i need anice ass chick to holla at

To look at you is a joy in and of itself. You are beautiful in the essence of the word. Milk chocolate skin, pretty brown eyes and a classic coke bottle shape! You enhance it so much the more with the lingere that you wear ... this day it is a sheer purple thong and a matching tank top that shows your tummy.

I been missing you all damn day, been teased in my mind with the thought of sexing you deep and passionately! You must be teased in return now. Teased because it makes you flow like a river, teased because it lights a fire inside of you ... teased because you like being teased!

You are good at following directions and I am going to test you. We sit in the living room, lights dim ... music low. I lead you to the couch and sit U in the corner of the sectional, I sit in front of you on the ottoman. My first direction to you is to put your feet on the cushions and sit with your thick thighs apart. You comply. I can see your damp p_ssy hairs thru the sheer panties you have on. There is a tell-tale damp spot that says that you are already slick and wanting. "Squeeze your p_ssy", I say in a low near whisper. "Tell Daddy what you want me to do to you", I continue.

You ease into the softness of the couch, your manicured finger nails graze the crouch area of extasy,your skin gets goose bumps as you begin to realize that your time is at hand. Your eyes look real seductive, your tongue glazed over your juicy lips ... you jumped at the initial contact of pressure to your clit. Circular motions cause you to flower open. Your slender fingers push the flimsy material into your secret garden. Youpull the panty to the side revealing the slick pouting lips of your vaginal area. Two fingers slip in with no hesitation. You say to me with your eyes closed in a husky voice, "I want you to slow f_ck me. I want to feel the head of your *bleep* rub the walls of my p_ssy. I want to see the top of your head when I look between my thighs, sucking me and tongue f_cking me! I want you to burst deep inside of me so I can feel the warm gush of all you shoot off" With that my d!ck is instantly hard!

I lean forward taking your foot in my hand. I kiss the toes and lick the sole and tell to tell me more. As you continue to express your desires in words, I work on the list that you have started. While sucking toes and licking your heel, my large rough hands are kneeding your inner thighs. Heat seeking fingers begin to explore your wet depths, I want to taste you.

I kiss your honey slicked outter lips like I would the ones on your face. I blow on your clit like a candle being put out after sex. I lick the slight opening, diligent not to penetrate you, while reaching up to roll your nipples between my fingers. Your response is in a trickle of cumm that runs out to my tongue. You try to raise your kitty to my mouth and I lean away not to allow it.

I bring you to me, so that the heat is on my lap now. My thick shaft and plum sized head available for U to view and to have ... soon! I plan to leave your panties on, I might need them for something later. Your wetness mets my shaft and you hump the syrupy honey all along the legnth of it. You attempt to raise high enough for me to slide inside of you, but I have a firm grip on your juicyazz and will not let you rise too high. You want penetration and you want it now, but I have other plans. I playfully smack that chocolate backside and lick your ear lobes and kiss your neck. I hear your short panting breathing in my ear and it makes mewant to f_ck, but I must stay true to my mission. Spreading the thick cheeks letting a breeze from the window tickle your anus makes you giggle sinfully. You taste my tongue that was coated with your own juices and smell the erotica on my mustache that you applied. I take position on top of you, you think that its about to go down, but I roll you to your stomach and use my slick d!ck to slide up and down the crevice of your azz. You lift quick and hard hoping that I strike your desired target. While lifted you place your hand under you to get at your clit! Cumming hard you moan, "please fu(k me, please Daddy fu(k me...mmmmmmmm, please!"

I can resist no longer, you start an orgasm and thats when I decide to dive right in... the head passed the usually tight opening and the depths are reached quickly. I start straight out with a few quick deep pumps, you throw the azz back my direction. I angle my d!ck to bang the left walls of your sugar spot and I hear the appreciation. I change direction to the right and grind circularly and you exclaim, "Yes,mmmmm .... get it boy! Work that p_ssy, ohhhmmmmm, dayum!"

Smackin tha azz that jigglez like jello, with you in on your knees with your body positioned to get all of me, my strokes shorten. I tense. My body shudders and I bite down on my lower lip and grunt in a low tone. I pump deep and grind into the soft flesh that comprises your backside and spill all my desire into you! I continue to stroke and it causes kitty to talk to me in erotic squishy sounds. My juices melded with yours makes a thick foam at the opening of the honey pot, my jism over flows your cup and runs down your inner thighs. You fall to your stomach as I slip out of you and rest on your sweatglistening back. We are just a few minutes away from more extasy as you turn to kiss me and we continue to fondle and explore!

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