your pen trembles now 'cause styles are not free

gasp!U once loved the hand that holds the key

life's a blank page now, notice how it cyphers not

revelation; for a lifetime your brain's been locked

ip & p2p hacks, fear muddies bytes to conceal the tracks

of the last torrent dl'd because of the cash you lack

but you love the beats, crave the heat

your mind just wanna vibe to hip hop

like "manna" .. it's exactly what the body needs


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    edited June 2011
    pardon me/ as my artistry split flows quick like moses departing seas

    my level is hard to reach like if its of god i speak

    till all mcs stating " squash the beef"... caution me

    to whole heartedly call it peace or they ll call the police…

    my aim is to topple the crown/taking my gain on these lames in every possible round

    my name be the talk of town when it comes to boxing a bout

    cuz of the way i leave rivals leave assed out like wearing a hospital gown

    i earned my respect

    while begging in the streets of london u couldn't profit a pound…now learn from the best

    and you wanna elevate? while your only option is down

    i got critics feeling the need to dig it like fossils in grounds

    with my dude the 4-1 trippa/your forewarned niggaz/

    we chilling as we reign like full blown storm blizzards

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    edited June 2011
    It's dark as farck out chea, AHH off-air like "See B.S."

    i try ta tune in but it's just fluff like Dollys breasts

    I'm sportin' armored cleats, on weak comp I trample deft

    with muscled teeth, jaws rippled, my molars tackle heft

    decisive with this, my incisors slice thru whats left

    leftovers? I freeze that ish like medusas breath

    throat emit text so deft it give tha devil strep

    i said "huh?" cause i feel something amiss in here

    AHH empty as hell! even rats bailin, flaggin other ships

    so damn dark, it get brighter when the suns' eclipsed
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