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    never ending naija cypha...



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      edited October 2011
      Yeah... I don't give a fuck like a forty year old virgin/

      cos I’m my own person, born to fulfill an old legend/

      I excel with the one, two testing cos there’s no question/

      I’m scorching hell and you can fucking tell, brethren/

      heads bow down and start singing praise to God in heaven/

      cos ain’t no doubt about it, I’m a rare special creation/

      or you can say lyrical changeling with skills so amazing/

      never on a low rating, i follow tuface to say no shaking/

      cos we make bold statement like big elephants in basement/

      like i-phone batteries, Y’all know, I got no replacement/

      this here is exclusive, not for anyone below eighteen/

      i weigh in bars while the others stay on the low waiting/

      no debating, my world's too hot to keep a snowflake in/

      i smoke chocolate n have them bars and beats syncopating/

      cos the final ransom is handsome but we aint negotiating/

      I ink my quill with the black oil of an old motor engine/

      painting sick pictures with words that you can’t imagine/

      call AdoubleH, a cypher-land or an intelligent gathering/

      i play my move swift with action, flowing with a passion/

      decimal split to fractions cos ark’s never old fashioned/

      i’m like a German machine designed for the art of rhymin/

      reflecting eternal when i’m shining like a black diamond/

      which’s destined to blow soon like bombs with bad timing/

      fuck the autograph signing and all ‘em superstar shining/

      Y'all go do some fact finding and stop jacking wikipedia/

      We sure can't trust the media, follow and let me lead ya/

      with lyrics that won't wither, thanks to em well wishers/

      i bring back the godfearing spirits out of non believers/

      putting yall on the right direction like clarence peters/

      we’re grown ups and a team of achievers not dead beaters/

      we rhyme kickers, puffing reefers / true ghetto leaders/

      taking a hold at the pen with the Gold-en touch of Midas/

      Nas told you to watch them niggas... that's close to you/

      scheming about smoking you, shit.. but suppose it's true/

      i know what's best to do, they all talk with no testicle/

      i took the fight to em upfront right up in the vestibule/

      shooting them wild animals down, leaving the rest to you/

      beef's come home to roost, they bodies posted to the zoo/

      head's cut into two, now that's what i call a murder rap/

      words send cold shivers down spines like a thun-der clap/

      i put IB back on the map wit skills that aint farfetched/

      Running 100bars at a stretch while you bitches overslept/

      i terrorize the set but ya still dont wanna show respect/

      Ark’s a certified undergod, even them masons will accept/

      we make stars trek like Yo! son, you gotta walk the walk/

      before you even be allow to talk, get on top the asphalt/

      and be outlined in chalk, Guess you done run out of luck/

      i drop a dragon seed on the good earth like Pearl S Buck/

      Got heads of state in shock while you pretend to survive/

      this a little bit something for yur so much dreaded life/

      i bed ya newly wedded wife, leaving you to change sheets/

      no words to explain shit, like sheek, my flow's so slick/

      i break the electric trainspeed, make it rain snow sleet/

      even Olgs grab bites cos they never heard a rap so sweet/

      they came onboard to show luv to me, the brain behind it/

      Yo! rewind it to the old school when youths aint blinded/

      when we steadily drop jews to enlighten them lame minded/

      comin with a charge strong enuff to restrain the violent/

      Yeah sure, you got rights but it's 4 u to remain silent/

      Your girl won't let you touch breast, if i ain't sign it/

      bar's wielded hot, you get burnt if you tempted to touch/

      It's hard to keep the urge like vampires thirsty 4 blood/

      mcees choked off the mic cord when they see my mic works/

      hope ya don't get me wrong, welcome to my fantasy world/

      where we kill them tight verses with the gift of tongues/

      we pull stunts, doing this each and every twelve months/[

      switch to reality dog cos we ain’t playing the same game/

      Get wit the program, you the mini pc, i be the mainframe/

      I came out all brand new but you still the same ol' same/

      A dilly dally, silly sally... fronting with a gold chain/

