drop sum deep tight lines here if u think u a mic spartan.....here we gooooo!

From the menancing darkness,

i cypha madness,

through clouds of powered clay,

mcs owing silly debts dey can never pay,

am bringing das 2 effx,

praying mcs into the depths of paralysed injuctions of graves,

jammin ash~TRAYS leavin ciggarrettes,

tantalisin scents of burnin wood chokin breath,

smoky and noisy depths,

death said,

no cure wit the medicine,

the illness,mcs rest 6 feet depth.

wars/6feet depth/

mcees go wreck/

heads gettin severed lyk star trecks/

n.w.a/my sluggs gon xray your chest/

even if you pussy/my dick wont erect/
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