pollution around the world it starts in The United States

i live in Detroit,MI where their a big pollution problem with automobiles Exhaust Emissions like carbin monoxide gas into the air and other polluten like florel carbins from hail spray and spray paint and pesticides and nulear gasses release from nulear plants in the State of Michigan these greenhouse gasses is travaling all over the country and around The world changing and the weather of other continent and country weather destroying the Ozone layer of the earth make it hot or too cold on parts of the planet also The Big Three auto makers in Detroit,MI are putting out the big spacious car and vehicles that are gass gussler and that is price right out the price range of a average American The Big Three Auto Maker new cars and vehicle look like big facious nazis head of state cars and 4 wheel vehicles with a big pool of decease and uneducated workforce of black migrant workers who are day labor or temporely staffing labor who are unskilled and don't care about working for aliving myself if i live in another country i wouldn't concider buy one of the big three United States Auto maker cars and vehicle they are over price and less durible than the Japanesse and korean cars and vehicles and servicing one these over price and less durible American cars and vehicle is a task if you don't take it back to the dealer you brought it from the service men mechanic for the American cars and vehicle are terrible from service repair shops to service repair shop Detroit,MI is one big neo nazis facious republic with crimal black migrant labor who have to commute 20 mile or more to work
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