u aint shit

fuck u nash and that dope dick ya riddin,talk about zulu shit,i m more zulu than ya ass

be,u fuckin with 12 gauge mossberg,i"ll damge ya face and give ya ku, klax,klan lynchin,nash u aint shit i can tell from

where i am,i m verbally raw,ya verbally soft,answer ma shit again,with trash u wont last,u tha typa nigga that sound stronger

than britney spears


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    edited July 2002
    Nigga what....?

    Dis Cannibal

    Hannible Imma have your Jaws dismanteble

    How you gonna try ta

    beef wit a vegan-like attitude

    The magnitude of my mental

    applitude amazes niggas like carnivals

    My thoughts

    hunger to devour meaty words like


    I'm volcanic when I flow

    eruptin heat like lava streams

    I'm slurpin up your brain soakin

    in a broth of "fava beans"

    I'm causing crazy choas - forcin you

    molecules into deranging riots

    Your lines stay weightless -

    suggest you leave space to change your diet...


    its finished. Just respect and fear it like everyone else. ONE
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    edited July 2002
    So how'd you like dat little tid bit? Its like Black Mamba poisen, deadly in small

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    edited July 2002
    i smell blood whenever ya bleedin ass is on the the net,i thought i told ya from tha

    get,dont fuck with tha vet,clamin ya vegan?, while ma stake, u last ate it from her,cursed since birth,with a bloody

    microphone on ma hand,hell raised trained well to squash beef with wolvez,cut that bullshit,u makin me laugh ya straight

    wack,fagits like u, fear heavy weights like me,verbally slapin ya like lennox lewis ya tittle is lost,nash and d.o.p.e ya

    blowin each other to gain power,i explore on tha spot creatin headlines like twin towers....u mothafuckaz cannibal,hannibal

    raw to tha bone.
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    edited July 2002
    bitch nigga u couldnt be raw//even if ur name was fuckin sushi//just shovle yo sissy ass

    barz where yo ass be//u fuckin nelly ville wannabe, get yo ass kicked in herre//ull find yo self getin closer to the

    galaxies//u dont wanna mess wit godz children//we number one scorin, ull be left way behind eleven//matter of fact yo just

    trippin off da trip line//mess with these cats, ull not be seein the next sunshine//ur obesity doesnt make u a

    heavyweight//so next time, try to lay sum dope linez//ill make sure that u whont b leavin this arena//without twisted

    kneecapz n a broken spine//ur just getin abused like a hoe//first u sucked nash's know u wanna suck mine?//but mind u, my

    spurm be poisonous//once u slurp it u'll be breathless.
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    edited July 2002
    u fagit like rupaul,droppin ya qutey punchlines,ma antwanz iz bad nuz,to pretty niggaz

    like u,barz get sharped against u, like l cools side burns,ya shit is weak, minez is phat like asses on thick

    bitchez,d.o.p.e???? u got no hope like meningitis victim,now save ya worthless punchlines to ya self in ya basement,u tha

    gods children??,shi...t i can see now u moudly and start loosin,that shit left u ineabriated,u dont even know wat ya typin

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    edited July 2002
    Dawg - you wack. Maybe you should try re-readin my script so you can understand exactly

    how to punch a line at someone....otherwise I'm out, I ain't bout ta waste precious time on nothing. Peace.
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    edited July 2002
    damn dawg u must have graduated from the school of wackness\\battlin u iz worthless,

    though therez no contest\\i'll still do diss, 4 d luv of leavin niggaz toothless\\my lethal barz will leav yo ass

    speachless\\yo linez aint punchin noth'n u must be fistless\\its ridiculous, the way u think u can compete wit

    this\\lyricly im like hercules, my raid will leave yo ass defenceless\\...ill be back bitch
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    edited July 2002
    im back 2 provide u wit sum mo punishment\\the way u spitin, u realy askin fo

    embarrassment\\i see yo ass tremblin, wishin 4 this nightmare 2 cum 2 an ending\\we dont relate, im mic ripin\\u back

    stage dancin, sokin on yo panties\\sweat drippin from yo arm pitz !{BOOM}! i just shot ya, die bitch!
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    edited July 2002
    i m bad to tha bone thats why that nash fugit fear me,results ov ma madness is similar

    to al qaida crisis,ma vigorous shit turns d.o.p.e to a pussy wall,deal with ya feelin u got feminin hormones like sisqo,this

    pittjawz iz ready for war,toe to toe rhyme stones like palestinians and em,
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    edited July 2002
    nash.... u that boy george nigga,uncle tom nigga,too black to be seen when its dark and

