str8buttah presents illastr8 2

edited June 2011 in Nigerian hip hop
“Str8Buttah productions is proud to present the second instalment in our Illastr8 compilation series. For those that are new to our music.The 1st Illastr8 album(released 2007) was a collaboration between Str8Buttah and various underground Hiphop acts in Lagos(to be precise). The album featured the likes of AQ,Teeto Ceemos, Kraft, Rheymo Phoebus,Pro-Tech,El Jabarad,Mo’ Cheddar,Othello and many more.

On this release however,the number of featured guests are few and far in between.Included on this release are the 3 singles;”Fire”released in 2009 ,shot a day after we won the SMVA for best video(“Last Stand”),”Make ‘Em Say” where Eva makes a strong debut on the XYZ produced banger.Which got rave reviews not to mention the accompanying video with visuals to complement the song and the posse cut “Monkey See,Monkey Do“.Other notable mentions include Illbliss’s Nagode, Zee & Ms chief’s crunk inspired “Unphotocopiable” and a reunion track with Afromystictech member AZ.

Yes,we agree it took us a while to get it done but I guarantee this compilation of hard hitting gems is well worth the wait.“
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