Pro-dominant vs N.U.D.I.V.A.

rules: anything goes


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    edited February 2012

    Now i got no blatant issue//with ur flagrant misuse// of ur anal tissue

    however i do find it to be immediately strange //so allow me 2 alleviate sum pain…….

    by saying i agree with the way u choose 2 abbreviate ur name ………cuz in a way it fits u…

    see im spiteful "D.I.V.A." ……..and to strike im eager//

    i got a slight demeanor that resembles the frightful deeds of Ike with TINA….

    so u could write for 3 month or die and come back as a type of reefer…… and still not be what DIANA ROSS calls the right reliever//

    ill have u bobbing and weaving// till ur coughing and heaving

    …….youll be out sobbing and weeping like bobby did WHITNEY after obvious beatings….(R.I.P)

    im a possible heathen //and im little deranged.. cuz im plotting and scheming//

    to shrivel ur brain till its clotting and bleeding and it wont be from literal pain ..its just the way im airing u out…. is like im stopping ur breathing

    iv spoke with ur moms//who i approach wit a charm//

    she says u shouldn't be left to write like words wrote in kurans//

    but now i've broken the bonds //cuz u got no hope 2 respond//

    to the way im blowing up ur spot like im boko haram//

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    edited May 2012
    i dont know NUDIVA and no we aint crew either, but i want it so i took it and blew fever

    this dude sicker when im ashing a removed cigar with his new hilfiger, i can tell he the type to rock kani's and old Tinas

    we from the home of kill sinners, if it was wrestling we befriending viruses that turn john DIVA

    if you the tallest singer, this september twelve i put fist in ya.... and blow a look like terminator 2 last scene done..

    ey yo,its ok, you can go.....nudiva sends sympathies for your written reputations

    you aint f**king with korse blaming the flow simmillar to your girls menstruation

    dont bother respond you already spit your verse like alkaidas at a train station

    your raps played like achoholics trying to savor the lasts bottles sensations

    ey yo.but for real

    if im out played, ill be an african playing in the east woods like vhs westerns, you an mhs intentions,

    get raid braided like a wall climbing plantation, cos AHH an M.H.Zed section, we all already forgave your hating transgression

    Shook to coins, like pin-YATA's, this nuke your loins, make a b***h shatter button lids like lacoste jeans and floyd.

    So what you catalogue hate, in my dictionary im bout to pin krash korse on your teeth annoyed, like lotteries did, AHOY

    if i break the science show you a piece of your manners in DNA with sole printed timbs and Coy. all limbs deployed your life be a new brink destroyed

    brass knuckled spit make this dudes chin my toy, play with jaw dropping like an ugly kids fantasies exploring

    said you want beef till couzifiers avatar made belief annoy, you barely spit get equip with atleast a masters degree kid be going

    cos il make your b***h my whore, fix your tore and get reliefed som more, shitting liquids and leaves thats boil, you a jungle witch on a hoe

    ill punch your lips and bounce off, turn it into a jumping gymn and cas -saw, beat your life in till its bleeding casse-role

    rip your butt and cheeks apart off, just to see this shit you inspire talk, get propane and a minute to blast off

    meet me in the kitchen like a chef sport, ill teach you feelings and necro, with you teething at my hack saw

    so many rippings a months work, me in a rapping business, now cat whoa, thats just prison with the bars off,

    immortal technique with his figments in an ash urn, i blow em back at your pictures if that's dope.. nigger its krash Korse
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