OMG!!! what other best way to put it

After several push backs the hiphop movement known as Third World Order aka

T-dub finally releases "the Eastern Conference VL.1" mixtape.The mixtape has

been in the making since 2005.It claims to represents the gritty sounds of the

streets of the south eastern parts of Nigeria.From collaborations like "Mba Ogu"

which also featured in the mixtape and went on eventually to

be a Dj's favourite on radio stations in cities like Jos,Enugu and even on

Channel O courtesy DJ Waxxy to other great tracks like "My Town" and "Watcha

Know' the listener is taken on a journey through everyday life in the east.Also

included are bangers like "Industry Shady" featuring Bionic,"Don Dada" by Mr

ReHd and Linxman,and the all new raved about "Dont Check It"."Big Thangz" the

ode to materialism typifies the get rich mindset of the average Nigerian youth

without necessarily labeling it as bad,while on "Ife Onye Meta" the trio turn

somewhat preachy advocating that legitimate means of making money is the only

way...tell that the the government right?

For most of the time the music is hard and gritty with tracks like "Hater's

Anthem","Spit Game" and Buck Em Down" doing justice to tales of beef,police

brutality and rivalry.

Its obvious from the general theme and feel of the mixtape that it is a tool

directed at showcasing the rap skills of the trio while certifying themselves as

a force to be reckoned with so long as real hiphop is concerned.

Don't expect theses guys to go any where soon


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