My train of thought is that of an scholar

my lyrics is mainly for the average hiphoper

like Queen Sheba attracted to king"s Solomon"s wisdom

i spit reality on the mic and this rappers start wishing

am teaching this season and the next season, you can feel

the lyrical vaccine drop on your system

i honor my sisters, ladies, if i say shake your ass, i don't love you

am insulting your image and God the maker

check the logic in this song and correct me if am wrong

my lyrics are barrels of a gun like Mao Tse Tung

gimmie the microphone, Lemmie make one thing clear

see the way hip hop is been handle now i get fade up, these rappers lied alot they nothing to say

so i put the nine element in the hearts of men like God's second covenant

if i rule this continent intelligence in every mix tape, album will be relevent

this is a lesson you should learn, till the you grow old

am like a story in a book unfold to be told

my history is written in a perfect scroll, here's a little story that must be told........ :roll:


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