let it shine...

Rain doesn't begin in the clouds/

it starts inside, its the pain that builds up these waters

and causes them 2 flow over these walls/

we've sold our souls, lost meaning of the word trust

forcing the Gods to spit at us in disgust/

we were given a heavenly garden filled with love

and out of greed ate all its apples and created a hell filled with lust/

cos we always never have enough/

in sin we dwell, creating this endless well

and only when it hails we know our Hail Mary's

we run around being Lucifer's secretaries/

Rain doesn't begin in the clouds i tell u,

it starts inside and flows through our pupils/

Your heart cracks releasing endless waters

until u find another temporary mutual attraction/

temporarily the pain, the hurt stops BUT continues on another day

cos we only know one type of love, one love which is not biblical

one love which is not spiritual...

One love, Bob Marley get high type of love,

one love light me up with no-one to catch me when I fall type of love/

so the rain builds up inside and flows through our pupils

yet we continue to stand acting like professors of love but we still pupils...

and like the rain that lands on the ground and evaporates

we've lived and have falling for nothing

we are just one of many, we've never made a difference

we've never really been visioned, we've remained in the distance/

Rain doesn't begin in the clouds that's where it ends, cos in the end that's where we all go..


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