Lyrics to Da NaymLiss ENIGMA

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I was born naked,stripped of all the hatred

i didnt make dis life but in dis life,i wanna make it

the world's POLLUTED and thanks all the racists,,

and all the RACES,on dis TRACK,ya'll on the same SHIT

zombies walk the earth headless,ripping the neck

in your necklace chop off your ARMS and legses

u staring at the door knob wishing u didnt get the door locked

with no FINGERS its POINTLESS,u cant reach for the handle

get beat as a band do,get lifted off the ground and slammed

with the speed of a sound do

the evil that man do's,cold enuff to provide

a heat to the candle, COLD shit FREEZING TE MANTLE,


if i had a wish,i'd ask to stop wishing about things

that i cant getting my favorite gIrl,

grow up to change the world

its good,bad or death,,

u cant escape the third,

I was born in a MINUTE,serious yo,I MEAN IT/A MINUTE

i grew up quick,and now i'm old wit new optics

so i see clearer,seeing me in a mirror

behind me is a MYSTERY

front realistically

the past is a HISTORY


sitting in the middle of oceans where fishes be

spitting a develish verse that levels the earth

u know the saying about sleeping dogs,never disturbed

i'm the BRIGHT side of DARKNESS,speaking in SILENT LOUDNESS

sitting in the corner,picturing the world like a movie and truely..

If life is a lesson,then we all schooling,we all students

DARK RAYS OF LIGHT from a touch to the sun ILLUMINATING

brains confused as the sun is inches above and liquidating

...the hardest rocks,burning volcanoes and cooking nations

babies crying,staring in their moms' eyes to look at satan

its like the food u ate when she stood and gazed hands in a plate

and amazed by the cooler's weight.. (FADES OUT)

download song here - ... nigma.html
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