Hope Like Dew

At Dawn, a sad rose

In a lonely, somber pose

Crying “short is the life of a rose,

Today, I wither to fertilizer, I supposed,

The purpose I serve, the life I deserve,

Is to decompose, and be food to a rose.”

She said sadly.

“The sun will shine, in the heat of the day,

I will wither & rain will help me decay.”

A drop of dew, full of life, fresh as the morning,

Heard the despair, of Little Rose mourning

It rolled down the petal, caressing it as if to say,

“Good morning, hopeful one, it’s a brand new dawn

It’s time to blossom, my dear scented bottom,

Put your rosy smile on, like a red rainbow on a green lawn

Its today, live it, dream ahead a day on.”

It rolled down her petal, like a tear,

As if to whisper

“Wipe away the past, before ripe today has passed.

The cankerworm, alas, is nothing but an ass!

But you, beautiful rose, rebuke that pitiful pose!

And look up, pouting, as if to kiss the sky!”

And just before becoming a cloud

“Adieu, ally, I go to the sun!

Pout, I say again, today shall be a wonderful one.

Tomorrow, maybe, more dew will come,

I on another will hum, for hope will rise with the sun.”

Pouting, blossomed, the rose full of hope

Looked up from the dry cracking ground

Straightened her stem & dusted her leaves

Today, days later, though she is manure

She is also a beautiful poem, words, eternal.


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    edited April 2011
    The sun will shine, in the heat of the day,

    I will wither & rain will help me decay.”
    That line sounds like a taunt from the bastard mutant love child of Yeats/Shakespeare.

    I can literally see some pretentious stage hand throwing rotten tomatoes at the audience while screaming that line at em.

    Your thoughts make me think of revolution, ya weirdo.
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    edited May 2011
    ha ha ha! thank you Thad.. an interesting perspective!
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    edited May 2011
    hopeful and inspirational... simple yet amazingly put together!!
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