    shit nigga,u bitch ass nigga,rhymless nigga,too proud for nuttin u better give up nigga,u dickless nigga.........by the way

    tell ya bitch moms to holla and collect her underwear from.........her benefactor u dickless mothafucka.....
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    edited July 2002
    yo ass-hole be huge like sewage tunnelz\\capable off swallowin 50 dildoz at the same

    time//o even mo, cannible jawz. thats why all dem nigaz u gave head\\returned to they cribz wit missin dickz n ballz//u

    claimin 2 be real, but u sleep wit dollz\\ur bed stayz squickin', cause uz a freaky whoe//u bettah cease yo flowz, n

    remain a no-show\\u want to go toe 2 toe, while uz handicapped//u dont even have a fuckin shin bone\\u throwin stonez im

    sendin u A-bombz//u aint spitin shit but whatz left from yesterdayz cumz!
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    edited July 2002
    Ha -- dis kid's joke. I wasn't even gonna give you the pleasure of having me spit

    back, but sometimes niggas just got to be broken. I'm going full throttle na nigga....peep it.

    Yo yo yo,

    Hannible yous

    "comedic" - cause when I read I only "laugh"

    Never be considered "whole" cause your scripts are always "half"?

    I'm the

    rhyme "equator" cause I stay "circulating" wit "lines"

    Yous a "silent" horny "faget" - stay "ejaculatin" wit "mimes"


    "decapitatin" ya mind - to leave your thoughts "open-minded"

    After this is your death - all you can do is hope I'm


    After this you'll be a Cannible with an acquired taste for dick

    You're required to take a lick - then retire and

    take a sit

    The verbal form of the Grim Reapper - thats y I'm "too black to be seen"

    Wit you terrible word-"play" - you

    just too wack for this "scene"

    From the back of ya spleen to the fragile bones in yo neck

    Like a blind "drunk driver" -

    ain't no way you avoidin this "wreck"

    Nigga I'm going biserk - talk ish now suffer the penality

    Witness your dome

    explodin - like the tape on J F Kennedy

    Imma "track" you for eternity - forever your curse is "rewound"

    R.I.P. I script

    obituaries - while you composin nusery rhymes.....

    Niggas, just vote to shut this cat up -- fo real....!!!

    Da Crowned

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    edited July 2002
    Til’ I collapse!!! I’ll still be attackin yall nerds,

    Jab you, make your

    life tragic with words I’m packin’ the worst,

    This niggaz packin a purse. No concern, he’s the wackest of


    Stick to ya rockets and vectors, flannel shirts, and pocket protectors

    Quest1 is just too sick, often

    coughin’ while mockin ya lectures

    Stomping ya next verse like bringing stampeding oxen to records

    Rockin’ ya

    excerpts, Nash find his self in coffins with red shirts

    You just being gentlely bitch, quickly bring my arson to doors.

    My steez: uncharted before. I laugh at this cowardly mouse startin a war.

    Pardon this whore. Beefin with Quest gets you

    the Darwin award

    Whita than white, carving your pores.

    Only stupid fuckers persist with this shit.

    Totally fag, Nash

    gets seriously permissive with dicks

    My mission is fixed: Q easily get to rippin this bitch.

    Desist with ya lisp. My

    lyrical steez get this misses hit with a fist

    Listen to this: you fucking suck, you motherfucking wack fuck hole


    shatter spines, let ya back buckle, as my battle tracks chuckle

    I slash muscles. Smash with black knuckles. Leave you

    unable to move,

    You say you heterosexual? That’s all lies as fables’ll prove,

    Cuz in Spice Channel porn, we

    know you only pay for the dudes

    come on dude, you're no crowned king ????
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    edited July 2002
    Alright DUDE, if I wasn't crowned king before...you just crowned me now. And tellin us

    you white so we can respect you more is a shady move slim. Cause it ain't about who you are, its how you spit. So be

    careful or else we'll use that against you in battle. Just some lil advice for ya.
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    edited July 2002
    I was gonna let you battle everyone first...but you asked for it. Peace.


    come wit veracious deliveries -- bout ta re-Quest 1

    And bout ta witness how – murder is my reflex son

    Try ta

    “guard” mind ‘n “body” -- but “bullets” breach “Teflons”


    “death sentences” shock like the “chair” wit tha switch left ON

    Ya “white-a**” could

    never “beat” me even if I was named “Rodney King”

    Only way your book held any “notes” -

    if you were famed to partly “sing”