      Hip-Hop's truly concerned about my dream like the HTC G1/

      cos if it’s Good Music, that's the kind uv shit we be on/

      the type of drug we OD’d on and draw our inspiration from/

      I’ve been rhyming for Donkey years, to put an eon/

      Say, you got some dope lines, okay then, make we see one/

      i prayed to the almighty Father 'let them fakes be gone'/

      look down and see God, what the Hip Hop state has become/

      them scrape the bottom of the barrel, sure the rape’s on/

      nigga wanna step up to me and got half of his face, gone/

      cos they can't escape me, sun, I'm outta this place, one/
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      edited November 2011
      Bless arkmed for kippin it alive AHH Legend lemme typ som...

      Unforgettable like Nat King Cole, text verse from netcees of old

      Respect a million fold , algorithms and all d stuff dat makes a Pc do what its told

      Make speakers and lcds explode, ur brain drive I overload

      Switchd styls like a light bulb.....
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      edited November 2011
      bar sting like hornet cos we make the cypha our home nest/

      Gee, i advise you take caution in your own best interest/

      Im representing the south west cos na our turn to impress/

      with lines that’s seamless, we on point like a seamstress/

      and ain’t no-body test me unless they all wan choke, boiz/

      no be fumble, guess who gets it cracking, CPTN Cold Crush/

      Getting into a ‘i move like wind and sting like a bee’ish/

      cos them rat’s snitching on records, singing like a bitch/

      but i come fast on their asses like premature ejaculation/ No Homo

      bringing usain bolt up to speed cos the shit’s spaz,modic/

      heads high whenever we smoke weed, its code of the street/

      one of my guy, bean, talk say na hope kill MKO, isn’t it?/

      this na action film and we the author who wrote the script/

      babasuwe’s been granted bail but aint no coke in his shit/

      NDLEA bugging me too saying i distribute dope when i spit/

      Just like a sacrificial ram, I’m having they throat slit/

      i come out shooting lyrical pellets, when i cock and load/

      ruling the field of play, you sidelined like a club coach/

      them other commercial dudes alrite, yes but hot,hmmm nope/

      this here’s worthy of note, nfeelt, gimme me a doc’ quote/

      i stay current spitting them lines that’ll sure rock boat/

      or cut throat, hittin hard target cos i got a broad scope/

      why not put it round your neck if you cant walk the rope?/

      it‘s too late to close your door now, the lock won’t hold/

      I got all my niggas, out in the turf, holding kalashnikov/

      fuck the deal, we here to bag both the cash and the stuff/

      anyone of you move an inch, we gon dash and blast him off/

      i rhyme and flow so sick, all them nigga’s catching cough/

      fuck you, i aint need no rolexes on my wrist to watch you/

      i got my crew with me so i no even need stress to touch u/

      no be say i go force you but when you see me, u-na go bow/

      and pay the dawg homage or imma make the burner go, blaow/

      wack nigga’s studying rap manual but still don’t know how/

      they make me wanna rock hits like tina turner, no doubt/

      i stick dick to them, money hungry chicks, when they yawn/

      Getting my dog shit on from midnight to the break of dawn/

      I’m dysfunctional spitting fire to scorch hell and beyond/

      and my Dog’s here to wreck the party and piss on the lawn/

      how nice? just this year in lagos, fela’s on Broadway/

      Right, i’m the ripper killing all you fellas in broad day/(light)

      shining bright cos Yo! im having the best time of my life/

      spitting fresh rhymes on the mic, pressing onto limelight/

      sound bombing, killing the shit like shots from two 4,5’s/

      You? wanna stick me for my paper? Nigga, not in this life/

      Get your mind right, you still don’t know what it is like/

      to uplift the people and also to have them thugs inspired/

      despite no jobs and in spite of, burning the midnight oil/

      wanna stop we shine, omo, go shuffle off this mortar coil/

      no janet jackson nor beenie man but yet, you feel it, boi/

      knowledge’s deep rootd cos my brains made uv fertile soil/

      my mind’s powered by tritium, body built like armor tanks/

      with lyrics that stay in top position where glamour ranks/

      you on air cos your talk’s cheap like m-t-n 2 m-t-n calls/

      but my word’s paintin c-hieroglyphics like Egyptian walls/ (cairo)

