UNDP water booklet.. calling for French contributions

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Hey.. dont know if im going about this the right way as i am not an AHH regular..

but i have a request that might interest some of you.. and i hope that you will respond positively to this call..

i work for an international youth led NGO that encourages young people all over the world to identify the problems they are facing.. equip them with skills they need to create sustainable solutions..inspires them to implement these solutions.

We use books, workshops, international conferences and musicals.. anything youth can relate to..

i just received an email on one of our latest projects.. this is an extract from the email..

" Anyway, I write to you now as I need your help! The United Nations have asked us to produce a youth summary of this year’s fantastic UN Human Development Report which was released last week. It is on the theme of water.

It is URGENT!!! - because the UN want it out in English, FRENCH and Spanish by March 22nd: World Water Day. We have never had to turn around a book that quickly, but, with a lot of help and contributions from our network – we are confident we can do it!

I attach the Call for Contributions which will tell you all about the report – and how to submit your thoughts – your stories, poems, pictures and paintings that reflect how water affects your lives. The Report is fascinating and quite upbeat – saying that water is a fundamental human right and that, with political will, we have the technology to get “beyond scarcity” to an equitable distribution of this basic human resource to all.

Do you know of any networks of schools and/or youth groups/ artists who might be interested to contribute? Even one or two could be most useful! I – and the UNDP HDRO – would be enormously grateful.

The incentive is not just to get your story, or your poem or painting into a UN booklet that will be distributed around the world: it is also an opportunity for the best contributors to get an all expenses paid trip to the UK to work at the Editorial Meeting for the booklet at Peace Child’s International Centre near Cambridge in the UK. Bash, you have been to a few of these editorial meetings, you know they are a life-changing experience. On this one, you will get to work with some of the finest minds from the UN and leading UK think-tanks on an issue that is, literally, the source of human life."

I thought it might be interesting to get you guys involved... showcase your talent.. and be an active agent of change.. its great!

just write a rap or a poem.. or something!!!!

my email add is [email="[email protected]"][email protected][/email]

if u like i can send you the info on the book, and the contents breakdown....

much love, much light

the Bash
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