THE KID (k)nowledge (I)s (D)efense

Yo, fifthplane productions is promoting a Conscious New Orleans Undergrond Hiphop artist called THE KID ((K)nowledge (I)s (D)angerous) who has been performing in the South Region for a while and plans to travel abroad. Support and feedback would be highly appreciated by Anyone interested in checking this artist out. You can download Mp3s at. ... udiox.html

or ... fense.html

Fifthplane Productions also sells Tracks for any Video/Movie production or record companies that need music for Movies, Videos, commercials, Hiphop artist, etc. ... udiox.html

Indie Labels!! check out the Remix FifthPlane Prod did for STICKY FINGERS and WYCLEFF/BREAL.

STICKY FINGERS ... premix.mp3

WYCLEFF/BREAL ... iginal.mp3
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