how i feel abt AHH

Daam i feel this great site is dyin'

maan dont u gimme that gaze like im lyin'

i reminisce days when cats were thrivin'

survivin' on blood of lame cats,fightin'

yeah boy this used to a battle-ground

were heroes got slayed and hereos got flayed

were revenge payed and the ground-land swayed

and when u die u were saved from your sufferin' and misery

i vividly recall it as it all happened recently

yes here we were called battle infantries

but all i see today is snitchin' cats wit dis sentries

heaps of flows wit no targets like Qaddafi's missiles

i had respect for it and i was lovin' this site

now im destroyed and i'm contemplatin' suicide

i rather die then see this site crumble,fall to its knees

i got love for AHH like god to his kids,lord to his peeps

i'm still a juvinile and i dont know to speak

revive it back to its hey-days o'lord,pls give us somethin' to hold-on

let ur mighty prowess fall-on... sum of our old-dogs

to be continued... :arrow:
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