MC FÜBB – Another Rapper (In The Face Of No Agreement LP aka ITFONA )



[center]Tired of being looked over, shrugged off, and brushed to the side by the music industry, media sources, and even his own peers, MC FÜBB felt it necessary to vent his frustrations on his last album, In the Face of No Agreement (aka ITFONA).[/center]


In anticipation of his upcoming EP, the poet, FÜBB teamed up with Evan Ciniello (StreetCar Creative) to release a video for his spoken word/acapella rap piece "Another Rapper" (which appears on ITFONA)."I wrote 'Another Rapper' as part of a process in which I was getting out a lot of my internal struggles and frustrations, which was sort of the personal theme of ITFONA for me," says FÜBB. "I wanted to explicitly show and prove to people why I'm not just another rapper out of the millions of rappers in the world. People might wonder, 'why should I pay attention to you? What makes you special or different than everyone else?' 'Another Rapper' is my answer to those questions."

The video for "Another Rapper" is the first in a series of spoken word/acapella rap videos that MC FÜBB will be releasing before the poet EP drops in late 2012.

"Another Rapper" is featured as track #7 on MC FÜBB's album, "In the Face of No Agreement," produced exclusively by Noyz (

Free download of "Another Rapper" and lyrics available here:


Written and performed by: MC FÜBB


Cinematography by: Evan Ciniello for StreetCar Creative



Outro beat by: Noyz



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    [center] MC FÜBB - Pen and Pad[/center]


    [center]Written and performed by: MC FÜBB


    Cinematography by: Evan Ciniello for StreetCar Creative


    "...if we pay close enough attention to the signs, then they do appear/

    and guide us towards the rivers of life -- it's all fluid there/

    if there's a destiny to fulfill, me must do it there/

    put my pen to pad, receive courage and march through the fear..."

    More than just a book of rhymes, Toronto hip hop artist MC FÜBB views his notebook as a place to capture his authentic self -- a vessel for his soul's expression. In "Pen an Pad," a spoken word/acapella rap piece + video, FÜBB explores the role that writing poetry and lyrics play as he works to contextualize his life, making sense of past hardships, acknowledging his present circumstances, and working towards his vision for the future. More than just a reflection on his own life, "Pen and Pad" is a piece that encourages listeners to think about their own purpose in the world, as MC FÜBB says:

    "It's about more than just me and what I'm dealing with -- it's about where we're heading collectively as human beings. I don't think I'm unique in asking the questions I'm asking about purpose or how to be at home in the world; all of us deal with these existential yearnings at some level. My role as an emcee, and even more primarily as a poet, is to express these feelings in ways that perhaps most people don't yet have access to. To write unwritten truths and speak unspoken knowledge -- that's my job as a poet and an emcee."

    The video for "Pen and Pad" is the second spoken word/acapella rap video that MC FÜBB has released in anticipation of his upcoming EP, the poet, which will drop in late 2012.[/center]
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    [center]Stream + Download: DJ Pack:[/center]


    The tides are beginning to turn in the quality of hip hop music

    (Toronto, ON) – Take Notice. Up and coming Toronto hip hop emcees J Shiltz and MC FÜBB (The Cypher, Hip Hop Headz/H3) and NYC veteranWordsworth (eMC) have come together over a banging instrumental by Juno-nominated producer Fresh Kils and collaborator Bix. With cuts courtesy of Halifax DJ Uncle Fester (The Extremities), listeners can expect a metaphorical massacre of brilliant lyrics, an awe-inspiring display of flows, and distinct deliveries from these three masterful microphone controllers.

    It’s become an almost cliché complaint of hip hop music lovers that the rap scene is saturated with a plethora of artists, making it hard to find real talent amidst the mire of unexceptional music that is released. With Take Notice, J Shiltz, MC FÜBB, and Wordsworth are making it clear that they have the skills necessary to stand out and excel in the rap industry (and demanding that those who aren’t up to par quit rapping). Hip hop heads everywhere need to Take Notice – this year they will get the music they deserve.

    Artists: J Shiltz, MC FÜBB, and Wordsworth (@JShiltz @MCFUBB @WordsworthEMC)

    Song: Take Notice

    Produced by: Fresh Kils and Bix (@freshkils @BixBeats)

    Cuts by: Uncle Fester (@TheExtremities)

    Mixed and mastered by: Fresh Kils
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