      this more than entertainment, i rhyme to kill a game bird/

      flow global like fecko, just to make sure my name’s heard/

      from the jungle of Africa to the streets of new york city/

      guess, what else killed the kitten, if not me, curiosity/

      my flow’s too crude (oil), F,G wanna remove fuel subsidy/

      i phoned in my miss, telling her “I MISS YOU ALOT PRETTY”/

      she’s like ark love oh! really, darling, that’s good news/

      she wanna sex me under the vanilla sky like im Tom cruise/

      from Niggas to Gods, we transform from kratos to zeuz/

      Niggas like david luiz do the mic check to sing the blues/

      it’s been said a wise man hide behind the words he choose/

      we obey strict rules, fuck swag and what you dicks proves/

      don’t get it confused, my lyrical44 got a few screw loose/

      pardon my french man, them G ,W, G crew are all born jews/bonjour’s

      but the rest are less privileged cos they sponsored fools/

      i keep dropping them hot singles like i’m married, man/

      if shit goes according to plan then i’ll boast im the man/

      this is ‘biz lyrical law, i’m hard to find like true love/

      skeptic’s rubbing eyes cos you can’t believe what you saw/

      don’t make me shoot yall, i’m miss Hiphop’s perfect suitor/

      and you thugs can bet on it, my number’s direct, too sure/

      call my mobile phone: 0, 7, 0 - 3, 1, 3, 7, 8, 6, 2, 4/

      cos Yeah, i do this 2,4/7 composing lines anytime, anyday/

      no complex structures and all... but i still rhyme, anyway/

      throw jokes at me and let’s see who’ll have the last laugh/

      when you niggas dead, man, i’ll see to it, it’s past half/
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      edited November 2011
      Dramatik, welcome back. Do often check back and do what you can. we need some fresh air in this deserted but once lively habitat.

      Cats, where una dey now. Ppl let's do this
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      edited January 2012
      My people done had enough of them unfulfilled promises/

      cos it’s twenty twelve, and no visible accomplishment/

      I say aye to capital punishment for funds embezzlement/

      cos we need justice instead of out of court settlement/

      Give us our entitlement, we say no to subsidy removal/

      no time! we can’t wait for the senate to give approval/

      to have GEJ impeach, i go school with no shoes, indeed/

      help ask am o!, shey this na the gospel wey him preach/

      to the masses (anyway sha), na dem practice to give us rashes/

      cos all they cared for is to get to, where the cash is/

      what hardship, you can’t obtain loans with easy access/

      In every aspect our country’s blessed with huge assets/

      but na still same ol song, dust to dust ashes to ashes/

      bokoharam terrorizes us while education system crashes/

      without thinking about the pains of our caring mothers/

      they murdered and spill the blood of our state corpers/

      who lost their precious lives over political violence/

      a moment of silence... i pray their soul rest in peace/

      this is the time, we fight for our right without cease/

      cos the dragon’s unleashed, ready to consume with fire/ (MR Jo-na-than) meaning burn finish in Yoruba

      and his entire empire cos his fake contract has expire/

      1billion for food bill? where exactly is your goodwill/

      and why-oh-why! things are not the way they should be/

      his single term bid’s design to elongate office tenure/

      security? they cant ensure, ahh! how long do we endure/?

