Without a drop of shame..


With never so much as a drop of shame...

Highground presents ...

The Americants (Self Titled)

This 21 tack Instrumental CD from the Americants is

now available from Highground Industries. We don't have

it up on the site at the moment but full cover art and

descriptions, along with credit card ordering are coming

soon to http://www.fulltimeartists.com/music/music1.htm

For more information on The Americants email

[email="[email protected]"][email protected][/email] or

[email="[email protected]"][email protected][/email]


Notes from the Cliff (Subcontents)

This full length CD is officialy available from Highground.

12 tracks in all by Dave Dub and Persevere, production on

this project was provided by Tape Mastah Steph, Fanatik,

DJ Roe, and Mr. Aeks. Featuring Zest the Smoker.

You can order "Notes From The Cliff" from



Both http://www.fulltimeartists.com and http://www.isolatedwax.com are

enabled with simple "pay-pal" credit card services. You can

also order through the mail at

Highground Industries P.O. Box 362223, Milpitas, Ca. 95036

To get free mp3s, check out graffiti flicks and sketches,

browse fine art and graphic design protfolios, get info on our

services (Audio Duplication, Web Design, Album Covers...)

and more go to http://www.fulltimeartists.com

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