Bennchoumy is The African / Haitian emcee

Check out his latest video :KITE'M ALE / LET ME GO

What is it exactly, that compels us to bob our heads, move our limbs, or throw a lighter to the sky? It is that vibe that travels from our eardrums, straight into our souls. The euphoria we feel as we move to the rhythm, entertained yes, but more so mentally elated. This is the formula that has created such artists as Bob Marley, and Tupac Shakur, the true legends of music, and authentic leaders in life. Bennchoumy is destined to be just that, a legend, a leader, a force in which to be reckoned. We were first introduced to Bennchoumy Elien (The Ching Cheeng King) by means of the Shepherdz, a gospel group consisting of himself and childhood friends Dr. Nicholas and Little Haiti. Back then, they were being compared to the Fugees, a wonderful accomplishment in itself. Today, as a solo artist, he is being referred to as the “Hardest Working Haitian” mention his name now to followers and fans of Kreyol Hip Hop anywhere, and you will see heads nod in approval. Bennchoumy is constantly on the move, and always in the right direction. Persistently contributing something positive to the Kreyol Hip Hop Movement, This artist never fails to deliver. His pure love for entertainment, and also for his country, fuels his drive, and thus propels his career. His latest endeavors includes a triumphant win at the Underground Hip Hop Battle “Go Hard or Go Home” This being a diverse competition, compiled of many different artists, mostly English-speaking, makes this win all the more significant.. Bennchoumy rose to the challenge and proved to the masses that Creole Hip Hop has a future in the music industry. Music today lacks substance, as the years increase, we lose that vibe that connects us to a true artist. We can only fondly reminisce about the fallen Greats, as music for us becomes mundane. Well here is a breath of fresh air, a reason to stand up and take notice, to bob our heads, move our limbs, and throw that lighter to the sky. Here finally is a chance to be mentally elated, and spiritually enlightened, as the Ching Cheeng king enters your soul Written by author Lori A. Baker ...... .. .. .. .. ...
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