puting an end in Nashy trash


get it right muthafucka

it ballz muthafucka.................................................

I'm the illest to spit- and I don't need no proof/

Sick like vodka mixed wit OJ- and I don't mean the juice/

I speak the truth- There beef between me and you?/

I bring the heat from below- burnin underneath ya shoes/

Go get ya troops- I'm puffin dro is syracuse/

Livin it up- cuz ya tools never get no use/

Ya lines need a boost- dunny ya whole shits frail/

I'm dumpin mines and sendin ya slugz via airmail/

Hot liquid- Open wide bitch- you get twisted/

From this rap shit- lyrically addictive and gifted/

If you's a down to earth cat I'ma make sure you lifted/

Close off all bets- fucka- you pose no threat/

Its no contest- best cop a vest for that chest/

Cuz i'ma pop till you drop hope in peace you rest/

(pops at gun in nash chest releases the trigger "oooooooooooooh i killed him")


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    edited September 2002
    Ha! -- I ain't got time fo yo. I just did this cause I was bored outta my mind.

    Ballz aint got tha balls ta ball in this infinite brawl

    After dis 'de-feet' Imma reduce yo progress to a 'crawl'

    And call - witnesses to witness how I leave lyricists - apalled

    Imma remove yo 'manhood' and leave nothin but 'Ballz'

    Dawg you rushin to 'fall' -I scheme u must've hated your summer

    I'm delated to slumber - niggas debatin to rumble

    If you OJ Imma prosecute you just to see how well you 'lie'

    Marinadin you wit hot lyrics - leavin 'em on yo chest to fry

    Just cause u throw 'F's' around don't mean you can 'test' this guy

    I ractify situations - simply by letting my breath hit yo facial

    All tha votes do is award me with the 'The Best Innovations'

    That realization is the only sensible reason u chose to post this

    Cause dawg the only thing you spit floats in yo scrotum....(in hopes to 'reproduce' my dopest)

    I've won it....so I ain't even gotta wait for yo response
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    edited September 2002
    FO' SHO', U WON IT DAWG....1
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    edited September 2002
    Man this nasty nash always thinks he is nice with the flow...let peep vote full stop your cheap talk dog....fo real :(
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    edited October 2002
    I don't call nobody mister,since I'm somebody I get my nut drunk by your sister,she loves we I pee on her,got you in A blur what you talkin I'm uninterested,use these words and molest it,scoot ova,comin through with the Super Nova,up comes a bubblin crude, when I hit you gets no gratitude,tiiiiiiimberrrrr,is how I dis a member,these boys act like they're on their menstruation,stop prolongin with constant hesatation, you imbecile,go wipe some tables you shall not get a Record Deal,over here henchin,you the type that start descention,so why not drop everybody in your ranks,all of you a be floatin over River Ranks,you a sad case,muti of words online & willsay & do whatever to ya face,be down in the basement, maulin you and yo replacement,so stop being scurvy,you not one with the earth that makes you unworthy.[/b][/i]
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