Im Calling out anyone who wants it (BRING IT)

Aight anyone wana come at me on that battle shyt hungry and it's time to it, bring it!!!!


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    edited February 2012
    Ummm Ill Give It A Try
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    edited February 2012
    aight here goes...

    my first time battling a can't battle, all you babble bout is fashion and retail...

    lets get in the detail, of how this Reaper getting ripped apart...graphic detail too gory for this

    sensitive's a blow wind, suck air you's a tart...compared to the rest,

    you low in the charts...of wack rappers, lack the mental art to capture moments your raps is

    hopeless what you pack, your attacks or counters left you fractured and broken...Judy reaper you's

    a hocus pocus dillusional to could come in this battle with mini skirts looking pink...

    just a lil for now,, next round will go full throttle...

    your go
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    edited May 2012
    Can I get at it?
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