Peace, I be True Father Allah and I'm coming to South Africa

Currently in the United Snakkkes of Amerikkka and will be making my exodus to the motherland sometime in August. My queen/wife Me'a has been doing a study abroad program through the university she is attending since May that has taken her to London, Paris, France, Spain, Morocco, Egypt (which she experienced the worst racism in her life) Abu Dhabi and is now currently in Kenya. I would post a link to her blog detailing all her experiences but not quite sure about the rules on this forum, so as for right now being a newbie I will try not violate anything right now. My reasons for leaving the U.S. are many which we can get into if anyone is curious, everyone thinks we are crazy for leaving the U.S. and have nothing but bad things to say about Africa even though they have never been there. A lot of self hatred with black folk her.

I am very excited about the hip hop scene in Africa and bought Zimbabwe Legit's debut in 91 when it came out and been a fan ever since. I am an mc as well as host of TRUE SKOOL RADIO (which I guess posting a link to where you can hear archives is forbidden as well) We are not your typical hip hop show as we actually discuss hip hop, lol. We've discussed everything on TRUE SKOOL RADIO from domestic violence to Occupy Wallstreet, the influence of the 5% in hip hop, Troy Davis, police brutality, fatherhood, as well as had tributes to the likes of H Rap Brown, George Jackson, Rashid Johnson, Safiyah Buhkari, 2pac, Guru, Gil Scott Heron and Geronimo Pratt. Guests have included Chuck D, Money B, Jasiri X, NY Oil, Paris, Queen Yonasda, Kalongi Jama Changa, Beautyful SeeAsia, Kalik Scientific and the God Hop Confederation as well as Malik Zulu Shabazz of the New Black Panther Party just to name a few. If anyone has any questions let me know.

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