      remember it wasn’t like this in the 60’s and seventies/

      lets pray God should deliver us from these mercenaries/

      wetin be our sins, heaven pls, give us back our morals/

      we made it back then livin on our agricultural produce/

      in the time of the great Muritala’s, Balewa’s, Ikoku’s/

      the Namadi’s, Bello’s and Awo’s, (the perfect models)/

      now its more difficult despite the millions of barrels/

      of oil moved daily, they’ve truncated all our statutes/

      Gimme reasons, y they should be saved from the gallows/

      the work of our ancestors gone rite under our asbestos/

      Obj(ole!) stole 16 billion dolls from the power sector/

      cata-clysm and hunger hit the people like never before/

      DemOCrazy share same soldier go soldier come metaphor/

      they share loots while we, labored hard with no fruits/

      corruptn must be curbed from the top down to the roots/

      cos it’s the truth, only poorman pikin dey shine boots/

      so this ‘call of duty’ goes out to all nigerian youths/

      we’ll make no progress, sitting at home doing nothing/

      Get up now & oh yes! let’s go out and lead the protest/

      Had to cut the holiday short and get back to the pen and pad. The situation in our country is now delicate and the actions of our leaders are unforgivable. Time to activate our activism mode!!!

      NO TO SUBSIDY!!!
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      edited February 2012
      2011’s gone out and Ahhs still kicking in twenty twelve/

