.....~2007 AHH COMMUNITY COLLAB~.....


its the apathy, that explains the empathy,

nostalgia, resulting into remembering d future,

funny tears dropping, loud silence disturbing,

my pen been very eager to bleed as such begging for brutal thoughts,

like tears that have come to stay, this is a normal day,a normal smile, a light heart, a little wish, for today to fall apart!


a journey to the astral,where minds find~its~meaning

the defination of the black race on tracks~of~hymn~nings

ride d back~of~phoenix till we burn our way pass~d~winnings

we cast~a~meaning to a candle being lit under~the~sea

control the direction of flow,cos we the plumbers~that~be

better bow to the alphabetical athletical hunters~of~fiends

shake the world til the blinds plunder~a~see wit mind~status

that African hiphop is gold,and that is what God~gave~us


The year coming to a close~I'm writing this for all those

That have been fighting with Flows~Making sure that AHH grows

All the netcees~From Battles to Poetry~Keystyle Pieces

He who will touch the sky is He who Reaches

And as I browse through board~I see the Squad~On whose shoulders

The forums have been building~Tell all the others to move over

It's the Year of the BlackSmiths ask Talib Kweli

He'll confirm it~And even probably~Doff his hat to these Soldiers

My keyboard will always stay strong~My pen won't never run out of ink

You'll never hear our Swan song~As long as AHH continues to think


The tyrannical reign of AHH spans a decade

Sending a generation of wack rhymers back to eight grade

With spanking new presentations each and every day

While they're busy suntanning we're making hay

stackin barns on our phat farms and u're in harm's way

we Serve storms in tea cups so come on and drink up,

Building African hiphop via communal effort

acting as if this can flop? have ur formulas switched up

for what it's worth,u're wished luck, but u'd better it if u

summoned ur witch doc or had horns and a pitch fork


Another year culminates,my previous style dead and buried

my punchlines on a heavenly ascent,im in no hurry

so i honed skills included pidgin into my rhyme


im a black star shine,and soar like a super eagle

son royalty and regal,so play the sidelines clown

this african rapper,take u out on air like BLACK HAWK DOWN

industry monoply got me hangin wit Lag Cats now

online wher my hiphop b most felt,hard bars i lacelike steel dey wont melt

i quit tha weed for my own health,so as d year ends AHH i drink to ya health

Formula 1

I pop lines that hault fans just like a Stop sign

and leave fakes lost like Hebrew Blood lines

cos when i bust rhymes, its complex like a helix

you feel this cos im is "hot 'n' fly" like a Phoenix

I mean it, my flow got all my credentials

a rapper's rapper? im the quintessential

aint no gimmicks, nigga, im the next potential

with my skills gettin iller,in exponentials

Its the Inflow~ential,* who's mad dope like Pfizer?

and shows more craft on a Mic than Mr. Mcgayver


To tha battles i dont go first, but fo her imma flow too fast/

burst my brain,kill anotha cell, damn this lines made me fast/...

...fo' her like she was Ramadan, showin her love on tha regular/

from a altar boy to tha streets,she's tha reason i got secular/

she got me wisdom,now am wise to decide like king solomon/

from X to Next Generations she touches many hearts like pope's sermon/

sad wen i see brothers inject,get violent n shed blood to please her/

coz she got no love, for those who misinterprate and misrepresent her/

ink,pen,pad and a councious mind all she needs in return/...

mics,turntables n freestyles from sick minds to make heads turn/

graffitti paintin everywhere wit talent her picture on tha wall she so pretty/

AFRICAN HIPHOP love of my life u care for me,i care for ya/

reppin' u till death, in tha casket will lie for ya,no lyin i will die for ya/

5 bars too little to express all the love, i still got u more feeds/

but for now lets keep this real and sticky for the future breeds/


Officially OUT,still here to Hala/SHOUT OUT/NO DOUBT/ to the ENTIRE/ AFRICA

Mcees thats been through the WIRE/black emigrants to AMERICA/mcee greener PASTURES/

We all started teen AMATURES/battle with that favorite RINGTONE on that balq berry PHONE/

Now for the THRONE/we rose to weightier fights for greater heights/later might/kick out the GAME/

but oil on a WITEY sticks like "yea thats my NAME" remembered for all time thats LEGENDARY FAME/

To the streets,scumbags,riffrats, hustlers n drug dealers with they minds on PURPOSE

"illd make it one day an MCEE/make mom once more proud of me/A kiss for xmas/at the back of my hand/ A RED ROSE/

To the underground/no spitting could be better/they keep away from the real world/thats clever/

AHH awards to BETs and Grammys, big mammis wanna sit next to you at d miamis/do whatever/


To the low lifers,can't afford a record/ for a second/ stop ur sorrows n start FEELING ME

Don't fake it/Life is how you make it/Shes a whore,she made it how she shake it/

Last words/to 2008 AHH newbes,"wisdom is KNOWLEDGE/education is VITAL/RAP is OPTIONAL/


Its end of the year collabo/

Verse short as if my name is gatuso/

January through June I was mooching aimlessly on the internet/

July brought some luck and I made A double H my nest/

Kept on streaming verbs like the rapid flow of cytoplasm within a cell/

Words started reaching nook and cranny of the forum,

my name rings a bell/

Foes became friends thought I was loved/

Green snakes under green grass,

niggaz won’t mind to get you cuffed/

Just to stay consistent I had to bite/

Caught red handed so I blight/

Right my wrong in order to stay as a family/

Built on my downfall

now they can’t question my pedigree/

Nigga hated on me ‘cos I live large/

Tried to be hip hop legend

‘cos he thought I would charge/

Smashed his shit in his face now he’s so mad/

But I ma gas him if things go bad/

Threaten me and I pretended as if I saw nothing/

Promised to dead it now he is shouting/

His heart beat started racing as if he was Maurice Greene/

And I ma forever keep representing ~GWG~ (Green White Green)/


Admist~da'~Apartheid and killin' sprees~

many miss~da~appetite we wield in ease~

stigmatize but feelin' us across the seas~

criticize the way we opposing the norm, posing in drums~

now we crossing out the I's so we cud dot the T's */

Driven by dictatorship~

we find a way to make this shit~

work as we ever pursuing paper on our daily shifts~

wordsmiths during the after hours it's a crazy mix~

the emphasis on AIDS be taking us back* like baby pics/

Culture grew in precision with progress of the cities~

from Reggie Blackstone to the Prophets of Da City/

The Trybesmen to Proverb~

Sauce Kid?? the flow hurt~

in come Mody & Rugged the talent's o-vert~

major labels seeing "disabled" becos they sold dirt~

keep the bling and da' stuntin we continue to soul search


Yall is welcome to africa the birthplace of hiphop

diamonds in sierra leone's enough proof that we rock

Here lies the roots of the game, now traditions been passed down

from our fathers who wrote their rhymes with chalk

Even when them racists try to hate on our glo

we stillm drag-on(dragon) spitting hot flows straight out our soul

rapping bout nelson mandela and the legends of old

who all paid the PENALTY but never missed their GOAL

now we got more talents than the brothers of joseph

guess we got to thank the lord cause our rappers is so blessed

the industry's popping, them black kids jumping

i turn to mtv base and am like oh yes

i watch them african rappers all blowing like wind

and them ahh cats will eternally be doing their thing

yeah am proud to be part of the gang that be black

african hiphop rules and thats just the fact


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