In the stillness of the mind

Just found this on a piece a paper buried deep in my desk... it was a long time ago but I found it interesting to how much it complements one of my first posts... Actually its pretty disturbing I need to get my self checked out !


Floating, past time space and commonsense

Into the oblivious void of nothingness

The soul ventures. You remain still.

Your body motionless.

Reminiscing, not by choice nor preference

Sporadic reruns of arbitrary moments

Timeless capsules of happier times

Your torpid mind abetting torments

Recalling, torrents of sensual sensations

Currents thundering forgotten pleasures and frustrations

You recall, yet feel nothing

Time timely teasing your patience

Longing, for the world of the self proclaimed precedence

The captives captivated by the arrogance of innocence

Rushed travelers travelling nowhere

Oblivious to the end and its looming imminence

And there, you lie and at long last comprehend

there is no light at this tunnels end;


Eternal mortality a merciless blend.
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