Hip-Hop Liberation Front

Peace, Love, and Respect from the US.

Our Facebook group, Hip-Hop Liberation Front, could desperately use some new members with knowledge of the African Hip-Hop scene. We're a smaller, more recent group, but we've been steadily expanding over the last few months. We have members from over 20 different countries, including a few from South Africa and Nigeria, but we need more people who can help us keep up with what's new from Africa. I've been listening to African Hip-Hop Radio for a few years, now, and I always make sure to share the new podcast with the group when it's released. I apologize if this qualifies as spam, and if it needs to be taken down, I understand. It's just hard to find ways to recruit new members from Africa. Much respect to J4 and AfricanHipHop.com. Our group is "open", so you can just search the name Hip-Hop Liberation Front on Facebook and join.

Hip-Hop 4 Ever!
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