I am Poetic, not because I use the biggest words or because my similes complement my word structure, not even because my grammar allows my words to rhyme, but because my soul has a mind of it own, I am poetic because I have the biggest heart, I am poetic because my Big heart complements my mind on a Job well done, I am poetic because my Mind returns the favor by helping to pick up the hearts pieces when the world has done its part, I am poetic because God whispers secrets to my soul, and I always catch a couple words here and there, which I quickly jot down hoping to one day realize the full message, I am poetic because when I write, I make sure my Heart and mind switch places for the moment...


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    edited November 2012
    Yeah this is a peice that m sure every poet can relate to coz the best poems seem to always be the ones that come from the heart and governed by the mind in order to make sense, POETIC.
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