Brick fireplace.

After the harvest, grains fill the granaries

And it's time for story-telling

We surround the brick fireplace

Inexhaustible knowledge and wisdom to embrace.

Crackling firewood, the fire consumes

Flickering flame, we keep ourselves warm

As the story-teller pauses in between long sentences;

The motion of the motionless words,

The sagging cheeks of his long, thin face

Move to capture our imagination.

The star-sprinkled sky...

Darkness on forlorn expanse of barren plains

As we hear of the intangible, unquestionable qualities

The ancient possessed to ward off calamities,

Of the rain-making rituals and dances

Inexhaustible knowledge and wisdom we embrace.

We owe the old man poised silence

As his silhouette narrates...

His gaze shifts to the reed fence

With a warrior instinct to detect an encroaching enemy;

Undiminished attentiveness-

He smiles with an air of polite dismissiveness,

Making an effort to hide his disappointment

In today's generation, nevertheless...

Inexhaustible knowledge and wisdom we embrace!


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    edited February 2011
    This poem was great, especially by the way it effortlessly describes and sets up the setting. Very eloquent. Halfway through, I was visualizing it to be more of a tribal image: An elder being surrounded by the younger kin, telling stories and passing down his knowledge and wisdom which was to be embraced and honoured. Especially with them "hear[ing] the ancient possessed to ward off calamities, of the rain-making rituals and dances...". Then i read the title again and realized it was a more modern setting until I remembered "making an effort to hide his disappointment in today's generation, nevertheless..." which brought the whole thing together in my take. I must've taken the surrounding listeners' point of view; and with that, I think this poetry is powerful. Thanks.
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    edited April 2011
    thanks 4taking your time to cruise yo mind by this poetry piece,

    big-up bluntedmt510!!!
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