Its been awhile

its been a minute since the last incision

word revision i conclude wat u class as amazing

regardless of myself and my own short cummings

i don't bust on em like midget porn starlets

i got my mind on a different sort of planet

living life waiting for it to go tits up like janet/lol

fitting to do a love crime wheres the tailor

writings on the wall like norman mailer

my lifes in the limelight i ask catch a glimpse

cut ur lights out simply call that an eclipse


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    edited July 2011
    been gone lyk wyclef/b4 november am gone/

    time 2 kill beats lyk magnum/

    sippin empty bottle lyk rum/

    bad days good days sheets burnt/

    words lost/

    heart beat and pulse/

    hiphop is dead/hiphop sucks/

    wordup Q.....been decades of pages.
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    edited August 2011
    um contemplatin these lyrical bars

    gnats steady pickin at my physical scars

    since hiphop died frettin life, shit is hard

    but i ain't bouta toss tha towel

    overcome tha choker, can ya hear me growl

    back in tha day willin ta die for it

    looking back all i ever did was cry for it

    my only desire was to rise

    come up outta the hell that i despised

    realized too late the plot for my demise

    my bruthas eyes cryin, just another way to bleed

    impervious to Judas plottin the dirty deed

    weildin light like a knife, cuttin straight

    another beam with the power to eviscerate

    no competition, it ain't the warrin' season

    this is the summer of life, livin and breathin

    aint that enuff, why do i need a rhyme or a reason
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    edited September 2011
    if i spit it, these zero-percenters gon' still support division

    express derision, nahhh homie that shit don't impact my mission

    ME!? No patience for slummin .. standin' up in this shit, thats my first decision

    I give wide berth to whores and harlots

    good head an' a fuckin' ain't worth tha dollahz

    I been thru enuff shit .. ta make me wanna holla!!

    I round shit down .. dividends .. just to ensure I got it

    my net outweigh the gross .. thats how i got it!!

    lesson in THAT shit! pick a spot on ya head and knock it!!

    I tossed the Belvedere .. sometimes I choke the Goose

    an' when I run thru hell .. I say fuck tha boots

    the devil vacate the premises, not there JUST to loot

    reclaimin' souls, I"m a finger of GOD and I'm primed to shoot



    ...... yeahhhh, its been A while!!
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