Jewel Hunt

she was raised by divorce parents…. it seemed like a forced marriage

judged by the screaming of a hoarse larynx

the arguments ..confusion, where harboring abuses

from a father who never bothered to acknowledge his new kid

the truth is,

she never seeks attention….

couldn't prevail in math, always failing class or received detentions

to beat depressions in lessons, she'd reek of weed and cigarette ends

thinking whys her life always feeling like it needs direction

but no blessings for Jewel Hunts..see,

she was a school flunky known in hoods as the loose junky

who gave head to any fool in public stools that produced money

too cunning, her pimp fueled the hungry beast at the end of the pipe

arms injected with white till she rests her eyes

hoping for a dope over dosing that'll end her life

she just wants to be free……….


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