edited August 2012 in Poetry / spoken word
hurt and pain, my bloody freaks!

time...selfish and disguised;

yet - all heals with time

stars claim shine, music and poetry - rhymes

who ordained freaks of mine?

time and life - take to give!

kept engaged in a sequence of whitewashes

with time, a goal is reached.

that brighter day will come - all will be enlightened

look not up to me

follow me not

for my heels are bruised and bleeding

a walk in my steps is an experience of hurt and pain

my back is tattoed with blame

face clothed with a mundane smile

like warriors on chariots of horses, i'm on a ride with emotions

talks of joy n peace, cuts and bruises - journey of losses!

lessons learned, lessons ignored

"lift your face to the sky!"

will it give me a kiss of life?

"confess your hurt and pain"

will it turn back or save me time?
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