    My verses carry more ill “punches” than a dramatic

    “karate” scene

    Your “excretions” are like men’s public “toilets” - hardly


    Scriptin spits like “Hellen Keller” – a waste of “senseless” communication

    Like endless

    ruthless “Asians” -- blastin at relentless altercations

    Nigga I war like “Vietnam” – my dick

    puts a hole in ya mom

    This is tha “new-clear” (nuclear) siren for-warning the “bomb”

    Fear me cause

    I’m “Black!” - and not a brother skinned “mulatto”

    My “shots” turn your weak

    feminine screams to “staccato”

    DOPE just took your “heart” - how you gon’ redeem ya


    I’m immortal - cause I never die like the meaning of tomorrow

    You weapin in sorrow - cause dis

    is your fatal mortal combat

    Your mental, I torn that - better postin on sites wit immoral formats

    Just cause you white

    don’t mean we gotta respect your flow

    I’m African like “Mutombo” – Imma leave you

    “rejected” ho.....

    da crowned king
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    edited July 2002
    spittin shit
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    edited July 2002
    What nigga? Yous tha wackest up in this scene. Dawg yo ish don't even rhyme let alone

    make sense. From na on niggas ain't even gonna respond to you ish, just cause I murdered you. So don't waste your time

    postin..cause ain't no one gonna bother readin, and thats real!
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    edited July 2002
    Man I'm waitin dawg, it seems like whoever I battle runs off scared to spit back. Come

    on hit me up playa.
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    edited July 2002
    dude i had some affairs to take care of..your mamma's lips on my nar bitch aight?

    so.... lemme crack my white knuckles... you know... you know the deal bitches... extra dirty...

    This cat gets crushed to

    astro-dust it'll take more than luck to win

    you're too small, I'm giant throwin downer-cuts to snuff ya chin

    my mad

    gramma attack standard's too phat for your bland banter

    I plan to beat you black & bluer than your flag banner

    past your

    astrology, toppin me? don't bother b

    under 'wack' in encyclopedia's I found Nashy Nash's biography

    you shoulda brought

    a shower, instead you strayed alone

    a blown fragment from Krypton maybe? you're a long way from home

    and I know, you

    prolly hear shit like this in all your battles

    well guess what, give yourself a stupid name and dawg you're saddled


    write lines sick, it's absurd that you'd fight whity slick

    I was invincible way before that white rhymin chick

    I post &

    roast bitches, you know I'll blaze ya ass quick

    pissed cuz you only busts like overated draft picks

    I'll keep dousin you

    with flows til the year three thousand

    you couldn't give away your CD to homeless people if it came with free housing


    roam lands givin so many chokeslams

    I officially declared the right my "crush a nigga throat" hand

    so damn vicious, you

    face the brutality bonus Pit Fighter

    lit wick dynamite stick wire, & you wanna spit fire?

    I flow heavy while you spit

    'lighter' fluid & still can't fuckin' burn

    go 'head and votey'all, know I toasted the kid, fuck his turn...


    outta here wit you cinderalla rhymes
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    edited July 2002
    Ha - dats what you came at me wit?! Dawg your KNUCKLES are only white outta fear//My

    voice travels the speed of super SONIC out ya ear//

    Dis nigga must stutter a lot - cause he took a while to


    Nash's terror-risks (terrorist) domes by turnin rhymes into bombs

    Your gaspin breath - only way I’d permit a

    pause in this battle

    Your laughin ends - when you realize that my cause is to dismantle

    Undertaken as my 'pupil' is the

    only way you’d be 'seen' a 'spectacle'

    Ain’t cummin wit nothin hard - define your scripts unerectable


    empty 'magazines' - projectin objects fulfillin the 'Reader’s Digest'

    Yo scripts wouldn’t cause a buzz even

    if you queened tha hive nest

    I’m tha finest - electrically eccentric - how you gon’ shock a live chest?


    ejaculations similar to your rhymes cause they always bustin white

    Dustin dikes - approachin all battles sadistically -

    lustin fights

    Imma possess your soul - this battle just gives me the trusted rights

    I leave cats recitin my verses like

    Christians be quotin scriptures

    Sent to your Creator in a state close to sin wit high hopes ta fix-ya

    Trailer trash you

    probably tha type ta elope ya sista

    Yous tha decendant of 'Cain' - but I'm 'Abel' to rewrite historical facts


    comparin skills is like comparin dick size - a rhetorical stat

    I'm applaudin this cat - for battlin me with his low melanin


    Puttin hell-in-ya mental - scriptin used lines niggas can tell-it's-a-rental

    If you 'crush a nigga throat' - Imma

    'crush a nigga's b*tch'

