Hahaaaaa! whewww!

A new name...dayam...Twizted?! But I'll get straight to this shit!

If I gotta morph...so be it...butterflies will be lifted

How long's it been. ..

since i graced AHH?

Shone brightly amidst it

Months?! A lifetime of thwarted visits

I tried! Thats no shit...believe that!

My meter teetered between "f*ck" & "MAXED"

password be damned, thought I was hacked!

I mean "really"? "41" cant access this b***h?!

If "I" cant get in...

..sumbody done put the "kabash" to this shit!

Not that I'm special...I think u get my drift.

BUT...to AHH... I'm like saliva to digestion



...that "stick to tha wall shit"

You know...

the difference between

" one hit wonders" & "classics"!


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