advantages and disadvantages of using slang

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Hi there!

I have to do a research paper about slang. Can u help me ???

Can u tell me some advantages and disadvantages of using slang in young generation

Thanks a lot :lol:


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    Noway wrote:I have to do a research paper about slang.

    Can u tell me some advantages and disadvantages of using slang in young generation

    Na, Na, Na, Na, Na. Like your name says "No way" bru, you need to first do some research (your own), then ask for views, opinions, perspectives (whatever u wanna call them). Nobody is gonna do your work. And the other thing is, you may not get help, but lies from someone who claims he/she knows Tsotsi taal (slang in South Africa). Go to google and google that shit- it gonna help you. Research on Ghettos, Favellas, Townships - and many other terms used as a description of historically disadvantaged hoods. Also reasearch on the manifestations of Gangsterism (commit any petty crime so that you can take a hike to one your neighbouring prisons- just fuckin with u :lol: ) That the help I can give you. Don't know about the others.

    Anyway, what fuckin academic research is conducted at this time of the year, Haa.
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    Are you talking about academic papers or something else?! Umm. There is a good page for academic papers perhaps!

    Also,you can find some other content on it,such as ski clothing or ryder cup or a levels.

    You can search on the homepage try some other keywords,no ads even.these page updated every day.Because of the huge database,it perhaps not very fast,if you don't like it,take it easy.
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    well,advantages of using makes for easier communication in most communities,cos after the lingua Franca its the slang dats the most recognizable form of communication,in some cases it comes be'fo Lingua Franca.....

    disadvantages...slang is mostly corrupted versions of an original language so too much use of slang,culd make some languages extinct...since its easier to use communicating...

    From ur Mod....

    Pm if u need more extensive details.....
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    Speaking straight slang at times means your vocabulary is quite limited so not always good :(

    i defnitly agree
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    good or bad...if u still get what u wanna say across thas it...slang iz a street culture and ofcoz street life we play with ignorance...

    see ma only problem with slangin iz when cats borrow other south africa u gatt rappers

    callin each other niggaz on wax..[listen to HHP "wena umang"..dude speakin at the end there...js fuks up the whole concept of that track]...yet "niga" iz a borrowed word from the U.S mc'z...n their s.a sht iz "kiffa" basicly same meanin...they talkin abt "hoodz" where as they live in 4 roomz n loxionz...they knock u for timbz ova all star'z...where as there's no south african all star company..all imported frm U.S...its fuked up when we slang we gatta borrow sht...and ran away from who/what we are

    i gatt a track called "Borowed Kulcaz" for dat Nyway
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    Slangs atimes sound interesting when alot of people understand wot their saying,but it could also get ugly when ur slang is not in circulation or sorta meaningful.
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    I hate it when come across on a track referring to each other as NIGGERS. What the fuck is that shit about? I mean, here we are busy trying to rub out this niggative stigma about S.A Hip hop being a clone of that western shit. The truth is that cats havent learnt to relate the music to their everyday life, they are to busy trying to sound like Jay, Nas and all those cats.

    So come on bafowethu, lets bring the real south african flavour and stop that niggative shit, aight? Peace!!
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