    Crush a wigga's wrist - when I'm done they'll dig a ditch

    Only way your rhymes would phase is

    if they were racist statements

    Dawg just face this in Laymen's - just a waste of entertainment

    They'd hafta digest my

    feces inorder to get a taste of your remnants

    I'm the origin of man - you're just an evolution of chance

    You entered the

    devil's 'round' - fate decides the 'revolutions' to dance

    Like tha disabled on a team - could tell you were useless at


    You shouldn't have spoke from the beginning you chose the ending then

    My prose is ending when - I close the pending


    Faget - probably hope to eat Vanilla Ice's cream wit frozen Eminems....

    Get you pussy outta here - I ain't Blah

    kid, I don't play. Maybe you should put more of your focus there, cause you came at me weak...and now look what


    It's best to end it here so cats do like a movie and just keep scroll and give me credit....
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    edited July 2002
    daaaam...n nash u steped hard! nah whats quest gonn do..huh?

    nash im feelin dat one my

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    edited July 2002
    Good lookin out D' -- but more cats need to start votin, it's pointless to keep going

    wit tha back and forth.
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    edited July 2002
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    edited July 2002
    Nash posts verses that reek...while I toast verse of the week

    I ‘sleep on yo

    flow' cos I disperse your ‘hearse in the seas’

    Bitch take your purse and flee...yo own crew call you Jelly


    many dickriders, I heard you be copin economy K-Y Jelly

    I move with verbal rifles, plus im liable to crush your lungs


    drop short recitals, you luh ta drop bibles like clumsy nuns

    Like bench pressin ima rip you for constantly tryin ta


    like before your transexual intercourse, you struggling ta rise,

    You talk shit but it’s apparent Senior Escobar

    is crumbling

    Incoherent mumblin’, prolly from all that cum u b guzzling,

    Your hopes are tumblin’ south, ya

    thoughts are fumblin’ out

    Kid yu "on tha ball" only when ya menz "dick’s in ya mouth"

    Leave on you own will,

    cuz you really cant test my filed

    You’ll only suc-seed when I’m spraying cum in ya grill

    Kicking the

    “ill”-“logic” like teachers with hacking coughs

    “Stick to the matter at hand” to you

    means “whacking off”

    yuz the King alright ,gettin yo anus ripped in “jailhouse rock”

    Plus u luh

    ta’ drop” slick bars” for dem horny “jailhouse cocks”

    Puzzled at your disgrace, I’m

    working on changing my morals

    My verse’s a “slap in your face”Nash… rearranging ya orals

    You a

    beauty queen, teeth clenching, fucked behind benches

    Hoping you’d “win by a hair”, or better yet by

    “your extentions”

    Put the belt back in the booth cause Quests primed to shoot

    You not packing to leave, bitch

    I’m giving you the boot!!

    Happy trails to you...until we meet again...eff the votes..i aint trying to win

    nuthin..im trying knock some sensi-nto-you.
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    edited July 2002
    Oh come on slim -- dats all you givin me?! Man, at first you showed some skill but na

    your posts are mediocre. If I feel like it later, Imma respond...but I'd just suggest you try again. Peace.
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    edited July 2002
    there we go again with that blah blah speech..my suggestion to you is if you aint gonna

    post just dont...you dont have to tell me im weak..i see through your primal fear son but this is all fun and games

    woedi...but got heart for trying though. One
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    edited July 2002
    dang Quest man give up nash is crushin ya!
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    edited July 2002
    haha! nice try...not falling for that one. So Nash..sup..you tired or whut? like i said

    eff the votes..its till the last man stands nukkah. let's get our spar on. you still aint replied..and dont use that

    'you're lines are weak so i aint spittin' ish dude.
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    edited July 2002
    nice battle. i give it to quest1
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    edited July 2002
    QUEST1 didn't type non of the verses he has posted on this

    site. He bit everything I mean everything, even the battles with blah blah---this cat quest is fake, and moreover I don't

    believe he is who he says he is. Somehow I'm forced to believe

    that he is someone I've exposed biting of another site,

    and claims they be comin out with a CD sometime this year, which I doubt will ever happen since he's a fuckin biter.....ohh

    yeah QUEST1 don't even try to say jack cause I got prove I mean every verse you have bit I know

    where the at and I will post them if you even try to open yo mouth........one last thing don't bother changing your name kid

    I got you locked like fuck...where ever you got or whatever you try to pull I'm on yo tail you biting fuck
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