague /

    ...tha cypha continues...
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    edited June 2008
    i majestically approach the freestyle platform/

    rip mics and elevate the true artform/

    see ya cant stand this underground testaments'/

    vaporisin yo weak verses like gaseous elements/

    the verse laced with verbal cyanide/

    chokin mcees like carbon monoxide/

    see wen we rhyme we always gat a reason/

    executin phoneys like u was charged with treason/

    step into this live mcce cipher/

    feel the heat jus like burnin sulphur

    the saga continues
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    edited June 2008
    I split heads in twos make brains think twice /

    picture ma' tongue as a blade tha' way i slice /

    words like swords en' swing em right on ya' face /

    puncture ya' mind tryna' step up to ma' game /

    I twist ma' flow en' bruise ya' ear drums /

    wit' Frequencies beyond Modulations /

    breathin' life into dead Mics call me tha' resurrector /

    front wit ya' slick ass lyrics I'ma rip off ya vocal vords /

    nail ya' tounge on a chalkboard /

    make ya feel a taste of real knowledge /

    ....keep blazin' tha cypha gawds...
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    edited June 2008
    Okay, its my go,

    n I go harder than all of Little Wayne's claims/

    Keep da cipher burnin, everlastin like Greek flames/

    I could stomp a cat mentally, leave the pussy iller/

    Or shove my foot up his ass wit a size 7 Caterpillar/

    Or introduce him to my squad, they stomp that nigga/

    Have him lookin like he crossed a fuckin mad caterpillar/

    Dig his grave wit Caterpillars, i deserve respect/

    So if u owe me yo life, u best pay in interest/

    Representin 4 the west side of En-I-Rob-Ee/

    Signed, the best there was, is n will bE///
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    edited June 2008
    He said the best there was and ever will be/but here kams the better than best his name be WeePee/freeflowin liquid rhymes, am the shark in ths lake/got em snitches bating they breath, discusing me in rici lake/and what did i do, nthn, just aggravatd assault n grevious bodily harm/causing depletion to ur brain cells replacin em with pre-cum/not once, not twice coz 3 time's the charm/all due respect to my cat from da west/you know me pyro, jus had to get this joke of my chest/wana put mo space for macaroni and cheese cake/beta be rhymin than rich nigga/a church mafia don who cant bring the figures/coz sayin One million in words fill mo space than the numbers/when am writing cheques to the devil to bring more heat to the embers/coz the number am sending to him teem up like Obama supporters. . .
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    edited June 2008
    Too late to apologize so ama continue the damage/if am getting sued, am goin down wit all o u/but ama give them sissies a sideways Black Panther salute/tell em "you still a Nig' even wen u gots no clips to shoot/you stil a Nig' wen you slit you wrists and climb off rooftops/you stil a Nig' when you be wearin panty hose and boobtops/grown ass dick folded thrice to fit into that fuckin hose hole/you think you white coz you give simultaeneous blows/to george bush types who did a mohawk on they pubic hair/jus coz u got a 10 on u front door dnt mean you Tony Blair/thats shit coz ur skins far from fair/blacker than a sudanese fresh from a mudbath/hair more kinky than mixn Paris Hilton cumshot in the bathtab/accept who you be and join me in this World War 3/us against them the good against the wicked/the grim reapers of shit that we built/we beta bring em hell they beta sign up for triple 6/no purgatory shit no 12 virgins to foreplay with/we moving straight to final judgement, son/40 licks from the tip of my whipping tongue!
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    edited June 2008
    Hehe horny niggas got bones in they tongue/been waggin em to the heats pressure burstin they lungs/too much info, this vybe comes from a hidden location/i shud put you all in a twisted situation/a place where the esape route be the entrance exit/the image on the mirror, too scarred to face it/you spend all day chasing your shadow,now u cannot trace it/the darkness has come, let the light replace it/30 watt bulb moments without electricity/holes in the sock jus wen u had to loose virginity/holdn yourself back but you already at the cliff side/your DNA on turbo charges rushing down to fertilise/golden eggs and she was on her safe days/sometimes life jus wants to fuck you sideways/fit you into needle holes, mek you swallow highways/but hey,the Lord works in the most unlikely ways. . .kneel down and pray coz your sins be so many they gotsa be refreshd like some dynamic web page. . ./
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