Rapper -K-RINO

This dude is unbelievable, how come nobody has ever mentioned this guy in these forums, i havent heard this kind of flow and conciousness in a while, his cadence is completely over the top, i've just heard 3 songs i'm already saying he's better THAN SCARFACE, no i'm not comparing him, I'm thinking he's actually BETTER!!!. Surprisingly, i was reading one of scarface's interviews, and he mentioned the dude as THE BEST RAPPER IN HOUSTON!, i'm thinking, who is better than scarface in HOUSTON that i havent heard, found the guy on amazon.com, i already bought 3 albums after previewing 4, and he has been rapping since the 1980's, what the hell? how did this guy skip everybody's attention? . He doesnt have the best choice of beats but his lyrics would make you forget the beats.

He has almost 15 albums or more.

i'm listening to these 3

The time traveler-2006

The worst rapper alive -2005

The Book Number 7-2007

Stripes don't come, from talking all hard

It's a whole lot of hard talkers, up in the graveyard

Listen shady cats, I'll never respect em

People pull stunts on you, then get mad when you check em

I send love, to my real O.G.'s that died

It's some dead cats I respect, more than ones who alive

For real, fools recording these pranksta joints

Lying on your records, trying to score some gangsta points

Nothing but fake thugs, shooting make believe slugs

Imaginary dope dealer, selling invisible drugs

Respect, ain't how many laws you broke

How many times you went to jail, how much weed you smoke

How many cars you got, how many diamonds up in your teeth

If you ain't real, you could still lay face up in the street listen

From "Respect"(the time traveler)

Well i guess its just like canibus said "there's always some dope rapper you've never heard".
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