You got ur notepads?

To all emcees that think they can jam

u rap?want AIRPLAY?…hire me best believe im scheming a plan

from marketing music product, with thoughts of even a brand

to have u moving up in status spending a season in france

flights in the cockpit// ur pocket at least has a grand

in the clubs all ladies wanna get freaky and dance

but one factor keeps deceiving you man………….

ur not sick and u couldn't be radio-active dumped in the sea of japan…


i could make u retreat wit a glance/ when i speak with command/

ull be bowing with ur nose knees, feet and ur hands

till every last traumatic sequence uve had

will spring from the past and leave u shaking like the way you greet with ur hand



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    edited November 2011
    ill make this thread priceless /.…....... .bet ull try and find a way to wear it out…….

    so i decided//.. when i write this page of clout

    ill be sure to add sum punches like an expected actions u trade in bouts

    see…..i get so faded out//from haze and stout//that i might raid the house

    of that basic cow that u made a spouse …….

    but to take you serious? i cant tell// bet if i write till i ache and my hand frail

    ill damn well be a G.O.A.T. with 2 shakes of lambs tail….

    in jousts im playful…anything i mouth could be racial//

    while ur biggest progression is from small fry rapper 2 couch potato//im out 2 slay u

    when it comes to the highest ranked wordsmith that astound the way they bust

    im like a brain surgeon/wit scalpels whose aim's certain………

    the way im bound 2 make the cut

    :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!:

    over sum cats heads
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