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Mighty MoosE (Musawenkosi Sibusiso Mathe) – Born 1989-10-15

Musa Mathe, or Mighty Moose (as he is affectionately known) Is a 22yr old Architecture student.. Who grew up with a passion for music.. He's love for Rap Music stems way back to the 90's when as a juvenile, he was exposed to Rap Music.. From then on the passion and love have stuck.. Moose, hails from a small town in KZN called Kwa Nongoma, although he spent a lot of his childhood in between Durban and Kagiso – West of Jahannesburg. His 1st experience of Hip Hop came as a bboy or Breakdancer, when together with a couple of School Mates, Moose formed a Bboy Crew called 1BC (One Button Crew).. They were very well known right through their High School days, for collecting just about every Arts and Culture Talent show Prize available at Krugersdorp High School. They also went on to dance at the Popular 2on2 Breakdance Battles, as well as being invited to perform at the Annual Sanlam Business Man of the Year Awards. It was roughly at this stage (2006) when Moose began rapping. The Rap Cyphers in the bathrooms or after School, drove Moose to begin writing his own songs and making his own beats. 1BC went from being a Break Dance crew to a 3man Rap crew. Moose, Bash (Sebastian Jameson) – who was a DJ and Versatile (Lebohang Monare), then began recording their own tracks as 1BC.

After Matriculating in 2007, and not really sure about what to study in tertiary, Moose decideD to upgrade his Matric Marks, after which he moved back home to KZN for the year. There he met Rappers like Black Moss, and even more Break Dance Crews, he however chose to focus more on building his future and worked for a Construction Company full-time as a Project Manager. Upon his return to Johannesburg (Late 2008), Moose once again began recording with Versatile, and in December 2008 they released their debut Mixtape called “Buttons UP” Vol. 1. The Mixtape Featured Ba_Lefoko from the Northwest and had smash hit tracks like “Westrand Love” and “I Remember” which featured Adam’s Apple (Vocalist).. The Bedroom Recorded Mixtape established 1BC as a force in the West, with Radio Airplay, and led to many a rappers wanting to work with the talented duo. It was also this Mixtape that introduced Moose to AFMP,(A Crew he later became a member of) and AFMP Sundays at which 1BC appeared on numerous occasions.

In 2009, Moose also began studying his degree in Architectural Technology at the University of Johannesburg. This being the other side of the shy and humble man. Moose has always had a passion in the Arts, but also in the Built Environment with an undeniable passion for Stadiums and Stadium Construction, but also Construction as a whole. Moose is currently doing his Internship at an Engineering and Architecture Firm, and is expecting to complete his studies in 2012, but has set his heart on studying even further to broaden his knowledge on the Built Environment, an Industry he hold dearly in his heart.

After, a few difficulties and contractual issues 1BC split at the end of 2009. Moose was now a solo artist. After spending some time away from the game Mighty Moose began recording his solo debut Mixtape titled “Take It From Me” in 2010. This entire Mixtape was recorded at the AFMP Studios in KG. In this Mixtape Moose began rediscovering himself not only as a musician but as a person aswell. Recording the Mixtape was perhaps the 1st major step Moose took towards entering the Music Industry. The Mixtape itself featured most of the AFMP rappers – Spotja, Outrage Subliminal, L-Skillz and Zeb. With Smash hits like “Spit Straight” – (Featured on the TNT Mixtape), “Caravelle Music”, “I Dont Wana Be Ryt”, “My Life”, “Kill That Track” and “It May Be” – (Featured on comelike.me). It also Featured Ba_Lefoko, Nobesuthu (Vocalist), aswell as Beats by Anno Domini (London), Zeb (AFMP), and Da Cypher (Los Angeles). It is also from this Mixtape that Moose formed a close Friendship with Zeb (Sechaba Moiloa), one of the Founders of African Monopoly (AFMP) – whom is also working as a Producer with the Boogieland Team.

The completion of this Mixtape has created alot of buzz and hype around Moose in the West, the East and even in the Vaal. He has also gone on to feature on Ba_Lefoko’s debut album , the Tempo Beatz “This Is Music” Mixtape, as well as the debut Profile US Album “16 Reasons To Listen” which also features names like Golden Shovel, Nthabi, Kaydo, and Mothipa, amongst others.

It was around that time that Moose was introduced to Sbudaland of Boogieland Entertainment. From day 1 at the Boogieland Studios it was evident that this union between Producer and Artist was written in the stars. Moose has since signed to Boogieland Entertainment, alongside Spotja of AFMP as “Westrand’s Finest” and under the Guidance of Sbudaland (Sibusiso Cindi), the duo seem to be headed far indeed. They’ve already begun taking over the Johannesburg Market with their different, but Hard Rap Styles. The Westrand’s Finest Album is among one of the most anticipated Hip Hop Albums in the J-Sec area both Underground and Commercially. Moose is also working as a Producer on Ma E’s album. Ma E is a Kwaito Musician who is also signed to Boogieland Entertainment.

This Young talented and ambitious artist draws inspiration from his everyday life. The simple challenges that man faces on the daily struggle to survive are what drives Moose to be better every day.
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