Zambian Hip Hop Industry Timeline.

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'A record of events that have shaped the industry to what it is today.'

If you are reading this, I'd firstly like to say 'hi!',

now down to bizness;

We recently started an initiative tracking progress in the Zambian HipHop industry; organisations formed, albums dropped, milestones and the like.

With the help of artists and other interested parties, we hope to create a database of dates when albums/ mixtapes where dropped, with corresponding media (an image, twitter post, website link, tracklist or text, etc) thereof, to include with that date or events on the timeline.

This project is just in its inception stage and your contributions are welcome. Notable input from The Holstar, Pitch Blaque and C.R.I.$.I.$. Mr. Swagger. For queries, contributions or anything else related, hit us up: [email][email protected][/email] OR [email protected]

Follow the link below to check out the timeline.

Link: http://www.themictri...m/timeline.html




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