      cos the cypher boys riding back home like we never left/

      No bullshit! i spit dope rhymes cos i got plenty left/

      lifting the bar up like my niggs do girls in mini skirt/

      I’m too dope to be challenged~check! my pen game’s deft/

      I was in with my ladyfriend when some men came to flirt/

      with danger, but i remind ‘em fast how disaster’s spelt/

      i drop knowledge, off the shelf, painting a better self/

      image that’s vintage cos it’s one love like social welf/-are

      my music will touch you, either you big or you some elf/

      i’m self styled but you not you, you someone else/

      like coming to the cypha and your brains somewhere else/

      It’s Ya-sin like Mos DEF for dumbin it down to the deaf/

      I dwell into a deepness, the kind any emcee hadnt delve/

      Yet... i came out clean even though i done did me dirt/

      i proceed to the set, watch the inner-child take effect/

      cos words spun out control when he let his breadth weft/

      saliva’s made of lead, we kept true like a death threat/

      and kill the verse on the first attempt, now i’m exempt/-ed

      from all sortuv wackness or intellectual property theft/

      imposters get drown and out trying to measure the depth/

      of my wit cos I’m hot in the kitchen like Raek the chef/

      Father Rap Divine anoints me with the blood biggie bled/

      then i was baptized with the river of tears, diddy shed/

      The most feared, i scribble thoughts down in blacklead/

      and keep pirates at bay, feeble minded like black-beard/

      You can’t get it, reason why, I give pharah middy cred/

      it-’s cos the Gee, words of wisdom are always well said/

      Mcs are hungry, looking for beef while we stay well fed/

      Props to Flektra-man, where una go be when fire get red/

      I keep the current flowing, glowing like the remote LED/

      ain’t Las Gidi bred but still lyrics paint the city red/

      check my battery lev(el), i maintain a hundred % charge/

      cos in this new year, i wanna see my niggas live large/

      looking fresh in tee shirt, nike airs with jeans sagged/

      Soldiers on the march, wearing with honor the GWG badge/

      never short of cash, we killing shit with a twelve bore/

      done told u before, we only make major moves, not minor/

      my light blind and penetrates through any type of visor/

      therefore we make eyes sore with scenes of blood & gore/

      been slept on so long, my ears adjust to the fans snore/

      imma luv HipHop die and on the grave of my mom, i swore/

      Points scored, now Ark be cool, take ‘em back to school/

      drench haters in fuel then put a match to spark em fool/s

      cos they busymouths talking how quick they start a duel/

      wanna swim with fish-es but you met a shark in the pool/

      brains barbecued cos i cut um off like a gardening tool/

      i stack my mool-ah! up while your mommy and daddy drool/

      since 0,3, Get rich or die trying has been my catch 22/

      Imma run @ u, abduct your princess and snatch her jewel/

      but Oh Yeah, i done spat a few so it worth nuttin to me/

      God emcee. what’s up Gee, i shine light for all to see/

      that the time’s right, cross me, you won’t go scot-free/

      been a long odyssey but I came from bottom, up to the t/

      O.p,(p), Yeah, from the word go, i’ve been down with it/

      the world finest lyricist, you need put a crown to it/

      success, lets drown to it, Baba God done fill up my cup/

      now i drink un-disturbed cos no need to brown-bag, shit/

      if i name my next LP, a nice idea, u still won’t buy it/

      i can’t help it, to forever keep mum and remain silent/

      Yo! dissing the ark’s a dare-devil mission, dont try it/

      when i run lapse-s on tracks, ain’t no need to time it/

      true that, for a job to plum, one also need to prime it/

      so, the sea of tranquility, i won’t rest till i find it/

      cos it’s kept right here inside ahh’s temple of shaolin/

      where only a few mcees allowed in, boiz are not smiling/

      no strings attached, we don’t take it ez on the violin/

      blow the sirens cos em burn out brothers are out firing/

      in a tony starks suit design, we out to break ‘em spine/s

      anybody wanna test, wait and let daddy finish his rhyme/

      in less than 30 minutes, imma kill the next on the line/

      levitate and drop my flows as the letters cross my mind/

      i fly sky high with a rockstone looking like moon shine/

      the boy’s not even in his prime yet, he spits sublime/

      stepping pedal to metal like I didn't see the stop sign/

      i drop em tricks fast like hey, see you some other time/

      the worlds mine and imma go ahead materialize my vision/

      like criminals on mission tryn to realize they ambition/

      syringes stuck in my arm cos hiphop’s like an addiction/

      we nice with tradition, execute with military precision/

      Arks on a higher version packing more energy like a TNT/

      denoting vision of normal acuity like the vision, 20-20/

      Yeah boi, u won’t see my heart racing or me back pacing/

      i fight stronger, write longer while dudes back spacing/

      i rule from the old to the new school cos i’m backaging/

      back’s aching from all the backbreaking, Nice packaging/

      this sokoto bailed even tho’ he’s terrorist back aiding/

      the right moment is now, the judgement day’s backdating/

      Yo! we done made it through em raindrops stormy weather/

      social lepers find it hard to con this world of letters/

      when i write colorful inking pads wit a peacock feather/

      the words drippin out the quill ‘ll make a dummy clever/

      my specie’s engendered, ain’t paid for service rendered/

      soon the rift’s levered and from bodies, head’s severed/

      bodypart dismembered whenever we rip mics to shred, huh/

      aiirite son, either 4 doe or honor, my sect’ll fight on/

      cos heads kept in darkness but we came to shed light on/

      doing in a matter of minutes what they spend a night on/

      sure thing, it’s gonna be bloodshed if we set sights on/

      Mcs, who couldn’t bring it, recognize and step right on/

      cos wetin wan cause houla-boula, homey no do no lua lua/

      the AFCON reservoir dogs out and we’re known to conquer/

      from Senegal, Tunisia, Gabon, Ghana to Côte d'Ivoire/

      Yo, i say one love to all-uv-y’all and it’s au revoir/
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      edited February 2012
      this is an un-expected victory, another part of history/

