Shuld we do it coz their doing it

I'm sure someone has asked this question on this forum but i jus wanted to reopen opinions on how we use hip hop lexicon like da word "nigger" in african hip hop? Wats your opinion?


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    Hmmmn..there is nothing wrong with an African using the word "Nigger"...we use "Oyinbo" which is also a derogatory term for White folks here...why not use "Nigger"!
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    [quote name="brock"]Hmmmn..there is nothing wrong with an African using the word "Nigger"...we use "Oyinbo" which is also a derogatory term for White folks here...why not use "Nigger"![/quote]

    ma guy, oyinbo is not exactly a derogatory word for white people in Nigeria, people in naija use it even for fairer skinned africans, sometimes it is used in jest against albinos, but then its not derogatory, yoruba people basically use it to denote someone different from them, but then some people do use it as a way of making fun of a foreigner, besides its not even close to the emotional charge the word "nigger" carries.

    Nigger was instituted for derogatory purposes in the worst kind of way, its a completely racial word with all the prejudice and disenfranchisement you can think of, but Q, (y exactly did you call it hiphop lexicon? hiphop didnt really start it did they? ) the thing is, sometimes i feel why do we get to use this word when we wont let white people use it against us?

    Here, if your white, you better think twice before using a word that was used in the slave era against black people, what did you think they would think? i agree we use it when we want to say homie or dawg or bro or watever, but i also feel that the more this generation use it, the more the coming generation forget how this word was used racially and its effects of the people of its era, its even worse than the word negro (which basically means black). well for me, you can tell when someone uses such a word in a derogatory form and you can tell when its not but them people who are not black who use them might get misunderstood and have their best intentions taken out of context. I dont know what the racial atmosphere is in South Africa or any other place but i know what it is in the States(cos i'm here), white people know when to use the word or not to depending on the intentions of the user.

    Basically i dont see myself ending the usage of the word, so thats my two cents Q.

    Whats up Nigger!! lol
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    i can't see people not using this word even in centuries to come due to what has been associated with it. in nigeria, if they call u nigga, it's probably because you dress hood, or like that clown on TV rapping, if your attitude is slick, people call you nigga. i've seen symbols and signs used this way, originally they mean something you won't want to associate with but the history and stories behind it has been obscured by mists of lies and deception. take crucifix and peace sign as an example, originally, these are things you won't want to be associated with if you know the origin, but people use and do it. i have a personal conviction that the word nigga is still used as an unconscious way to stigmatize the children of the slaves, who ever did it, did a great job because, the people it offended, now use it themselves for self identity. if you look at the problem of labeling and self fulfilling prophecy the blacks are going through in america, you'll find out that it's a deliberate psychological plot. i wish i am in a position to address this issues, i would clarify a lot of things. when i read social animal and freedom beyond dignity, i realized that what's happening in america is not a coincidence but an organized plot by group of psychologists and evil elites to keep people divided in order to conquer. the basic issues that affect everyone is not addressed cos everybody is busy fighting race war.

    just to add, Luise Farrakhan is a knight of malta, and i know his plots.
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    Do whatever you think is right


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