shhh .. listen

....... drip .......

I heard the slow, distant drip

inquisitive I turned a keen ear

I proceeded hesitantly

down the lit-by-my-mind, dusty hall

threads of the feces laden rug

grasped and tugged at my ankles

aged wallpaper cut into my skin

unknowingly thwarting my fall

ouchh! each tiny cut elicits

synaptic-heat like summer catcalls

meoww? Moowowww! Mnowww? Morwoww!!

Nowwwww?? Tommorrowwww!!

I sense a slight breeze

a hint of "some-light" somewhere

down there, just .. somewhere, trying

to fight thru a muddy waterfall

like little blades, ever sharpening

calling, "come here!" but fadingly so

eerily, whisperingly they cut to my core

with each step as I near

.... drip .... splutter

i remember heat .. mmmmmm!

vestiges only, comfort once known

brrrrrr! shiver, why am i so cold

cold-sweat, like an icey tear

finds a home between the lashes

of my right eye .. can't blink

increasing ... an image forms

morphing into my retina

i watch death magnify coming slowly

.. drrriiiiip .....oooze

unburdened but with a weight untold

bearing down, anti-iridescent tunnel walls

fracturing before me as my final

moment unfolds ... it's quiet now

amazzzzingly so! but wait .. a question

from everywhere but nowhere

softly looms .. "are you ready to go?"

meekly from somewhere deep inside

comes an eternal "noooooooo..."

.. thu .... thuuum .. thuummp

thump .. thump .. thump!



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