Get into it, intuite,if not we re-fute it,reboot it, send a few killo watts into it,redo it, if not i turn gehard n missile it

rocket launch and bristle it,put my text fist to it,jinjitsu it ,then have it pistol whip,

say a prayer then i might breathe to it, ressurect, a life instrument.,

with flesh and skin, bless this gin, my coke black world end-or-is-ment

chill relax, in doors kempt.start beef i burn deep in sores since

you dont want to fuck with this, grow lymph nodes and morph this bitch

get off this dick, i poke your iris in, throw pins out these sentences


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    edited February 2012
    throw pins, explode limbs off so you can throw fits...

    take no shit never been soft, shyt i compose sits on thrones like kings armed...

    to disarm any bloody pussies going thru discharge, grin hard and get pissed off...

    you get pissed on, flipped on, it's been long since btch felt some kicks tryna birth bars...

    gotta work hard to spark shyt that blind your optics like beams from stars...

    came from mars for the main purpouse of blazing hard, creative art, relayed like sedated

    patient resasitating what is ours, long live hiphop
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    edited May 2012
    Hello. who dat...

    ey yo its krash korse, get your mass crossed,

    bash and tossed, cos thats whats up like the crucifix pose

    im a medallioned boss, get your nose pierced like a key rings hold

    if you didnt believe in martial arts, now you see why my stanza is orthodox ed

    authour ofcourse, cheuffuer thoughts through their crashing in course

    many dashed and lost, im still new like i won battling ghost

    recognise me like porsh dining forks, im at the table eating this pork

    you dont believe in 3D, and got http-ed, like an African port

    welcome to the matrix, if you dont O.D... you'll DLL a hackering pitch fork

    nigger this is your krash Korse
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    edited June 2012
    They say time flies then I'ma shoot it down yo

    Rain sulphur n fire, all around ya

    Then board my train of thoughts n run all over the track

    Till I invade ur eardrums just to get hiphop back

    Now its an open secret, my words are weapons

    Put ur mind underseige, this line is the warfront

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