3 Short poems

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Close your eyes

Shut them tightly

Now see through the pitch

Look past your redundant nature

And accept the false iridescence

Of what your echo has achieved

Become illuminated through your own lies

Allow for their honesty to regain poise

Join me in silence

And share with me this moment of truth

For I am not of the light

I am of that most dark

I am foul and will forever reek of discontent

But I will never turn my back on you

I will love you eternal


Of heaven bickers

From within loose thoughts

There emerged an egonaut, unimpeded.

Passion exonerates this man

For his love is unique - his love is just.

Through his understanding alone

Planes become barren, and fracture.

A clever perversion of omnipotence

Though crude in nature, the masses will abide.

As maturity suffocates the zeitgeist

All affinity towards reason becomes abbreviated

The time for reckoning is even shorter still

He is the egonaut, and he is our great destroyer.



Sun Bleached column of rain

Bleeding clouds, seeping through the pastel

A portal opens.

Waves of heat race forward

Intrusive now, a light beams through

Impaling the solipsistic

A single thought gathers momentum

As her screams become intently unfocused

The child of Anil is born

Breathing shallow now

Sight dims to accommodate

So silent this rhythm has become

....where is erbody =/


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