      Yo! is u with me? im unravellin a super lyrical mystery/

      usin Microphone wizardry like Ghostface in emerald city/

      cos how i write rhymes easily is still a fucking misery/

      See, it ain’t nothing much, i get drunk and stunt silly/

      living a lifestyle thats plush like them Dons in sicily/

      cos we make dollars like eric and parish, living lavish/

      and dick’s like hard bricks whenever mami speak spanish/

      we branded mavericks... hand deft with the card tricks/

      but no time to play cos it’s business first... capishe/

      i pick up my numbers and box em like i’m playing sodoku/

      Look, Money’s not a problem, im keeping my pockets full/

      showing em levels any time while sipping on a big odeku/

      I aint a trainee but i master this cos Olevels no level/

      Ark God Bless You for setting the course of this vessel/

      You couldn’t move mountains but crush rock-s to pebbles/

      no more scores to settle, the boy’s right on his mettle/

      stuffin himself and a camel through the eye of a needle/

      he was said to love his peeps so more money to embezzle/

      and pigs going after thieves, is pot calling the kettle/

      black Yo! im back killing the track as a matter of fact/

      Run, go tell every man jack... my shit’s off the rack/

      when im running the street, niggas dont know how to act/

      cos they lactase in flavor and still wanna have a crack/

      @ me, they flamed though cos in the heart of the jungle/

      we move in packs like wolves, smuggling dope in bundles/

      folks wanna mumble but got stabbed with a broken bottle/

      their little hope’s getting tumbled, better stay humble/

      cos if i son you... imma make your whole skin carbuncle/

      and best believe there’s no way to undo the damage done/

      d-ark age’s born and as u can see, I’m on a rampage son/

      Heads put on dey raincoat cos i took the stage by storm/

      step to me with a bad foot and have your advantage gone/

      right from page one, i’ve been flaming on my rhyme book/

      unbelievers take just one look and have they mind shook/

      cos my rhymes spread cancer, Ark’s a lyrical freelancer/

      making ‘em birds carry more weight like breast enhancer/

      Emcees stuck in the game with no means and no financier/

      for those in a fool paradise, silent is the best answer/

      me?, stay lyrically grounded, dawg, no such occurrences/

      Nairas losing value so we pushed for foreign currencies/

      ladies wanna have a smell of the shit our body stenches/

      no offenses, this year it’s more beamer and more benz’s/

      it’s now making more senses, im the one who God blesses/

      haters got restless and didnt know their ship’s sinking/

      i came out of the clear blue sky not in the box thinkin/

      cos em street nigga’s so unforgiving to feign ignorance/

      lifes opposite to death but we attached same importance/

      everything is in accordance when we put plans to action/

      we break gram to fractions with big business expansions/

      no other attractions, we moving our fam to new mansions/

      and any fool try mess wit my men’s gonna get sanctioned/

      it’s now official, the Ark’s a modern day mafia manager/

      a murderous silent avenger Yo! dont let me challenge ya/

      for the legal tender, i’m hot headed, never cool temper/

      Even your granny say a day with ark’s a day to remember/

      i break her old jinx, filled my fingers with gold rings/

      if they want beef, i serve em outright with cold drinks/

      shouldda let us be but now you done picked a wrong time/ soldier

      my crew members never scared of dying like a front line/ soldier

      them niggas pay the cost of messing with the wrong kind/ soldier

      cos i destroy em without batting an eyelid and one time/ it’s over
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      edited February 2013
      Guess the reaper had my eleventh hour marked

      final destination when the shower vents sparked

      and bless the speakers and like Bauer went dark

      when this guy talks,similar to Guy Fawkes

      Im talking ish that blows up parliament parks

      Nah I meant hearts powers like Kent-Clarks

      got nothing on Oakes cept he puffing on totes

      sugar muffins on toast no bluffing on quotes

      coming ghost without coffins when I post

      think Im bluffing?come close somethings gon roast

      havent penned paper since,been on em paper things

      on a 'Many Men'caper binge dodging vapour rings

      you all know what they say bout second hand smoke

      thats a second hand joke like meeting Pablo

      with no weapon and broke so how you gonna be dope

      unless your folks first and last name is Meth and then coke

      see I know them both I met them on here

      I see them Nicked,I see them Caged,never saw con air

      and now everyones clear yo everyones where?

      Where Ooze at?Aux?nfeeltraitor-Apops?

      Somebody died-lost!his name was...what?

      its time,its the flux its 2013 a time of cuts

      and niggas Goodluck was Bad luck they crying their butts

      off in many lands papi-red eyed hands all grabby

      These bands disband like Dbanj and Don Jazzy

      Thinking of a masterplan,yo come snazzy!

      ...Arkmed.What can I say man?You did good.Just thought I'd bless the cyph for old times sake.Peace.
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      checkout Stand By Me by Da naymLiss image
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      Its been'all. What's popping?? I've got a present for u'all. A free hiphop beat with a hook done by rnb vocalist muno. Download and do gimme feedbacks @siegexxl.
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