Checking in: who's still here from back in the days?

Surely there's enough heads who used to spend their days crawling the African hip hop forums who don't visit daily any more, but who check here every once in a while. So... who's still here? How you been?


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    edited June 2012
    I have been missing AHH. Happy to see all the changes. Nice look too. Blessings.
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    edited June 2012
    I was never here and doubt if i ever will be. But, its nice to meet you!
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    what happened we used to have a traffic up the whazoo wheres all the peeps gone? on the plus side really like the new format and options added
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    ha! glad to see you back here. it's true, the forums slowed down considerately over the past years, then 2 months ago we decided to pause altogether to allow for a makeover. which isn't perfect yet, but we're building as we speak.

    i'll open a new section for suggestions and requests... if you have any ideas, shoot!
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    edited August 2013
    I'd be one of those. I just counted years with my fingers and it's 8 years since I joined. Had forgotten password for here and even for the recovery email. Somehow I had it recovered and here I am. I went through some questions I was pausing and wow time has really passed.
    I haven't checked if this has been done, but I feel AHH should be made available both on FB and Twitter. I was just getting started with my production those days and I got a lot of help around here.
    Will be comin around more.
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    Just signed back in and want to get back with the community. I am still interested in knowing about what is happening in African hip hop and I really want to help getting some collaborations going between African hip hop artists and African American hip hop artists and also want to help with some cultural exchange. Its a big thing for me right now and I want to connect with people who can maybe help make it happen! Good to be back.

    Who do I need to hear these days?
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    Welcome back Nathan & Pushermania.
    Yes AHH is on Twitter - an active account @africanhiphop
    Also on Facebook via

    Then we are finally proceeding with the creation of a profiles section for artists. We get daily requests for people to add their music or info and the best way is when an artist is able to maintain their profile themselves.

    Pushermania thanks for the offer, the collaborations can be very powerful, and even though it may seem quiet in the forums right now, people do still check so please if you have an idea or a concrete project to work on, drop your call or concept in the forum, you may get some artists to work with here.

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    Just checked; i'm a 10 years veteran! Nice.

    Juma4 please help me delete (or edit out) my personal details found here:

    Thanks a million in advance bro. Peace!
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    Trae Z, sorry I saw your request before but was traveling and then forgot about it.
    I have now deleted the details, hope it's fine now!
    Hope you're doing well otherwise.
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    Wow! it's been mad years! Apopyalips,where is Sike? Trae_z i see ya
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    @ Apop
    i mean Siege
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    Oh wow, I'm so glad the AHH family is still around, its been a while.
    Like nathan.s said, "I be one of those" who somehow managed to reset my password and here I am, 5 years later...glad to have found my way back...

    I wonder if Couzifer, Vnorm, Cornelius, Poetic Seraph are still around ?? 
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    @eizzy.k they around. Jus been busy doin a thing or two.
    On another note, i miss this site too.
    Wonder how we can get all the veteran heads back, esp from the addiction of facebook. lol
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    Wow! Its been a while
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    Oh too breezy around here
    all these open spaces
    no wall flowers, remnants of shadows
    just once familiar names slowly fading
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    Siege signing in..........what's up fam????
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    Whats good Siege!
    Just keeping it real
    watching the years roll by
    money-lust keep a brother shaking the till
    clutching at skrilla til I die
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    Long live AHH. I just stepped in on the scene. 10 years veteran... Respect
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    Damn its been long since I last visited this site. Looking forward to reading fresh new perspectives. Time to catch up on those missed words, and verses. 
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    Wow. I completely forgot about this site.  I google my username and saw I had an account here.  The short time I spent on this site was memorable.  BIG UP to the creator of the site.  U should find a way to bring back some life to it.  The site is unique and should be bigger.  Hit me up at [email protected] for some collaboration on how to make it happen.  
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