Dan Boadi's "Money is the Root of Evil"

Dan Boadi's classic, "Money is the Root of Evil" 12"/CD EP (Aestuarium Recordings) has recently been reissued. Boadi's music drips with sweat, swinging with a tight, static Afro-Beat/disco/funk-fused propulsion. With four decades of recording, writing, and performing behind him, Dan Boadi has become a fixture in contemporary world music. He first rose to

prominence in the mid-70‘s, topping the national charts of his native Ghana

with an LP titled, Abrabo, which, according to the liner notes, "sold like

apples". Riding this regional success, Boadi decided, with a little coaxing

from his entrepreneurial friend Robert Minta, to try his luck in the United

States. In 1978, he and Minta released "Money is the Root of Evil" in a

limited run of 500 copies. Finally reissued, it truly deserves to be heard!



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