Sway - Song For The City (Online lyric video)

Sway - Song For The City (Online lyric video)


Fresh off the back from his recent singles ‘Still Speedin’ and ‘Level Up’ Sway delivers a brand new track

from his forthcoming album ‘Deliverance’.

Almost a year in the making, ‘Song For The City’ is Sway’s letter to his home town of London but this is

a song with a message that is intended to reach far beyond 2012.

“This song is about my home city but the underlying message is about being proud of where you come

from, I want this to inspire people wherever they’re from”.

Sway collaborated closely with Grammy nominated writer and producer Giorgio Tuinfort as well as

Sway’s protégé and co-producer on the record Andrew Muntambira. The recording process included not

only working with a 30 piece orchestra but Sway also enlisting the choir from his old school, Highgate

Wood, a decision that personally meant a great deal to him.

The lyric video video features footage of the choir and orchestra shot by Sway himself as well as many

photos of fans and fellow Londoners who inspired the record.

Song For The City also features Londoner Ed Drewett who recently collaborated with Professor Green

on his hits ‘I Need You Tonight’ and ‘Never Be A Right Time’ and both Ed and Sway have recently been

in the studio working on new music together.

Recently appointed as ambassador for charity UK Youth born from an alliance with President and

sporting hero Nigel Mansel, Song For The City reinforces the responsibilities placed upon him and aims

for the song to be as far reaching and inspirational to people of all ages and walks of life as possible.

Sway recently performed at the BBC Hackney Weekend and has been confirmed to perform at Wireless

Festival, Hyde Park, London.



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